Celebrate the New Year with Innovative Fun: 3D Printer for Kids

Celebrate the New Year with Innovative Fun: 3D Printer for Kids

Celebrate the New Year with Innovative Fun: 3D Printer for Kids

The new year is a time for fresh starts and new opportunities. As we say goodbye to 2023 and welcome 2024, many parents are looking for engaging activities to spark their children's creativity and imagination during the holiday break. 3D printing has become one of the most exciting new pastimes for both kids and adults alike in recent years. With the right 3D printer, kids can design and print their own unique toys and creations, fueling their interest in science, technology, engineering, art and math in a fun, hands-on way.

In this article, we will explore some of the best 3D printers for kids currently on the market. We'll look at the top-rated KOKONI EC1 and EC2 models as well as KOKONI PLA filament for safe, affordable 3D printing. We'll also consider what makes a 3D printer kid-friendly and offer tips for getting started. By the end, you'll have the knowledge you need to choose the ideal 3D printer to help your child celebrate the new year with innovative, creative fun!

KOKONI EC1 3D Printer

Choosing the Best 3D Printer for Kids

When shopping for a 3D printer for a child, there are several key factors to consider for age-appropriate use:

1. Safety: Look for an enclosed design without hot, exposed parts that could pose a burn risk. Certified non-toxic materials are also essential.

2. Ease of use: Kid-friendly printers should be plug-and-play with intuitive, simple setup and operation even for young users.

3. Size: Compact, small-footprint designs make it easy for kids to find space for their printer and completed prints.

4. Materials: PLA plastic like that used by KOKONI is non-toxic, safe and ideal for beginning printers.

5. App control: Many new models allow wireless control and monitoring via smartphone for added convenience.

6. Speed: For short attention spans, quick print speeds under an hour are best.

7. Age levels: Consider younger age ranges of 6-10 versus older preteens for more complex projects.

With these criteria in mind, two top choices for safe, easy 3D printing are the KOKONI EC1 and EC2. Both deliver an outstanding experience for kids while meeting all important safety standards.

KOKONI EC2 3D Printer

KOKONI EC1 3D Printer

The KOKONI EC1 is an affordable entry-level 3D printer that is perfectly designed for elementary school kids age 8 and up. Setup could not be more straightforward - simply download the KOKONI app on your child's smartphone, connect to the printer via WiFi and they're ready to start printing. No assembly or complex software is required.

Creating 3D models is intuitive with the app's guided interface. Kids can choose from a library of ready-to-print designs or generate their own using the app's AI model tools. Projects include toys, puzzles, phone cases and more. Print quality is great for the price point with minimal supports or clean up needed.

Heated to a safe 260°C, the PLA plastic filament prints smoothly with no sharp edges or smells. The enclosed printer sits compactly on a desk or table, keeping all parts shielded for safety. Parents can even check in remotely via the live camera feed in the app. With print speeds under an hour, the KOKONI EC1 sustains younger kids' interest in creating. Its low price makes it an excellent entry to 3D printing.

KOKONI EC2 3D Printer

A step up for older children and novice hobbyists, the KOKONI EC2 offers faster print speeds and a larger build volume. Though very similar to operate via the app, its more advanced features expand the types of projects kids can tackle. With automatic bed leveling, prints are even more detailed and dimensional accuracy is better than the EC1.

An added door on the EC2 enclosure gives added reassurance for safety. Parents can watch in on prints from start to finish through the integrated camera. Updates to the 3D model library add more complex designs like engineering pieces and prototyping files weekly. Kids can collaborate with the sharing features too, trading STL files with friends online.

Print resolution is enhanced by the 0.4mm nozzle. Objects can be bigger yet still come out looking glossy and detailed. Combined with the KOKONI EC2's robust build size of 220x220x250mm, students have ample room to engineer bigger scale projects. Slightly faster at 90mm/s, printing times are cut down further for more creations per session. Overall it expands the learning experience while guarding children from potential hazards.


Best 3D Printer of 2023 - KOKONI EC2 App Control 3D Printer

With its blend of outstanding performance, features and safety controls, the KOKONI EC2 has earned the title of Best 3D Printer for Kids and Beginners in 2023 by many expert reviewer sites.

Beyond printing quality and abilities, what really makes it stand out is the effortless operation through the KOKONI 3D app. No learning curve means kids can start printing right away while still gaining skills over time. Updates to the app library, exclusive to the best 3D printer of 2023, keep projects fresh too.

For parents, the peace of mind from the closed enclosure and remote monitoring can't be beat. Knowing little hands are safe stimulates kids' creativity without worry. And for the price, the feature set is unmatched by any other entry-level printer around.


The engineered plastic KOKONI PLA filament works perfectly with both EC1 and EC2 printers for safe, non-toxic prints. Available in basic colors like white, black, green and orange, it allows basic objects to take shape. Kids can seamlessly switch between colors on a whim without much waste.

At only $11.99 per standard 0.5lb spool, PLA filament makes beginning 3D printing highly affordable too. Unlike some printers requiring higher priced proprietary materials, the KOKONI system keeps the operating costs low so creativity isn't capped. And with 70m of filament per spool, the value is outstanding for getting started. Beyond being approved for children, KOKONI PLA filament meets rigorous environmental standards as well. As a carbon-neutral bioplastic, it has low environmental impact and is disposable through standard recycling. No other materials are needed, keeping the overall 3D printing process simple, clean and eco-friendly.


Getting Started with 3D Printing

To introduce 3D printing over the holidays, start with the EC1 or EC2 and some sample PLA filament. Download the app and let kids experiment on their own following basic safety guidelines. Browse the model galleries together to spark ideas.

Some beginner-friendly starter project ideas include nametags, phone stands, puzzle pieces and customized figurines. Encourage them to personalize objects for gifts too. Be patient as even simple shapes take time - it's about the process more than perfection initially.

Group Maker activities are another great way to share in the fun. Take turns designing and queuing up prints. Set challenges to push skills like multi-color prints. Older kids can assist younger ones who need help. Videos on the KOKONI YouTube channel offer guidance.

With the new year kicking off school breaks, 3D printing is a highlight activity for engaged remote learning or simply enjoying quality time together. Its cross-curricular nature taps into science, art and problem-solving in a playful manner that lights up young minds. With the superb KOKONI ecosystem, families gain innovative ways to bond through creativity in the new year.


As we welcome 2024, make this new year full of imagination and discovery for your kids. By investing in a high-quality 3D printer like the top-rated KOKONI EC1 or EC2 from GearBerry, you'll open up a world of creative possibilities. Don't forget to check out GearBerry for any available 3D printer coupon to make your purchase even more affordable.

Whether your children are young elementary students or pre-teens, there's a KOKONI model suited to their skills that provides hours of engaging, hands-on learning.With the KOKONI ecosystem of printer, filament and intuitive app control, 3D printing is simple to try at home over school breaks. You'll love how the included safety features like closed enclosures let kids' natural curiosity spark without worry.Head over to GearBerry today and find deals on KOKONI bundled with starter PLA.

Their wide assortment of all the top 3D printing brands is made convenient with global warehouses. Let the new year be one filled with technological tinkering and bright futures through the gift of 3D!

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