Kingroon KLP1 CoreXY High Speed 3D Printer

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All-in-one Klipper Mainboard - No Raspberry Pi is required
High-Speed Print - 500mm/s high-speed printing & 20000mm/s² acceleration
Linear Rail Guides(X&Y axis) - Accurate, fast, and durable during fast.
Auto Bed Leveling - new bed structure, it’s fully ABL.
5:1 Gear Ratio - 5:1 Gear Ratio, 9500 ring 5015 bearing fan
WIFI module - Control printer remotely



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Kingroon KLP1 is a fast-print-speed CoreXY 3D printer with Klipper firmware and a protective enclosure. With Klipper firmware features, Kingroon KLP1 let people print at high speed and with great quality.

Product Details
All-in-one Klipper Mainboard
Kingroon KLP1 has a powerful mainboard with Klipper firmware installed. No Raspberry Pi is required.
500mm/s High-Speed Print
High-quality print with less waiting time. Kingroon KLP1 has 500mm/s high-speed printing & 10000mm/s² acceleration. The built-in ADXL345 module ensures you high-quality print under fast print speed with active vibration compensation.
CoreXY Structure & Linear Rail Guides(X&Y axis)
Kingroon KLP1 is a CoreXY 3D Printer with linear guides on the X-axis and Y-axis, which makes the printer accurate, fast, and durable during fast movement.
5:1 Gear Ratio
5:1 Gear Ratio, all metal, 9500 rings 5015 bearing fan, CHC hotend, smart microprocessors, the new extruder means powerful extrusion and better cooling system.
Advanced All-metal Hotend
Featuring an all-metal hot end with a ceramic heating core, the KLP1 enables a wider range of material options, including conventional materials like PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU, and wood but also high-temperature materials like nylon and CF.
Vibration compensation & flow calibration
Reduce printer vibration and shaking through vibration compensation, Realize more accurate extrusion pressure adjustment by judging the trend of printing speed.Make the printed model surface smoother, greatly improving the model quality during the fast printing process
Easy Access with Multi Interface Options
With the Internet connection, any screen can be your printer screen, you can control Kingroon KLP1 anyhow, anytime and anywhere.
Auto Bed Leveling
The auto bed leveling comes to Kingroon KLP1, with its new bed structure, it’s fully ABL.
Kingroon KLP1 Technical Specifications
Product ModelKingroon KLP1 
Print Volume210*210*210mm
Machine Size400*420*420mm
Packaging Size420*490*470mm
Net Weight14kg
Print ViaWeb/USB Flash Disk
Machine Power240W
Input Voltage110V-220V
Power Supply24V 12.5A 300W
Feeder SystemDirect Extruder
Printing Accuracy0.05-0.3mm
Nozzle Max Temperature≤260 C
Heated Bed Max Temperature  ≤100 C
Max Movement Speed ≤500mm/S
Recommended Printing Speed200mm-350mm/S
File FormatSTL/Obj/Gcode
Machine LevelingSupport
Material Break DetectionYes
Power Loss RecoveryYes
System RequirementWin7-10/Mac/Linux
Slicing SoftwareCura/Slice/Host...
Nozzle Diameter0.4mm
Print BedHeat Bed With PEI Sheet
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Nederlands, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
Kingroon KLP1 3D Printer Reviews
Ready for technical filaments too: Kingroon KLP1 CoreXY, Klipper based and enclosed 3D printer
My Tech Fun
Kingroon KLP1 is a CoreXY enclosed and klipper based 3D printer with very affordable price. On XY it uses a linear rails and since it can heat up the hardened nozzle up to 300°C, it may be used for different technical filaments too.
Kingroon KLP1, Core XY, full Klipper access and WIFI, lots of fun
Kingroon KLP1, Core XY, full Klipper access and WIFI, lots of fun
Kingroon KLP1 3D Printer Tutorials
KINGROON KLP1 Auto-Leveling&Vibration Compensation
Kingroon 3D Official
Auto-leveling & Vibration compensation Tutorial High-Speed KLP1 3D Printer Klipper Firmware Installed
How to Replace the KINGROON KLP1 Mainboard
Kingroon 3D Official
Mainboard Replacement Tutorial All-in-one Klipper Mainboard Cheetah V2.0 Mainboard for KLP1 3D Printer
How to Replace Ceramic Ring and Thermistor on KINGROON KLP1
Kingroon 3D Official
This Video shows how to replace the ceramic ring and thermistor of the KLP1 3D Printer quickly and simply.
Let's Hear the Real Customers' Reviews
Kingroon KLP1 FAQ
How do I connect KLP1 3D printer to the Internet?
You can connect to the internet with an ethernet cable or the build-in wifi.
How do I enter the Klipper dashboard?
Get the IP address from the router dashboard or the screen, then use that to access Klipper.
What are the requested settings to get the printer ready?
Internet connection, bed leveling, input shaping setting, and pressure advance setting
How do I load and unload the filament?
Use the presets in the “Macros” field or control it with the screen.
Is it an open Klipper?
Sure, if you are familiar with Klipper, you can modify the system by SSH, we keep the default MKS settings
How do I flash the firmware of Kingroon KLP1?
There is no such thing as the KLP1, but you can flash the EMMC chip to upgrade the system image or fix the system failures.
What is the print volume of Kingroon KLP1 3D printer?
It is 210*210*210 mm
What is the top temperature of the nozzle and heat bed?
It is 300 degrees for the nozzle and 100 degrees for the heat bed.
The part fan speed cannot be adjusted, is that normal?
Yes, that’s the fan we used before, please contact to get the latest fan with speed adjust feature.
Why my screen turns white show loading or nothing?
The Klipper system requires some time to load and shutdown, just wait for about 60 second, the system should finish its loading. Please remember to do that when reboot it.
The display is in Chinese and gives me no indication whether the unit is connected to the internet or not.
This video will show you how to use shift the language and connect it to the internet.