AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver

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Built-in all in one touch screen
Support offline batch cutting and instant image engraving
Powerful cutting ability
User friendly pre-assembled design
Support 5G wifi
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Model: Delta 22W

Delta 22W
Delta 22W + Honeycomb Platform
Delta 22W + Universal Raisers
Delta 22W + LightBurn License

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AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver

Product Detail
The 2nd COS Optical Technology
Adopting the advanced second-generation COS technology, the polarized beam combination improves the performance of the laser beam by 40%. Compared to regular 20W laser modules, COS technology compresses the laser spots from a rectangle to a square having a near 1:1 ratio on both low (3%) and high power (100%). 40% Smaller Spot Size 0.06*0.05mm 3% Power 0.16*0.14mm 100% Power
Enrich your Artwork with 500+ Shades of Color
Make your projects stand out with vibrant and durable colors created by oxidation of stainless steel material while engraving.
Incredible Cutting Ability
Super powerful 22W laser module handles various material thicknesses for cutting easily.
Faster Than Ever Speed
12X Faster In Actual Engraving Performance - Exceeds the industry boundaries.
Elevates the File Uploading Speed Nearly 200%
Delta: 10 seconds,Others: 180 Seconds
Much More Powerful Motherboard
Runs 4 Core Dual CPU Support 8MB RAM, 16MB Memory and 32GB SD card. Elevates the File Uploading Speed Nearly 200% Delta: 10 seconds Others: 180 Seconds Support OTA Upgrade It's time to imagine customizable engraving and cutting functions for your business.
Assembly Has Never Been Easier
Pre-assembled structure and simple installation steps allow you to start the journey with ease.
Plug & Play Smart Air Pump
Automatic airflow adjustment based on the speed and power. Supports direct control through the AlgoLaser APP, LightBurn and LaserGRBL software.
Multiple Security Protection
Refining the Details That Matter to You
Magnetic and Detachable Laser Metal Cover. It's easy to clean and allows you to ufilize a deeper cutting focus without the cover.
Laser Protective Lens Integrated within Air Assist Nozzle
Effectively protects the laser and prolongs the laser's service life.
AlgoLaser Delta Specs
Laser Power
Laser Spot Size 0.16*0.14mm 100% Power
0.06*0.05mm 30% Power
Laser Wavelength455±5nm
Focal Length55mm
Laser Head Life Expectancy
>10000 hours
Max Engraving Speed
Movement Speed
Focus Mode
Machine Power144W
Power Supply24V/6A
Motherboard VersionALGO_LASER_V3.1
Working Are440*415mm
3.5'' IPS Screenâś”
Offline Engravingâś”
RGB Indicator LightRGBâś”
Intergrated Air Pumpâś”
Output Volume30L/min
Automatic Air Assistâś”
Connection MethodTF Card, USB-A/C, Wifi-2.4G/5G, U Disk
Software SupportedLightBurn/LaserGRBL/AlgoLaser App
File Format SupportedJPG, SVG, PNG, BMP, G-code, CAD, AI, CDR, DWG, etc.
System SupportedAndroid,  iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Web-based
Engraving/Cutting Materials Cutting Material: All kinds of wood, (but be aware of oily wood or wood with very high resin content, as there is a high risk of fire.) plywood, MDF, cardboard, corrugated board, acrylic board, cork sheet, polycarbonate, Depron foam, non-woven fabric, bamboo chips, leather.

Carving Material: All kinds of wood, (but be aware of oily wood or wood with very high resin content, as there is a high risk of fire.) plywood, MDF, cardboard, corrugated board, acrylic board, cork sheet, polycarbonate, Depron foam, non-woven fabric, bamboo chips, leather, glass, ceramics, tiles, aluminum oxide, stainless steel, coating metal materials, darkstones.
Compatible Accessories40W laser module, Motorized Z-axis, Engraving Platform, Fireproof Box, Rotary Chuck, Rotary Roller, Camera
Working Temperature-15°C ~ 30°C
Product Weight8.5KG
Product SizeX650*Y730*Z175mm
Packing Weight12.0KG
Packing Size795*720*145mm
Warranty12 Months
AlgoLaser In Action
Professional Opinions
This Laser Changes Everything: The AlgoLaser Delta
Steve Makes Everything
AlgoLaser Delta : Portée par son écran intelligent, une machine à surveiller!
Extensive Testing of New AlgoLaser Delta 22W
Casual DIY
In this video you will find out, in detail, how to assemble AlgoLaser Alpha. I will also show you what this machine can do through many tests. Its a perfect tool for many fantastic DIY projects.
Unlock Your Creativity With AlgoLaser Delta 22W, The World's First Smart Laser Engraver
James Biggar
In this video I review the AlgoLaser Delta 22w laser engraver, which is the world's first smart laser engraver with a 22W fiber laser capable of engraving at speeds up to 500mm/sec in a large working area of 440x415mm, and it includes an offline terminal display for full offline engraving capability.
Amazing Home DĂ©cor Projects with AlgoLaser Delta 22W
Casual DIY
Amazing Home DĂ©cor Projects with AlgoLaser Delta 22W In this video I will be making cool wooden flowers and vases. These are perfect as gifts or business opportunities. And you can make them easily with AlgoLaser Delta 22W
Let's Hear the Real Customers' Reviews
FAQ of AlgoLaser Delta FlagShip Laser Engraver
What does Delta's Smart mean?
Delta's Smart is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 1, Touch screen: Instant engraving and batch cutting off-line, more user-friendly. 2, Smart laser module(Lens Cleaning Reminder,Flame Detective,Air Pressure Monitoring) 3,Plug& play accessorry( Rotary roller, Rotary chuck)
Is it easy for green hand to use Delta laser engraver?
Yes, super easy to use. our latest design focuses on easy of use, like our touch screen. Also, the machine is pre-assembled, easy to install Our YouTube channel has instructional videos for you to learn;HTTP:// Finally, you can get help from Tech Support Team if you have any questions.
For the screen, can do mass production?
yes, you need to transfer to Gcode files from lightburn or laserGRBL Is this screen fragile? Honestly, it is fragile, but we will protect it in the package, also will put a fragile sticker on the box, of course, it is better to pay attention when using.
What the difference of Alpha 22W and Delta 22W?
Both are our newest products with the latest module technology, Delta has all-in-one touch screen and it is pre-assembled, super easy to use, Alpha needs to do more complicated assembly, but they have the same 22w laser module,If you are on a low budget you can consider the Alpha 22W, if you want to experience a newer and high performance engraving and cutting progress,you can choose the Delta 22W.
What materials can the laser engraver cut and engrave?
The laser can cut and engrave wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, paper and more up to around 30mm thick. Different materials require different settings.
Can I control the laser engraver from my phone or computer?
Yes, you can control it wirelessly via the WebUI or WiFi connection or through a wired USB connection to a computer using included software like LightBurn.
How loud is the AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraver in operation?
It operates at around 60 dB, about as loud as normal conversation. The included air pump for fume extraction does add some background noise.
What type of laser does it use?
It uses a 22W CO2 laser tube for cutting and engraving.
How long does the laser tube last?
An original laser tube will typically last 20,000-30,000 hours of use with proper care and cooling.
Can the AlgoLaser Delta 22W engrave photos or complex images?
Yes, it has high resolution capabilities for reproducing photos or complex vector images with fine details.
What software can I use to design projects?
Popular design software compatible with it includes LightBurn, LaserGRBL and CorelDRAW.
Is the AlgoLaser Delta 22W safe for use around kids/pets?
The laser has safety shutters and is safe when operated as directed, but it's best to keep kids and pets out of the workspace area when in use.
What is the warranty period?
The standard warranty is 1 year for defects, but components may be serviced or replaced for a fee after the initial period.