Unrivaled Precision Meets Lightning Speed: Kingroon KLP1 CoreXY 3D Printer Review

Unrivaled Precision Meets Lightning Speed: Kingroon KLP1 CoreXY 3D Printer Review

Unrivaled Precision Meets Lightning Speed: Kingroon KLP1 CoreXY 3D Printer Review

As a fervent fan of 3D printing, I'm constantly looking for devices that push the limits of dependability, accuracy, and speed. I therefore knew I had to test the new enclosed KLP1 model from Kingroon, which is based on a hard CoreXY architecture and Klipper firmware.

I've been printing a wide range of PLA, PETG, and specialty filaments on the Kingroon KLP1 CoreXY 3D printer for months now, and I'm really impressed with its best-in-class printing accuracy, adjustable speed, clever auto bed leveling, and internal power. For my in-depth hands-on assessment of this cutting-edge 3D printer, continue reading.

Unmatched Speed Thanks to Optimized CoreXY Design

The KLP1’s CoreXY architecture, where its gantry uses a pulley belt system moving on linear rails, provides key advantages in print speed and acceleration. By harnessing precise CoreXY kinematics from Kingroon 3D Printers, the KLP1 can whip the print head across the build plate incredibly fast without losing steps or accuracy. I was amazed printing benchmark tests to watch the KLP1 smoothly hit speeds up to 500mm/s thanks to its high-torque stepper motors and lightweight alloy body. Even more impressive was seeing those lightning speeds translate to reduced print times while still maintaining dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

The stable CoreXY framework also minimizes vibrations that introduce artifacts at high speeds. Dual Z-axis motors ensure level layers even when printing fast. For designers who value optimized print time without sacrificing precision, the KLP1 is a game changer.

Hassle-Free Auto Bed Leveling

Manual bed leveling is one of my least favorite printer maintenance activities. However, the KLP1's built-in auto bed leveling eliminates this hassle completely by cleverly mapping the print surface prior to each work.

Using inductive sensors, an automated probing procedure measures variations across the detachable spring steel print sheet at the beginning. The nozzle height is then smoothly adjusted by Klipper firmware to take into account dips and rises in the bed, ensuring uniform first layer adhesion throughout the print. This is the best kind of hassle-free, hands-off bed leveling.

Klipper Firmware Unlocks Cutting-Edge Features

At the heart of the KLP1 lies Klipper firmware - an open source Linux-based print engine that unlocks advanced functionality like ultra-fast printing, input shaping and resonant compensation. This sets it apart from competitors as the best 3D printer of 2023. I especially loved tweaking pressure advance and input shaper settings in Klipper’s browser-based interface to further optimize print quality at different speeds. The ability to install community plug-ins for niche features like filament runout detection also offers ample room for customization that keeps this printer fresh and capable.

Sturdy Metal Frame Built to Last

The KLP1’s rugged metal framing makes it rock solid on my desk. I never have to worry about vibrations or forces throwing off a print. The stable body can seamlessly handle the high accelerations and speeds of advanced movements and materials.

Little touches like the integrated spool holder, LED light bars and removable magnetic doors streamline printing and monitoring. It’s a workspace designed for hassle-free productivity from the ground up. I have full confidence this machine will churn out prints reliably for years to come thanks to its robust engineering.

Capable Extruder Ready for Exotic Filaments

With its versatile geared direct titan extruder and sturdy hot end heating up to 300°C, the KLP1 can confidently print with a wide span of filaments from standard PLA and ABS to flexibles like TPU and engineering-grade composites.

The 5:1 drive gear ratio provides ample torque to push filaments evenly and reliably. During extended test runs with temperamental filaments like wood, the extruder produced flawless prints without jams or stripping thanks to its robust drive power. The Kingroon KLP1 CoreXY places no limits on material creativity.

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Intuitive Touchscreen Simplifies Operation

Direct control over printing and settings is simple thanks to the color touchscreen's responsiveness. I never have to wonder what's going on because plain language status updates make it obvious what's happening. Print initialization, bed leveling, and filament loading are all streamlined via one-touch macros. Both novices and experts will no longer be frustrated by this well-designed interface.

Updating printer settings through the browser-based Klipper dashboard offers a great deal of flexibility for even more personalization. Dual interfaces provide an excellent compromise between ease of use for casual use and flexibility for more advanced customization.

Limitless Remote Monitoring and Control

One of my favorite KLP1 features is the ability to fully remotely monitor and manage prints from any internet-connected device. The video camera delivers crisp footage I can view to check a print's progress.

Built-in WiFi connectivity and Klipper's web interface offer control from anywhere. Starting, pausing or stopping jobs no longer requires being physically present next to the printer - a huge efficiency gain. I can queue prints from my smartphone before I even get home. This thoughtful connectivity empowers my creativity.

Incredible Value for Capabilities

With the KLP1's exceptional precision, speed, versatility, high-quality parts, and sturdy housing, its $379 price tag is a great deal for this kind of 3D printer. Kingroon's experience provides hobbyist pricing for expert performance. The KLP1 is already a great deal at retail, but for a little while only, Kingroon is giving a unique 3D Printer Coupon that will take an additional 15% off the price.

The KLP1 CoreXY punches well beyond its weight for designers looking for uncompromising quality combined with deliberate enhancements that improve the printing experience. This technology is the perfect example of clever engineering in competent hands.

Pushing the Boundaries of 3D Printing Progress

The Kingroon KLP1 is a top-ranked 3D printer for 2023 that can enable high-speed printing that was previously limited to industrial machinery. It is an encouraging sign of what lies ahead for desktop manufacturing.

Elite technology like Klipper firmware and CoreXY kinematics have been bundled by Kingroon's forward-thinking R&D team into a very competent yet user-friendly printer that is ready to empower makers. I wholeheartedly endorse the Kingroon KLP1 to anyone eager to see their ideas come to life more quickly than before. Let your print reach new heights!

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