Exciting Black Friday Deals on 3D Printers for Kids: Spark Creativity and Imagination!

Exciting Black Friday Deals on 3D Printers for Kids: Spark Creativity and Imagination!

Exciting Black Friday Deals on 3D Printers for Kids: Spark Creativity and Imagination!


Black Friday is almost here, and GearBerry is launching some incredible deals on 3D printers perfect for kids. 3D printing allows children to design and create all sorts of cool projects, developing important skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). With the right 3D printer, your kids can unleash their imagination and bring their ideas to life.

This Black Friday, GearBerry is offering deep discounts on top 3D printer brands like KOKONI, making it the perfect time to pick one up. In this article, we'll look at some of GearBerry's best 3D printer deals and how these affordable models as well as 3D printers for kids can foster creativity.

KOKONI EC1: The Perfect Start for Budding Makers

For beginners just getting into 3D printing, the KOKONI EC1 is a straightforward and user-friendly pick. Simple and easy to use right out of the box, it requires no technical expertise. In fact, the KOKONI EC1 was listed as the best 3D printer of 2023 for its beginner-friendly features. The EC1 has zero bed leveling needed, so all your child has to do is push a button to start printing. Control is handled via a simple app on your smartphone or tablet, taking the intimidation out of 3D modeling software. This makes the KOKONI EC1 an excellent first 3D printer that empowers young minds.

The EC1 uses safe and non-toxic PLA filament that is kid-friendly. It can print small objects up to 100x100x58mm in size, making it well-suited for creative projects, crafts, toys and more. Setup is fast, and the print quality is excellent for the EC1's affordable price point. At less than $250 on Black Friday, it's an incredible entry-level option for curious young makers. The KOKONI EC1 empowers kids to explore 3D printing without frustration.


KOKONI EC2: Take Creativity to New Heights

For advanced young artists, the KOKONI EC2 takes 3D printing up a notch. Now on pre-sale for its Black Friday release, it builds upon the user-friendliness of the EC1 with even more features. Control still happens through an intuitive app but now includes AI-assisted digital 3D modeling tools. Kids can virtually sculpt humans, animals, vehicles and more without any 3D design experience.

With a larger build volume of 100x100x60mm, the EC2 opens up more complex project possibilities. Print speeds are also increased for faster creations. Parents will love its closed case and safety door design for peace of mind. And its built-in HD camera lets kids remotely monitor prints in progress or create fun time-lapse videos too. During Black Friday, the KOKONI EC2 will be marked down from $349 to just $269, making it a steal. For motivated young crafters, the EC2 unleashes a whole new world of creative potential.

High-Quality KOKONI PLA Filament

Both the EC1 and EC2 work best with KOKONI's own PLA filament for optimal results. PLA is plant-based, non-toxic and safe for kids. It offers vibrant colors and gives strong, detailed prints. GearBerry is bundling KOKONI PLA spools with select 3D printer packages over Black Friday. But you can also purchase them separately from as low as $11.99 per spool with multiple color options available. Kids will have a blast designing and printing their creations in radiant hues like blue, green, purple, pink and more. KOKONI PLA Filament is the perfect filament for unleashing your child's imagination through 3D printing.

Exciting Black Friday 3D Printer Coupons

GearBerry is taking their Early Black Friday discounts to the next level with combo offers on select 3D printers that let you save more with every purchase. In the "Best Gears" section, shoppers will find two top-rated KOKONI options priced unbeatably low. The KOKONI-EC1 App Control 3D Printer is just $249 instead of $279 for an extra 11% in savings. Meanwhile, the KOKONI EC2 drops a full 23% to $269 from its regular $349 price tag. But that's not all - stack additional dollars off your cart using 3d printer coupons too. Save $10 on $100+ orders, $30 on $300+ quantities or $50 off purchases over $500. It's never been easier to score amazing 3D printing deals and maximize your savings potential.The codes are:

$10 off over $100 CODE: GBDBL1

$30 off over $300 CODE: GBDBL2

$50 off over $500 CODE: GBDBL3


The Perfect 3D Printer for Ages 8 and Up

When it comes to the right 3D printer for a child, age is an important factor. While younger makers could potentially use a model with parental help, the recommended minimum is 8 years old. At this stage kids have developed enough dexterity and comprehension skills. Both the KOKONI EC1 and EC2 feature intuitive, app-based controls well-suited to ages 8+. Print speed, size, and overall operation are considered appropriate for this age bracket and up too. Overall these two models strike the perfect balance of accessibility and power for curious elementary school makers to really spread their creative wings.

Creativity, Skills and Confidence Boost for Kids

3D printing unleashes your child's ingenuity like no other pastime. It lets young minds bring all sorts of concepts to life - from cartoon characters and board game pieces to prototypes for exciting inventions of the future. The process inspires skills across domains from design, modeling, troubleshooting and more. Teaches critical reasoning abilities as kids problem-solve and iterate on prints. But it also uplifts self-esteem as finished creations blossom, boosting confidence and joy of creation. Hobbies like these may spark passions that last a lifetime too. Overall 3D printing empowers youth in truly invaluable ways parents want to support.

Easy Projects to Spark Endless Possibilities

For beginners, some quick and easy 3D printing projects include:

1. Sculpting a simple figurine likeness of family/friends

2. Making charms or jewelry to personalize accessories

3. Crafting board game pieces or miniatures for roleplaying

4. Printing a mini version of their favorite toy, gadget or vehicle

5. Modeling everyday objects found at home or school

6. Customizing keychains or bookmarks with names/images

These basic designs are highly satisfying starting points while learning how printers function. From there, creativity spirals outward in every direction! Kids can propose projects related to school assignments, hobbies, TV shows, video games and beyond. 3D printers open the door to engineering home furnishings, electronics enclosures, architectural scale models - even developing prototypes for the latest gadgets of tomorrow. The options are endless and empowering for curious young minds.


Why Early Black Friday is the Perfect Time to Buy

Since quality 3D printers remain an investment today, snagging one of these coveted models during Black Friday at steeply reduced prices on GearBerry is ideal for gifting this holiday season. Quantities may be limited too, so early birds will want to jump on the chance. Not only will you save big during pre-Thanksgiving sales on GearBerry, you'll have your new 3D printer in hand before the busiest shopping days hit. That allows ample time to set it up, learn the basics together as a family, and even print a few creations in time for Christmas morning surprises. It's the perfect way to nurture a young spirit of invention with inspiring creativity for years to come - all while benefiting from exclusive GearBerry deals.

Choosing the right 3D printer this Black Friday sets up children and their imaginations for limitless adventures ahead. Whether considering the beginner-friendly KOKONI EC1 or advanced possibilities of the EC2, both models encourage all kinds of discoveries. Pair these printers with high-quality KOKONI PLA filament in an array of lively shades, and the fun truly takes off. Make the most of GearBerry's exclusive coupons too for maximum savings. With 3D printing, every child has the potential to not only make their ideas real but develop skills that last a lifetime. This season, gifts that spark such inspiration are truly priceless.

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