KOKONI-EC1 App Control 3D Printer

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KOKONI-EC1 App Control 3D Printer

Product Details
Simplicity for All
Simple and user-friendly, the straightforward setup and hassle-free printing application make 3D printingaccessible to everyone from beginners to experts.
Safe & Non-toxic
Exclusive PLA filament developed by KOKONI Smoother More Precise No Clogging Non-toxic & Safe *KOKONI is also compatible with other PLA materials on the market. However, we recommend using our filaments to achieve better printouts and protect the machine.
Fast & Smooth
The maximum printing speed can reach 80mm/s, allowing a small vase of medium precision to be completed in just one hour.
Compact & Quiet
lts stylish, space-efficient design and whisper-quiet operation make itan exceptional choice for those looking for a 3D printer that is asfunctional as it is eye-catching.
Product Weight: 6.83 lbs / 31 Kg
Dimensions: 7.44*10.7*9.09 inch / 189*272*231 mm
Build Volume:393*3.93*2.28 inch /100"10058 mm
Base Print Area:101*101 mm
Heat Bed:Non-heated
Nozzle Qty:1 Nozzle
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm
Printing Speed: 80mm/s(MAX)
Layer Thickness:0.04-0.35 mm
The Z Resolution Accuracy: 0.0025 mm
The XY Resolution Accuracy: 0.011 mm
Forming Tech: FDM/FFF
Supported Material: Modified PLA Filament
Voltage: 12V
Wattage: 60W
Files Support: STL,OBJ
Slicing Software:NeuralPrint

WIFI-Mobile App Control; Computer

Looking for Youtube Reviews?
So Easy, So Compact! // Kokoni EC1 3D Printer
Steves Trains
Make as many model detail parts or complete small models as you want with the Kokoni EC1 3D Printer. This incredibly compact and easy-to-use 3D printer comes fully assembled, requires no bed leveling, and is so compact it will fit almost anywhere. I’ve been making dozens of model detail parts for my model train projects with this printer, and even a complete 50’ N Scale boxcar. You don’t need a computer as you control everything from your phone. This is a great printer if you need to make small model parts and can also be a great printer for kids to use as it uses non-toxic PLA filament and is easy to control via an app on your phone or tablet. Small resin printers will do better with fine details on very small figures and vehicles than this filament printer and obviously this printer can’t print large items. But, it works great for most of things I need to printer for my model train projects.
Reviewing the super easy to use (and tiny) Kokoni EC1 3D Printer!
Mediocre Hobbies
I have a solution for anyone who thinks 3D Printers aren't ready for home use yet! It is also ridiculously easy to set up and print with! As always I give my honest review of products that was sent to me, I wouldn't recommend it for wargaming 3d printing, but I do believe it has many uses! Hope you check out the video and let me know what you think!
Smallest 3D Printer for Dollhouse Miniatures
The Square to Spare
Hi guys! Today I'm introducing you to the newest member of my 3d printer collection: the Kokoni EC1. It's a super small beginner printer that I'm testing out. How well does it print and is it worth purchasing? I go through all the details in this video. I hope you find this information useful!
Easiest 3D Printer!!! KOKONI EC1 Tested & Reviewed
Roadside RC
A Beginners Journey into the World of 3D Printing with KOKONI EC1!
The Laser Channel
But... Can This Mini Printer - Print Minis? - The Kokoni EC-1 is Amazing
Let's Hear the Real Customers' Reviews
1.How to conduct leveling?
KOKONI EC1 is beginner-friendly and has no need for bed-leveling.
2.Is the printing bed replaceable?
Yes, to achieve better printing results, we recommended replacing the printing bed every 6 months
3.Can I use other types of filament?
KOKONI-EC1 is also compatible with other PLA materials on the market. However, to achieve better printouts and protect the machine, we do recommend that you use our filaments.
4.What is the printing precision of this printer?
The filament thickness is 0.04-0.35mm, the positioning accuracy is 0.0025 mm Z resolution, and 0.011 mm XY resolution.
5.Are printing filaments toxic to children and do they have an odor?
Our exclusive PLA filaments are non-toxic and safe for children, it has passed RoHS.