Compact Solution to Power Outages: CTECHi GT200 Portable Power Station

Compact Solution to Power Outages: CTECHi GT200 Portable Power Station

Compact Solution to Power Outages: CTECHi GT200 Portable Power Station

Power outages can happen when we least expect them. A fallen tree limb, electrical failure, or even scheduled maintenance can leave us suddenly without electricity. When the power goes out, we lose lighting, climate control, internet connectivity, and the ability to charge our devices. Outages create major inconveniences and can even become dangerous during extreme weather conditions.

To keep essential devices powered during electrical failures, a portable power station offers a compact, lightweight solution. The CTECHi GT200 packs 240 watt-hours (Wh) of battery capacity into a tiny 3.6 kg unit measuring just 24.2 x 8.8 x 20.5 cm. This portable lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) power source provides reliable energy to get through power failures with your electronics and small appliances intact. With fast charging and multiple input/output options, the CTECHi GT200 delivers portable power for planned outdoor adventures or unexpected blackouts.

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Key Features of the CTECHi GT200

1. 240Wh Capacity

The CTECHi GT200's small form conceals a huge 240 watt-hour battery capacity. This large capacity enables numerous charges for computers, tablets, and phones, allowing you to use them off-grid without running out of power. A 32-inch LED TV can run for three hours on 240Wh, a desk fan for nearly forty hours, and a mini fridge for five hours. Even a CPAP breathing machine can be powered by it overnight for uninterrupted sleep in times of power outages. Because of the 240Wh battery's adaptability, you can power a variety of small appliances and personal electronics with dependable backup power.

Use CTECHi GT200 Portable Power Station When Camping

2. LiFePO4 Battery Chemistry

Unlike conventional lithium-ion batteries, the CTECHi GT200 utilizes lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry. This is a more advanced and durable technology that enhances performance and safety. LiFePO4 batteries have a significantly longer lifespan, allowing over 2000 charge cycles and a 10-year service life. They're also more resistant to power loss from frequent charging. LiFePO4 chemistry eliminates concerns of fires or explosions from imperfect lithium-ion batteries. With a safer and sturdier battery formula, you can trust the GT200 for power emergencies.

3. Pure Sine Wave Inverter

A pure sine wave inverter is used by the CTECHi GT200 power station to safely charge gadgets. This enables a consistent AC output that may be adjusted between 110V and 220V at 200W. The natural waveform of grid power is mimicked by the pure sine wave, ensuring uninterrupted charging. Clean sine wave energy is ideal for sensitive electronics like laptops. Your equipment won't be disrupted thanks to the pure inverter.

4. Fast Charging Speeds

Through a variety of inputs, the CTECHi GT200 portable power station may be charged quickly and conveniently. The station takes just 2.5 hours to fully recharge from empty to 100% battery when plugged into an AC outlet. Comparatively, alternatives need five or more hours to replenish. The 60W USB-C Power Delivery input can drastically shorten charging times for on-the-go charging. Additionally, you may conveniently top off the battery while traveling by utilizing the car socket. The GT200 decreases idle time thanks to quick charging rates.


5. Nine Ports for Complete Connectivity

Nine ports on the CTECHi GT200 allow it to be used in a variety of situations and power or charge almost any device. It has a vehicle socket, a 60W AC outlet, a 60W USB-C connector, a 5V/2.4A USB-A port for smartphones, and a 9V/2A USB-A port for high-draw devices like tablets. With AC, DC, and USB outputs, you can simultaneously charge laptops, drones, battery packs, e-readers, flashlights, and other devices while also directly operating appliances like mini fridges. You can power your necessary equipment and devices during a power outage thanks to the nine connections.

6. Compact, Portable Design

At just 3.6 kg and measuring 24.2 x 8.8 x 20.5 cm, the CTECHi GT200 packs an immense 240Wh capacity into a slim, compact shell. The durable aluminum exterior is lightweight and rugged enough for life on-the-go. Easy to stash in an emergency kit, vehicle, or backpack, it's built for portability. The compact design also saves space at home for power backup needs. Whether you need portable emergency electricity or power for outdoor activities, the travel-friendly GT200 delivers.

Real-World Applications

The CTECHi GT200 portable power station shines for real-world uses ranging from home emergencies to outdoor excursions. Here are some example applications:

1. Keep essential medical devices powered during an outage, such as sleep apnea machines (CPAP), oxygen concentrators, nebulizers, and refrigerated medications.

2. Charge smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and laptops to stay connected and access entertainment during blackouts.

3. Run small appliances like desk fans, mini refrigerators, lamps, and speakers for several hours.

4. Power CPAP machines overnight while camping or traveling in your vehicle.

5. Take it hiking or camping to charge phones, cameras, GPS devices, and battery packs.

6. Use it as an emergency preparedness kit to operate flashlights, lanterns, weather radios, and other devices.

With nine ports and dual AC/DC output, the GT200 can power just about any personal electronics device or compact appliance, making it the perfect portable companion.

CTECHi GT200 Portable Power Station

Charging Options

The CTECHi GT200 offers flexible charging options to keep the station powered up wherever you are. It can charge via:

AC wall outlet - Plug into any 100-240V outlet using the included power adapter to charge from 0 to 100% in 2.5 hours.

USB-C Power Delivery - Connect a 60W USB-C PD charger to rapidly recharge the station.

12V car outlet - Use the car charging cable when traveling to replenish from your vehicle's 12V socket.

60W solar panel - Sold separately. Connect solar panels to harness the sun's energy for eco-friendly charging.

The GT200 offers off-grid electricity for isolated places and may be recharged by AC, DC, solar, and vehicle sources. The quick AC charging duration of 2.5 hours reduces downtime in between uses.

Safety Features

CTECHi built the GT200 power station with safety in mind, incorporating multiple protections:

1. Charge/discharge temperature monitoring prevents operation outside of 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C).

2. UL safety certification ensures the station meets industry safety standards.

3. The LiFePO4 battery provides over 2000 charge cycles for long-term reliability.

4. Automatic shutoff protects the station from overload, short circuit, overcharging, over-discharging, and overheating.

5. One-year warranty covers defects and issues.

With advanced battery chemistry and a range of safety certifications and features, the CTECHi GT200 provides peace of mind during critical power needs. The intelligent monitoring protects the station and connected devices.

CTECHi GT200 Portable Power Stations


Whether you need backup electricity during a blackout, or portable power for camping and outdoor adventures, the CTECHi GT200 is a versatile solution. The smart features, long battery life, rapid charging, and ultra-compact size make this station an essential for home emergency kits and life off-grid.

In addition to the GT200 featured here, CTECHi offers a range of portable power stations like the CTECHi GT1500, CTECHi GT600, CTECHi GT500, CTECHi GT300, and CTECHi GT200 Pro. Each provides different battery capacities and features to suit your power needs.

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With the GT200 and other portable power stations from CTECHi and GearBerry, you'll stay powered up anywhere for work or play.

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