CTECHi GT1500 Portable Power Station: 1200Wh of Power on the Go

CTECHi GT1500 Portable Power Station: 1200Wh of Power on the Go

CTECHi GT1500 Portable Power Station: 1200Wh of Power on the Go

Portable power stations have become an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness. These compact devices allow you to harness renewable energy to charge up batteries that can power anything from smartphones to small appliances. With robust capacity and multiple charging options, portable power stations provide off-grid power on the go.

The CTECHi GT1500 is an advanced portable power station that packs a punch with 1200Wh of battery capacity. Built with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells, it can efficiently power most of your devices, tools or small appliances thanks to its pure sine wave AC outlets, multiple USB ports and a car outlet. Whether you need to power your gear on a camping trip or keep essentials running during an outage, the CTECHi GT1500 is up for the task. In addition to the GT1500, CTECHi offers a range of portable power stations like the GT600, GT500, GT300, GT200 Pro and GT200, covering different capacity and power needs.


This portable generator offers flexible power wherever you take it thanks to its quick charging capabilities, wide range of output options, and cutting-edge features. In this post, we'll examine the CTECHi GT1500 in more detail to see how it strikes the ideal balance between high capacity, quick charging, and robust design to provide 1200Wh of power on the move.

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Powerful Capacity

At the heart of the CTECHi GT1500 lies its powerful 1210Wh lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. Compared to conventional lead-acid batteries, the LiFePO4 battery offers more capacity, stability, safety and up to 10 years of lifespan. The large battery capacity enables the GT1500 to power most household essentials and small appliances when you are off-grid.

You can plug in appliances like blenders, drones, electric grills, mini-fridges, and more thanks to its pure sine wave inverter's 1500 watts of continuous AC output. Several medical gadgets can even be powered by it because of the output's pure sine wave. Additionally, the GT1500 has a 1200 watt surge capacity that enables sporadic power surges for starting electric motors or other equipment.

The CTECHi GT1500 offers the strong battery capacity to accomplish the job, whether you need to keep the fridge running during an outage or power your laptop, camera, phone, lights, or small power tools on a distant project. The majority of traditional portable generators in the same price range cannot compete with its 12200Wh capacity. With the ability to power most items you would have plugged in at home, the GT1500 provides real off-grid capability.

Portable 1200Wh Power

Multiple Charging Options

The CTECHi GT1500 has a variety of quick charging options for its internal battery so you can stay fueled while on the go. It is possible to charge it by plugging it into an AC wall socket, a 200W solar panel, or a 12V automobile outlet.

The GT1500 can be fully recharged from 0% to 100% with the supplied power adapter in around 6.5 hours. So before leaving for an off-grid adventure, you can easily top it out over the course of the night. Attach one or two 200W solar panels to capture the energy of the sun for sustainable charging. Under ideal sunlight conditions, the station can be fully charged in about 7 hours thanks to the integrated MPPT technology. In a pinch, you can also plug the GT1500 into your car's 12V outlet and achieve a full charge in around 12 hours.

With 3 flexible charging modes, the CTECHi GT1500 allows you to recharge from any available power source whether at home, in the field or on the road. The variety of input options ensure you can keep the GT1500 charged up to provide power wherever you go.

Other CTECHi portable power products like the CTECHi GT600, CTECHi GT500 also offer the same versatile charging modes, including solar, AC, and car charging.

CTECHi GT1500 Portable Power Station

Extensive Output Options

The CTECHi GT1500 has a wide range of output options so you can charge or power all of your gadgets at once. It has 4 output ports, including 2 AC outlets, 1 DC vehicle outlet, 3 USB-A ports, and 1 USB-C PD port.

For charging smartphones, tablets, speakers, and other USB-powered devices, the three USB-A ports provide 2.4A shared across the ports. For quickly recharging bigger devices like laptops or power banks, the USB-C PD delivers up to 60W. The two AC outlets can power anything from mini-fridges to power tools with their constant 1500 watts of pure sine wave power at 120V and 220V. Finally, while not in your car, you can power or charge products that are made for cars using the 12V car outlet.

With the ability to power up to 7 devices at once, the GT1500 meets the power needs of an entire family or group. You can keep phones, laptops, medical devices, small appliances and tools juiced up and ready to use whenever you need them while off the grid.

The entire CTECHi GT series product line is equipped with multiple output ports, including AC, USB and car outlets, to power different devices. For example, the CTECHi GT200 Pro has 3 AC outlets, the CTECHi GT500 has 2 USB ports, etc.

GT1500 Portable Power Station

Advanced Features

The CTECHi GT1500 has a number of cutting-edge technologies that combine to make it a highly effective and dependable portable power station. It optimizes and expedites solar charging using maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology. In order to give the fastest solar charging speeds, MPPT enables the solar panels to perform at their maximum efficiency regardless of the circumstances.

The digital LCD display provides a simple way to quickly check the power consumption, input, and output. This aids with power consumption management and battery % tracking. Additionally, the GT1500 contains an LED flashlight with an SOS mode that can be used when an emergency light or signal is required.

Safety and longevity were emphasized in the design through the intelligent battery management system (BMS). The BMS protects the LiFePO4 battery from overcharging, overcurrent, short circuit and overheating. With over 3500 charge cycles and 10 year lifespan, the CTECHi GT1500 is built to deliver reliable off-grid power for years to come.

Compact and Portable Design

The CTECHi GT1500 weighs 16.2 kg, which hits the ideal mix between large capacity and portability. Its dimensions, 40 x 21 x 29, are similar to those of a medium-sized cooler. One person can move it effortlessly because of the unit's modest size, rectangular shape, extended handle, and small wheels.

There are no performance drawbacks in spite of the portable size factor. The cutting-edge battery components are housed in a tough plastic housing to create a robust, weather-resistant container. During prolonged use, the system is kept cool by large vents. True off-grid mobility is made possible by the CTECHi GT1500's size, which makes it simple to store in an RV, truck, boat, or other vehicle.

The CTECHi GT series focuses on portable design, and the different models optimize weight and size based on their capacity and power for easy transport. For instance, the CTECHi GT200 is the most lightweight model.

enjoy outdoor with CTECHi GT1500 Portable Power Station

Reliable and Safe

CTECHi built the GT1500 power station to the highest standards for safe and reliable performance in any situation. It is designed to operate in temperatures from 0°C to 40°C and can be stored safely in temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C when not in use.

The GT1500 is certified by RoHS, FCC and UL2743 for consumer safety. It also meets UN38.3 certification for transport of lithium batteries. The pure sine wave inverter and stable LiFePO4 battery pack are engineered for industrial-grade performance.

For peace of mind, CTECHi protects your investment with a 5 year warranty. The warranty covers defects and battery capacity retention during the long lifespan of the GT1500 power station.


With its unmatched combination of robust power capacity, rapid recharging and versatile output options, the CTECHi GT1500 is the ultimate portable power station for life off-grid. It packs enough battery capacity to act as a compact replacement for generators or solar systems. Whether you need backup power for emergencies or want to live a more mobile, eco-friendly lifestyle, the CTECHi GT1500 delivers 1200Wh of reliable power on the go.

The CTECHi GT series covers portable power stations ranging from models like the GT1500, CTECHi GT600, CTECHi GT300 and more, with each optimized for specific scenarios to meet varying user needs.

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