Maintenance for the TwoTrees TTS-55 Laser Engraver

Maintenance for the TwoTrees TTS-55 Laser Engraver

Maintenance for the TwoTrees TTS-55 Laser Engraver

As a creator who depends on my TwoTrees TTS-55 laser engraver for numerous projects, maintaining it has been essential to guaranteeing that it keeps producing high-quality outputs. After engraving everything from leather items to personalized tumblers over the past year, I've perfected a regular maintenance schedule that keeps my reliable TTS-55 operating at peak efficiency.

I'll go over the methods and strategies I use to maintain, adjust, and clean my TTS-55 laser in order to extend its life in this article. Join me as I share the details of my first-hand maintenance experience with one of the greatest desktop laser engravers available, from daily post-job cleanups to comprehensive deep cleans.

The Basics: wiping down after jobs

After finishing any engraving job, I make sure to open up my TTS-55 and use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe away any material debris around the laser head and engraving bed. This surface-level wipe removes things like soot, dust and small carved bits that naturally accumulate during operation. Proper cleaning is essential to maximize the lifespan of your laser engraver, and was one of the key factors that helped the TTS-55 earn our top pick for the Best laser engraver of 2023 in our annual buyer's guide

I take care when wiping the area surrounding the laser head so as not to bump or touch the optics. During tasks, any smudges or residue that are left close to the beam path may cause the laser to become diffused or lose focus. Therefore, maintaining immaculate optics after every usage avoids any deterioration in power or precision.

I'll use a handheld micro vac to remove any stray material fragments from the engraving area. After that, I'll clean the engraving platform with a special cleaner made for laser beds or isopropyl alcohol. This prevents carbonized pollutants from collecting on the work surface.

Calibrating Focus Routine

A key periodic maintenance task for laser engravers is checking and calibrating beam focus. About once a week, I’ll grab my focus tool and run several test engraves on a focus block, gradually adjusting the Z-axis height between each pass.

The goal is dialing in the precise focal point where cuts emerge the narrowest and sharpest. Immaculate focus is what allows the TTS-55’s 5.5W laser to carve intricate designs just 0.08mm wide. So keeping it calibrated is vital for continued precision.

Cleaning and Inspecting Optics

Over time, fumes and debris can gradually coat the inner reflective optics like mirrors or lenses along the laser path. So every month or two, I’ll open the TTS-55’s laser head and meticulously clean each optic using cotton swabs and optical lens cleaning solution.

This also gives me a chance to inspect the optics for any damage that could diffract the beam. I check that mirror joints are snug and lenses fully seated. Well-maintained optics ensure continuous optimal laser power output and precision.

Vacuuming Internal Components

Despite exterior wiping, dust still inevitably migrates inside the TTS-55’s casing over time. To remove this internal debris that could cause mechanical issues if left to accumulate, I periodically vacuum the laser engraver’s interior.

I use a soft brush attachment to gently vacuum around delicate areas like circuit boards, stepper motors, and wiring bundles. Regular vacuuming improves airflow and prevents dust buildup that can degrade performance.

Greasing the Linear Rails

Properly greased rails are essential to the high-precision linear rail system of the TTS-55, which allows the laser head to glide precisely and smoothly while in operation. I will thus open it up and regrease the x- and y-axis rails using plastic-compatible rail grease if the motion begins to feel less smooth. This lessens mechanical wear and brings back smooth motion.

Testing Power Output

I'll perform test burns on acrylic and measure cut widths to make sure the 5.5W laser on my TTS-55 is still producing light at its maximum output. It consistently cuts 0.8mm acrylic in a single pass when brand-new. I know that power output is still sound as long as test cutbacks stay within 10% of that benchmark.

I'll look into it more if the cuts appear weaker than when they were first made. This could be a sign of mirror drift or failing diode parts. However, routine output testing offers valuable assurance that laser power is optimal.

Replacing Air Assist Nozzle

The air assist nozzle on the laser head helps direct a precision stream of compressed air to blow debris from cuts. Over time, this nozzle can degrade or clog. So occasionally I’ll remove and inspect it, replacing with a new nozzle if needed to maintain adequate assist airflow.

Updating Firmware and Software

I make a point to regularly check for any firmware updates for the TTS-55’s controller board, as well as keeping my Lightburn and LaserGRBL software updated on my PC. Updates often contain useful bug fixes and feature improvements that optimize performance. So I like to keep the TwoTrees TTS-55 40W’s “brains” current.

Thorough Annual Deep Clean

Once a year I’ll do an intensive deep clean on my TTS-55 to refresh everything for optimal operation. I’ll carefully disassemble components, clean every surface with isopropyl alcohol, gently scrub optics with solution, regrease all axes, and ensure wiring stays neatly organized away from moving parts after reassembly.

It’s a lengthy process, but this comprehensive annual servicing keeps my trusty TTS-55 running like new year after year. The maintenance investment helps maximize my return from one of the top laser engravers for beginners and pros alike.

Hands-On Experience Pays Off

Maintaining regular maintenance schedules offers me the assurance that my TTS-55 laser engraver, which I depend on to produce goods for my little business, will continue to operate faultlessly print after print. The benefits of maintained laser quality and longevity outweigh the occasional time expenditure.

By viewing maintenance as a chance to learn about the inner workings of the TTS-55, I've also improved my troubleshooting skills for the few problems that do arise. There's no better way to learn than by actually fiddling around behind the hood.

I would highly recommend the TwoTrees TTS-55 if you're looking for an inexpensive, user-friendly laser engraver that, with the right maintenance, will become a workhorse for your projects—especially now that GearBerry is offering a special 15% Laser Engraver Coupon. As a hobbyist engraver, it offers all the strength and accuracy I require, but at a learning curve that is still manageable for new users. With the extra savings from the coupons and the cheap price of the TTS-55, this is an incredible deal.


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