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Twotrees TTS-55 40W Laser Engraver 1-GearBerry

TwoTrees TTS-55 40W Laser Engraver


Short top in soft fabric with a square neckline and draped bodice. Long sleeves with narrow elastic at shoulders and cuffs. Lined bodice.


Model:TTS-55 40W

Target Audience:novice

Advanced Laser Technology

In comparison to other long focus lasers, the TTS-55 laser module uses the most recent LD+FAC+C-Lens compression spot technology, is fixed focus, and has a focal length of only 23mm. 

Engraving precision

0.1mm. 40W of machine output power; 5.5W of laser power.

32-bit Motherboard

The motherboard uses a 32-bit dual-core MCU, which processes data more quickly and can engrave at a rate of 10,000 millimetres per minute. Both online and offline TF card engraving is possible with a laser. You can also use the mobile phone app and computer web for engraving thanks to the built-in WIFI module.

Compatibility with Software

The majority of engraving software is compatible with Twotrees TTS-25/55 series engraving machines. Downloads from the mobile store include, for instance, the free software LaserGRBL (for Windows), the paid software Lightburn (for Windows and Mac), and the mobile app MKSLaser (for Android and iOS systems).

Cutting and engraving capabilities

Wood, plastic, paper, leather, bamboo, sponge paper, alumina, stainless steel, chevron board, acrylic, etc. can all be engraved with the TTS-55 laser. The laser can cut materials as thick as 0.7mm leather, 3mm carton, 5mm plywood, and 3mm acrylic board. 300x300mm is the working area.

New V2.0 upgrade

The Twotrees TTS-55 V2.0 has a metal air-assisted nozzle and a red circular laser shield in comparison to the previous version, making it easier to add an air-assisted system and produce better cutting results.

Product Details

Product Information




TTS-55 40W


Aluminum + Plastic


570 x 510 x 150 mm
Launch time


Print Size
Laser Power
Input Power
Laser Wave
Laser Type
0.08 mm
Engraving Speed
10000 mm / min
Engraving Mode
image / text / scanning / outlining / pixel engraving
Control Board
LTS ESP32 (32bit)
Laser Power
Engraving Accuracy
USA / EU / UK / AU Plug (optional)


Maximum Cutting Thickness (in One-PASS)

Non-woven Fabric (darker color)
Paper(darker color)

Optional Accessories

Honeycomb Working Table
Air Assist Kits
TwoTreesTR Pro

Safety Features

Safety Features


Connection Options

SD Card
U disk

Compatible Software

File Format
LightBurn(Compatible with Windows from XP to W10 / Linux / Mac OS)
LaserGRBL(Compatible with Windows from XP to W10 / Linux)

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  • Multiple Connection Ways

  • Limited Laser Power

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Brief Review

An entry-level laser engraver with a meager price that is only appropriate for simple engraving work. However, novice users will find the rich connection methods very user-friendly.

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TWO TREES TTS 55 laser engraver with WiFi and double Y axis drive.

LD + FAC technology generates a compressed laser with a diameter of 0.08 mm for faster and deeper cuts and thinner and clearer paths. Dual Y axis stepper motors with simultaneous movements, making the engraving lines more smooth and accurate. Intelligent ESP32 module providing wireless Wi-Fi connection with the mobile application for engraving daily selfie from the mobile phone.


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Two Trees TTS-55 5.5W DIY Laser Engraver Laser Cutter Complete Review

TTS-55 is equipped with 5.5W laser that is powerful enough to cut through 8mm thick wood. Its a very good laser engraver and cutter for DIY laser engraving and cutting and hobby use at home. 


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The Two Trees TTS-55 may be a good entry level laser for the low price of $299, but it’s missing features that are commonly found on similar machines and it has to be tethered to a PC to operate. 

Two Trees TTS-55 DIY Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine review – cutting things with light is awesome!

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The Two Trees TTS-55 Laser Engraver and Cutter was sooooo much fun to use. The engravings and cuts were precise and beautiful. I enjoyed watching the laser engraver work and I loved using it to bring my projects to life.

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The TTS-55 is a successor to the TT-5.5S laser engraver from Twotrees Technology which comes with a 5W laser module and a large 300mm x 300mm workspace. It is designed for beginners and is an amazing piece of design to have around if you are into creating cool stuff.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

How does engraving leather work?

Hello, here are some recommendations for engraving leather parameters:
Speed: 5000mm/min, Power: 70% Twotrees TTS-25
Speed: 6000 mm/min, power: 80% Twotrees TTS-55

Will the tts-55 engrave stainless steel that has been powder coated? 

Thank you. Twotrees TTS-55 can engrave powder coated stainless steel at a speed of 5000mm/min.

Can a cutting board have a name engraved on it?

yes. It can

Does this actually handle the z axis, or does something else need to be changed?

Hello.With the Z-axis linear rails that come with this laser engraving machine, the laser module can be easily adjusted by moving it up and down. You don't have to change it again.

Can slate coasters be engraved with the 5.5w laser?

Yes. Can engrave it with 5.5W

This laser can it engrave glass?

Hello, clear glass cannot be engraved with a laser. Spray paint should be applied to the surface of the glass in order to engrave it.

My 3d printer is getting a good first few layers and then it will start to get clumped up and all stick to the nozzle

If the model is stuck to the nozzle, you need to check whether there is any material leakage from the extruder.

What is the difference between the tts-25 and the tts-55 please

 the laser power of tts-25 is 2.5W,and the laser power of tts-55 is 5.5W

Can it cut fondant shapes and engrave food?

Hello, depending on the food

How long does the laser module for the tts-55 expect to last?

>15000 hours

The tts-25 or tts-50 can they engrave ceramic?

sorry, no

Can ceramic items like coffee mugs be engraved with the Twotrees tts-25 laser engraving machine?

there is a video demonstrating thatThe TT S-25 can engrave painted glass or ceramic. Ceramics cannot be directly engraved by it.

Can you engrave with us on the glass bottles?

Hello, this laser cannot engrave glass directly.Apply tinted paper or spray paint to the glass if you want to engrave on it. Aerosol Marking with Laser

Does this require a computer, or can the app be used instead?

The computer function is more powerful, and the app can only carry out simple carving and cutting.

What is the difference between the tts-25 and the tts-55 please

 the laser power of tts-25 is 2.5W,and the laser power of tts-55 is 5.5W

Is there some kind of cable to hook up laptop to the printer?

Yes, there are several types of cables that can be used to connect a laptop to a printer, including:

USB cable: This is the most common type of cable used to connect a laptop to a printer. It is a simple plug-and-play connection that allows the laptop to send print jobs to the printer.

Ethernet cable: This type of cable can be used to connect the printer to a wired network, which the laptop can then connect to in order to send print jobs to the printer.

My 3d printer is getting a good first few layers and then it will start to get clumped up and all stick to the nozzle

If the model is stuck to the nozzle, you need to check whether there is any material leakage from the extruder.

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