Exploring the Range of Materials Compatible with the TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro 20W

Exploring the Range of Materials Compatible with the TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro 20W

Exploring the Range of Materials Compatible with the TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro 20W




Here at TwoTrees, our mission has always been to empower creators through innovative technology. Over the years, we've proudly watched as our laser engravers have helped countless hobbyists, craftspeople and ambitious entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Now, we're thrilled to introduce our most advanced machine yet - the TTS-20 Pro.


Designed based on feedback from thousands of users worldwide, the TTS-20 Pro maximizes workflow efficiency, compatibility and ease-of-use like never before. Whether you're a small startup scaling up operations or a seasoned pro pushing into new frontiers, this machine has the muscle to take your work to the next level. Let's explore what makes it such a game-changer.


1. A Revolution in Lightweight Design


At only 23kg, the TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro 20W utterly shatters expectations for laser engraving machines in its weight class. This 4X ligher design represents years of R&D into efficient aluminum casting and optimized internal component layout. At a glance, you'd think it was just a prototype or student project!


But don't let its svelte size fool you - it packs serious industrial-grade power under the hood. And at less than half the weight of competing machines, transportation and repositioning around your workspace is a breeze. No more straining muscles or hiring extra hands for setup changes. Simply lift with one finger and glide it into place.


With portability taken to new extremes, the TTS-20 Pro is your ally for pop-up markets, trade shows, on-site engraving gigs and more. Throw it in the back of your van and take your services directly to customers whenever inspiration strikes. No job is too far away or installation too daunting with its revolutionary ergonomic frame.

 TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro 20W

2. Setup in Seconds, Operation in Minutes


TwoTrees focused intently on minimizing assembly time so you can start working ASAP. Out of the box, the TTS-20 Pro, the best laser engraver of 2023, arrives 98% pre-constructed, literally needing only to be plugged in. Compare that to competitions machines requiring hours of meticulous calibration and component fitting.


Its plug-and-play simplicity means going from unpacking to first test cuts could take under 10 minutes - even for complete newcomers. An intuitive touchscreen guides you through setup wizards, while clear labeling and logical component placement eliminate guesswork.


Within your first session, expect to feel comfortable exploring functions like automatic origin setting, toolpath simulation and onboard tutorials. The TTS-20 Pro puts an end to frustrating learning curves holding you back from realizing your creative potential.


3. Industrial Strength, Lab-Certified Durability


As much as we strive for effortless usability, laser safety and long-term reliability remain top priorities. That's why the TTS-20 Pro features fully-sealed, military-grade enclosures for all electronics and optical assemblies. Not a single screw or cable is exposed to debris infiltration.


Its chambers underwent aqueous corrosion testing, high-temperature endurance trials and rigorous IP vacuum leak detection. Only components receiving our rigorous Multi-Axis Shaker Table simulation earned a spot inside. You can trust the TTS-20 Pro to withstand decades of continuous commercial operation.


TwoTrees also partners with top research universities to put our machines through their paces. Independent lab reports validate our engineering exceeds ISO standards for electromagnetic shielding, ozone venting, fire suppression and more. No matter the application or environment, the TTS-20 Pro proudly wears the badge of true industrial-grade certification.

 TwoTrees TTS-20 Pro 20W Laser Engraver

4. Speed to Fuel Your Creativity


Of course, a laser engraver is only as good as its working speed. With processing rates over 500mm/s, expect to fly through even large volume jobs at lightning pace. Complex patterns that would have previously taken days are now achievable in mere hours.


Whether etching dozens of nameplates after a conference or mass-producing personalized gifts ahead of the holidays, the TTS-20 Pro scales to your fastest production demands. Its faster speeds mean greater earning potential from every client project or product run.


The engraving head's 400W output further boosts piece rates, handling heavy-duty tasks that would destroy lesser lasers. Dense plastics, laminates and metals pose no challenge to its raw power. Intricate steel logos, circuit boards andgothic texturing techniques are child's play.


5. An Ergonomic Space to Flow


Imagine your ideal workspace - open, organized and clutter-free so creative energy flows freely. TwoTrees incorporated those principles into the TTS-20 Pro's design.


At a expansive 20x20 inch work area, almost any stock size can be accommodated without compromises. An automated intake/exhaust system ensures your environment stays pristine too. No more choking vapors or debris buildup slowing momentum.


Cleverly integrated tool storage, paper roll holders and a smartphone mount provide everything needed within natural arm's reach. Customizable lighting and sound profiles let you sculpture the optimal ambiance for each mindset. The TTS-20 Pro is a true extension of your innovative spirit.


6. Smart Connectivity for Expert Support


Trust that your questions and challenges will be expertly supported. Through the TwoTrees laser engravers connectivity suite, our team of application engineers is constantly on call.


Remote diagnostic capabilities allow remote troubleshooting to minimize downtime. An all-inclusive software package with automatic updates ensures you never risk professional penalties or fees for developing later firmware revisions.

 laser engraver

Major version upgrades are further delivered wirelessly, future-proofing your investment for years to come. Cloud-based training modules and a global user forum empower continuous self-optimization. You're never alone on your creative journey.


In Closing


Thank you for taking the time to explore the possibilities of the TTS-20 Pro engraving machine. With its unmatched versatility, speed, ease-of-use, and reliability, the TTS-20 Pro is truly the ultimate engraving machine.


At Gearberry, we understand the importance of having the right equipment to scale your business. With decades of experience in building and utilizing engravers, CNC machines, and other workshop tools, our team is passionate about helping you find the perfect addition that aligns with your needs and budget.


If the TTS-20 Pro is the ideal fit for your application, we are ready to assist you in getting set up and started. However, if it doesn't quite meet your requirements, we will gladly guide you towards the best alternative that suits your needs. Don't hesitate to tap into our expertise by reaching out to us at any time.


Lastly, be sure to inquire about our Laser Engraver Coupon, which provides savings on your purchase. We want to ensure that you not only find the right engraving machine but also receive the best value for your investment.


Thank you once again for considering Gearberry as your partner in enhancing your workshop capabilities. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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