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LONGER Laser B1 20W Laser Engraver

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The 22-24W Output Power & 4-core Laser Head
Highly concentrated laser beam, increase 20%+ cutting capability, can cut 25mm basswood and 35mm acrylic by multiple passes
17.72 x 17.32" / 450 x 440 mm engraving area, especially ideal for A3 panels
Engraving speed up to 36,000mm/min, 32 bits chipset
Equipped with smart Air-Assist system automatically controlled by lightburn
8 major safety protections and sturdy fram



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Longer Laser B1 20W (22-24W Output Power)

Product Detail
20W Ultra High Power Laser
Using the most advanced quad-core laser technology, Laser B1 20W has a powerful 20W optical output power, which is one of the most powerful diode lasers today, so it has stronger cutting ability. Laser B1 can cut 15mm pine, 8mm black acrylic and 0.05mm stainless steel at one time.
The laser is more concentrated and the cutting is more powerful
Adopting the most cutting-edge laser coupling technology, Laser B1 has a thinner but stronger laser beam, which increases the cutting capacity by more than 20% compared with other 20W lasers. It can cut 25mm wood board, 35mm black acrylic by multiple passes.
larger working framework
With a working area of 17.72x17.32 inches/450x440mm, the working size of Laser B1 has increased by 23.75% compared with other products, which meets the needs of most scenarios, especially for A3 panels.
30,000 mm/min high speed
Laser B1 is equipped with a new 32-bit motherboard, and the engraving speed can reach 30,000mm/min, which is four times faster than ordinary laser engraving machines. In addition, the TMC2209 silent driver is used to effectively reduce the operating noise and provide a faster and more enjoyable experience.
Bigger Frame
The Laser B1 boasts a working area of 450 x 440 mm, an increase of 23.75% compared to competitors. This is ideal for A3 panels.
Smart Air-Assist System
The Air-assist pump can be automatically turned on and off, and is directly controlled by the lightburn, improving the precision and quality when cutting.
Multi-Color Engravingeds.
A high-energy laser beam instantly oxidizes metal, bringing vibrant colors to fulfill your creative needs.
Safety Measures
The B1 boasts eight major safety features including Move/Flame/Offline/Motionless/Security Lock/Eye Protection/Emergency Stop/Zero Reset.
Wide Variety of Uses
The 20W laser can cut or engrave over 1000 different materials, such as wood, steel, leather, acrylic, cloth, and more.
Model numberLaser B1 20WLaser B1 30W
Laser technologyDiode Laser TechnologyDiode Laser Technology
Work area450x440mm (17.72x17.32inch)450x440mm (17.72x17.32inch)
Laser wavelength450nm450nm
Focal lengthFixed Focus-50mmFixed Focus-50mm
Laser spot size0.08x0.1mm0.08x0.1mm
Optical output power20-24W33~36W
Z axis - height rangeUp to 50mmUp to 50mm
The fastest working speed36000mm/min36000mm/min
Engraving machine outputDC24V 5A 120WDC24V 7.5A 180W
Engraving machine inputAC 110-240V, 50/60HzAC 110-240V, 50/60Hz
SoftwareLaserGRBL on XP/7/8/10 (Free),LightBurn on Windows, Mac OS, and LinuxLaserGRBL on XP/7/8/10 (Free),LightBurn on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux
ConnectUSB / TF Card / Wifi / APPUSB / TF Card / Wifi / APP
Engraving techniqueEight diode lasers with FACSix diode lasers with FAC
Cutting parameters one-pass25mm paulownia wood, 30mm black acrylic, 0.15mm stainless steel plate35mm paulownia wood, 10mm black acrylic, 0.1mm stainless steel plate
Cut maximum20mm wood board, 35mm black acrylic25mm wood board, 50mm black acrylic
Laser head life10000+ hours10000+ hours
Rated power105W145W
Motherboard32-bit motherboard32-bit motherboard
Limit switchX Y-axis limit switchesX Y-axis limit switches
Compatible devicePC, mobilesPC, mobiles
Let's Hear the Real Customers' Reviews
What materials are supported by the laser engraver?
Support engraving materials:All wood, paper, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, non-reflective plating, and lacquered metal.Support cutting materials: Cardboard, non-woven fabric, light wood, Acrylic material, thin plastic board.
What software does the engraving machine support?
Laser B1 is compatible with various mature engraving software such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn. It supports Windows 7+, macOS, Linux; the engraving file format supports JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, GC, etc.
Are Laser Engravers Safe to Use?
Set 8 safety protection functions of moving/flame/offline/stationary/safety lock/eye protection/emergency stop button/return to zero. The laser is automatically turned off when a drop, flame, data disconnection, or laser head freeze is detected for more than 15 seconds. In addition, the laser head is automatically zeroed to avoid burning out when igniting. Panoramic filter glass can effectively filter 99.8% of laser light, making it safer to use.