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SCULPFUN S10 Laser Engraver


Short top in soft fabric with a square neckline and draped bodice. Long sleeves with narrow elastic at shoulders and cuffs. Lined bodice.



Target Audience:DIYer / Amateur

High-speed air assistance

The S10 has a high-speed air assist nozzle. The superior fluid mechanics design of this nozzle allows it to effectively use the air pressure. The S10 spray airflows faster when utilising the same air compressor. The S10 nozzle, for example, will spray high-speed airflow up to 14.5m/s when using a 30L/min, 0.03Mpa air compressor. This will significantly enhance cutting penetration and efficiency.

Ultra-thin high density 10W laser beam shaping technology

The laser output power of the S10 has been increased to 10W, which is double that of the S9. Yet, S10 achieves the same ultra-thin laser beam with 0.08mm focus as S9, implying that S10 has higher energy density, stronger cutting penetration, and engraving capabilities.

Faster, stronger, cleaner

S10 shows comparable to industrial-grade wood cutting performance by combining advanced high-speed air assist and 10W high density laser: first, the cutting efficiency is greatly improved, cutting faster; second, the cutting penetration is stronger, and many high-density woods can be cut; third, the cutting surface is cleaner, the powerful airflow blows away the residue, so that there is no stain on the surface of the cutting object.

Industrial-grade cutting precision

S10 employs an industrial high-precision linear slide rail X-axis, resulting in industry-grade engraving accuracy. When comparing small engraving details, the S10 lacks the wave patterns seen on other basic engraving machines.

Expandable engraving area

S10 retains the Y-axis expandable design of S9. The initial engraving area is approximately 410x400mm, but you can purchase an S10 Y-axis extension kit to increase the engraving area to 410X940mm, allowing you to acquire 230% of the engraving area at a very low price. This can help you deal with large-area engraving or cutting jobs more effectively.

More advanced and upgradable 32-bit motherboard

The S10 motherboard has 32-bit chips for greater computing performance, and it retains Z-axis and limit switch functions to allow users to modify the engraving machine. It still works perfectly with laser cutting software such as Lightburn and LaserGRBL.

Expandable engraving area

S10 retains the Y-axis expandable design of S9. The initial engraving area is approximately 410x400mm, but you can purchase an S10 Y-axis extension kit to increase the engraving area to 410X940mm, allowing you to acquire 230% of the engraving area at a very low price. This can help you deal with large-area engraving or cutting jobs more effectively.

Adjustable laser eye shield

The S10 laser has a retractable eye cover that will not dazzle even without glasses. You may also quickly disassemble the eye shield if you don't need it.

Design for safety

On the machine, there is a highly safe and eye-catching power switch, which allows you to turn off the power directly and fast in an emergency. The machine's all-metal body makes it extremely strong and long-lasting.

A4 steel pad

The included A4 size steel pad can guard against laser damage. Identify potential fire threats.

Square measuring ruler

The X-axis and Y-axis have exact scale lines, allowing you to quickly measure the size of engraved items. The 400x400mm large-area engraving interval can accommodate a wide range of engraving requirements.

Product Details

Product Information








5.36 kg
Engraver with Air Assist Nozzle
Launch time




Run accuracy
Laser Module Output Power
Laser Spot
Engraving Accuracy
Machine power
Movement speed
Laser Wave Length
 455 ± 5nm
Focusing method
fixed focus + sliding device
Inner diameter of air pipe
7.5 mm
Input Voltage
100-240V AC, 50/60HZ
Output Voltage
12V 5A


Maximum Cutting Thickness (in One-PASS)

black acrylic

Optional Acessories

Limit Switch Reserved
Laser protection cover

Safety Features

Safety Features

Engraving material

all kinds of wood (including walnut, cherry and other high density wood), MDF,bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather, PCB board, alumina, 304 stainless steel, ceramic, dark stone


Connection Options

TF Card
U disk

Compatible Software

File Format
JPG / PNG / BMP / DXF / NC, etc.
LightBurn(Compatible with Windows from XP to W10 / Linux / Mac OS)
LaserGRBL(Compatible with Windows from XP to W10 / Linux)

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  • Equipped with Air Nozzles

  • Fast Cutting/Carving Speed

  • High Engraving Accuracy

  • Mediocre Safety Performance

    Few Data Transmission Method

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Special for

DIYer / Amateur

Brief Review

SCULPFUN S10 is a laser engraving machine with an air nozzle, which allows for faster cutting speed and ultra-high accuracy, making it suitable for engraving work.

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It features an upgraded 10Watt laser and motherboard, Can cut through timber, plywood, MDF, leather and Acrylic. Can engrave on all that and more including Denim. The machine is super easy to put together and perfect for a beginner looking to get into Laser engraving.

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This is a 10 watt output diode laser with integrated air assist and linear rail for the X axis for extra stability. I ran some of the typical tests to see how it compares and what I think of this laser for my workshop. I'll show some real time cutting tests as well as show off a few projects I made using this laser. It's price puts it in the mid-range for 10w diode lasers and I'll give you some examples of it's work to help you decide it it's the right laser for your workshop as well. 


Nov 4, 2022

Brand New Sculpfun S10 Laser Engraver Will Cut Anything You Throw at It! (Review and Test)

Sculpfun has produced another beast of an laser engraver! It is suitable for hobby and even for professional work as it is capable enough to run a small business with it! In this review I'll go over all those features in detail so you can decide whether or not to invest in one for yourself! I will also show you the difference a honeycomb board and air assist can make!

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Feb 5, 2023

A Powerful Laser Engraver for DIY Projects | Sculpfun S10

The Wrench  Jun 18, 2022

New - SCULPFUN S10 Laser Module with Air Assist - You can engrave anything you want!

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Brand New Sculpfun S10 Laser Engraver Hands-on Review – Better Than The Sculpfun S9?

Hobby Laser Cutters March 13, 2023 

 The Sculpfun S10 is a powerful air assist ready laser engraver that can tackle any task you throw at it! It is competitively priced and for this price it offers very sturdy mechanical build which will last a long time! Together with an air assist pump and honeycomb working table this machine becomes a proper workhorse for your hobby or a small business! It will pay for it self in no time!

Sculpfun S10 Laser Engraver Review

Miao on 2022-10-12

With the Sculpfun S10, we get an ingenious laser engraver that inspired us from the first minute. Anyone who deals with the matter will find their way around quickly and achieve great results. Sculpfun has cleverly further developed the new diode laser, the AirAssist in particular knows how to please. The cutting performance and engraving performance are great thanks to the 10W laser and even 10 mm thick materials can be cut without any problems.

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LONGER RAY5 20W BLOG Review 1 - ZBANX Guide

SCULPFUN S10 Review – Laser Engraving Machine at €429.99 with Coupon From CAFAGO


 The SCULPFUN S10 laser output power is increased to 10W, which is twice that of the S9. But S10 obtains the same ultra-thin laser beam with 0.08mm focus as S9, which means S10 has higher energy density, stronger cutting penetration, and engraving capabilities. S10 adopts industrial high-precision linear slide rail X-axis, which makes it get industrial-grade engraving accuracy. When comparing the small engraving details, S10 does not have the wave lines that other ordinary engraving machines appear.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

If it takes 10 passes to cut.19, does that mean it takes 79 passes to cut 15mm? At what rate? Slowly, it will catch fire.

Slowness is essential for greater precision.

Is this compatible with clear acrylic cutting and engraving?

No. Visible light lasers may penetrate clear and transparent acrylic. You can paint or mask the acrylic and then use a laser to transfer heat to it, which may be sufficient for engraving.

Will this engrave on billet and forged aluminium?

No. Metals cannot be cut or engraved by diode lasers. If your aluminium is anodized or coated, the laser can remove those coatings, and laser marking sprays or coatings can be used to brand metals.

What is the cost of the expansion set, and what is the part number? What does it entail?Is it possible to engrave on a cylinder item, or is there an accessory that will allow you to do so?

a rotatable attachment

I'm a jeweller who works with hard wax to carve forms for casting. Would this machine operate with that material? It would be no thicker than 2 - 3 mm.

We've never cut on wax before, but it should work because it works well with wood.

What is the maximum height of material that may be engraved?

I'd estimate roughly 4 inches, however you can add longer legs, which is quite simple to do and allows you to achieve varied heights.

Does this come with everything I need to start plugging and playing with my MacBook Pro right away?

Yes. There will be some difficulty downloading Lightburn due to a security licence, however there are methods to get around this.

How well does this work for cutting paper or card stock? Will the edges be badly scorched? Is it possible to lessen the power?

I haven't tried it on paper or card stock, but it is a laser burner/engraver/cutter, so some scorch marks are likely. This is done through the programme you use to alter the electricity lines. I've used lasergrbl and lightburn, and both can modify the power output.

Can I use my Android phone to upload images?

After blackening the surface of the glass, it can be engraved.No, not directly. This engraver requires a PC to operate and connects to it via a USB wire. Any photographs from your phone would need to be transferred to the PC connected to the laser engraver and loaded into a laser engraving programme like LaserGRBL or LightBurn. The image will then be sent to the laser engraver via the USB cable by your laser engraving programme.

Does this come with everything needed to start right away, plug and play, with proper safeguards of course?

ou must first build it before connecting it to a computer and installing software to control the laser. The most common and versatile is light burn, but there are a few others, such as lasergrbl.

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