FAFREES F28 MT Elektrofahrrad

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Fafrees F28 MT 27,5-Zoll-E-MTB 250-W-Motor 14,5-Ah-Akku 21-Gang-City-E-Bike
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FAFREES F28 MT Elektrofahrrad

Fafrees F28 MT 27.5-inch E-MTB 250W Motor 14.5Ah Battery 21-speed City E-bike
Unveiling the F28 MT E-MTB, where trailblazing meets boundless energy. With a robust 250W motor, this E-MTB is fueled by a colossal 14.5Ah battery that's designed to power your mountain adventures like never before. Coupled with its versatile 21-speed transmission, rugged 27.5-inch mountain tires, dependable mechanical disc brakes, and responsive front suspension, this eBike redefines your outdoor experience, putting the spotlight on an extraordinary, high-capacity battery that keeps you exploring the trails for longer. In addition to its performance capabilities, the F28 MT has a modern design with a sporty frame, sleek lines, drop handlebars, and an aggressive stance. Don't miss out - join the adventure today!
Reliable Hub Motor
Experience the exceptional 250W hub motor with a peak output of 480W and 45N.m of maximum torque. Whether you're conquering rugged trails, cruising through your daily commute, or seeking adventure in the great outdoors, this motor is your reliable and powerful companion.
Effortless Commutes
With a robust 14.5Ah lithium battery, you're guaranteed a dependable and enduring power source for your journeys. Embrace all-weather riding, as this eBike boasts an IPX4 waterproof rating, ensuring you can glide through light rain and puddles. In electric mode, you'll cruise 55-65 km per charge, perfect for shorter commutes. Switch to moped mode, and you can extend your adventure up to an impressive 90-110 km.
Backlit LCD Display
The display is not just your regular bike computer; it's your command center. Stay informed about your speed, distance, battery level, and more, all at a quick glance. The cruise control functionality not only reduces rider fatigue but also adds a touch of luxury to your journey. You can even charge your phone via its concealed USB port!
Precise Gear Shifting
With SHIMANO 21 speeds at your disposal, you have an extensive range of gearing options to choose from. The gear transitions are remarkably smooth, allowing you to effortlessly shift up or down as the terrain and your riding conditions demand.
Enhanced Comfort
Elevate your riding experience as the front suspension seamlessly absorbs shocks and impacts. Get ready to conquer any terrain with ease, knowing that your 100mm travel suspension fork has your back, ensuring a smooth and controlled journey.
Confident Control
CST 27.5"*2.25 tires gives excellent slip resistance and friction by its unique tread pattern. The StVZO-compliant bike lights make the roads safer for everyone. Rear lights are typically easy to install on the seat post.
Customized Riding Position
The F28 MT is designed with an adjustable handlebar stem that empowers you to fine-tune your riding position. Whether you prefer a more upright position for leisurely rides or a more aerodynamic and aggressive posture for speed, this adjustable stem has you covered.
Hören wir uns die Bewertungen echter Kunden an
1.Are the e-bikes waterproof?
All our products have waterproof treatment, but due to the complex structure of the e-bike, it is not recommended to ride in heavy rain and it is forbidden to soak the e-bike in water.
2.Can a child sit in the back seat?
We don't recommend letting children sit in the back seat of the bicycle, as this poses a safety risk.
3.Where can I find my e-bike's serial number?
The serial number is engraved on the stem of the handlebar at the front of the bike, or under the frame in the middle of the body. We recommend that you keep a record of your e-bike's serial number in case your e-bike is lost or stolen.
4.How to turn on and off the headlights?
Long press the "+" button to turn on and off the headlights.
5.How to enable assist mode?
Press the "+" button to adjust the PAS parameter to 1 or above, and then the power assist mode can be turned on.
6.How to keep your e-bike well preserved?
If storing your bike for longer than 2 weeks at a time, follow the instructions below to maintain the health and longevity of your battery. Charge(or discharge) the battery to approximately 75% charged. DO NOT leave the battery attached to the bike frame. Remove it from the bike during long-term storage. Store the battery in a dry, climate controlled, indoor location between 0℃– 40℃ (32℉–104℉). Check the battery every month to 75% charged. If stored for a long time, keep the battery cool and dry, and charge the battery for 2 hours everyother 3 months.