FAfrees F20 Electric Bike Review: An Affordable and Fun Commuter EBike

FAfrees F20 Electric Bike Review: An Affordable and Fun Commuter EBike

FAfrees F20 Electric Bike Review: An Affordable and Fun Commuter EBike

I. Introduction

An pleasurable and sustainable means of transportation for commuting and getting around town are electric bikes. For daily mobility needs, the Fafrees F20 stands out as a cheap but well-equipped electric bike alternative. The Fafrees F20 offers tremendous power and portability in an entry-level form with a 250W rear hub motor, replaceable 36V 16Ah battery, and folding frame.

This in-depth analysis will analyze the Fafrees F20 electric bike's capabilities and performance across important categories. The motor, battery life, comfort, brakes, display, and other important features that affect the commuting and riding experience will be examined in detail. Whether you’re looking to replace car trips or simply explore your area in a new way, the Fafrees F20 aims to deliver an accessible, fun ebike solution. Let’s dive into the details and see how this budget-friendly ebike stacks up. Discover the comprehensive buying guide and top picks for the best electric bikes of 2023. For detailed insights and to explore the top contenders, check out our article on GearBerry: best electric bike of 2023-your ultimate buying guide.

II. Power and Speed

The 250W rear brushless hub motor is one of the Fafrees F20's unique features. With the default setting, this offers powerful accelerating power to reach a top speed of 25 km/h. The maximum speed can be unlocked to reach up to 35 km/h for improved performance. With a maximum torque of 40Nm, the motor enables you to easily climb minor inclines.

FAfrees F20 Electric Bike

During your rides, the sophisticated controller guarantees smooth acceleration and effective energy use. In comparison to mid-drive motors, it operates quietly and requires less maintenance as a hub drive motor. The 250W motor delivers the F20 reliable power, whether you want to cruise along at higher speeds or need an extra boost when traveling to work.

Supplying the motor is a 36V/16Ah lithium battery made using premium automotive-grade 21700 cells. With a large 16Ah capacity, you can expect a range of around 80km in power assist mode from a single charge. The removable battery can be taken out for convenient charging at home or in the office. Overall, the F20 provides an excellent blend of power and range to keep you moving.

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III. Comfort and Handling

Along with providing power, the Fafrees F20 also offers a smooth and steady ride. It has 20" x 3" fat tires that offer stability and can absorb bumps on various surfaces. The large tire footprint adheres to the surface and prevents turning out. You'll be at ease negotiating congested metropolitan streets or winding country roads.

The F20 has a front suspension fork for added shock absorption. The air spring technology reduces vibrations and bumps so you may ride comfortably without becoming tired. You may modify the suspension for your weight and preferred firmness using the adjustable preload.

Getting on and off the ebike is made even easier with the F20's step-through frame design. The low 19” standover height allows you to comfortably swing your leg over the seat even with limited mobility. The step-through frame makes the F20 accessible for riders of all ages.

Go Outdoors with FAfrees F20 Electric Bike

Together, the fat tires, front suspension, and low frame add up to exceptional comfort and handling for confident daily rides. The Fafrees F20 provides a stable and cushioned feel that takes the strain out of both long and short distance commuting.

IV. Range and Battery

The Fafrees F20's big 36V/16Ah lithium battery allows it to travel around 80 kilometers in power assist mode on a single charge. You can commute, carry out errands, and go exploring for days without needing to recharge because of this. If the battery does become discharged, it can be fully recharged in 4–6 hours.

The battery's long lifespan and dependable performance are achieved by using superior automotive-grade 21700 cells. The battery is kept working securely and effectively by integrated smart BMS electronics. When the battery is empty, it is simple to take the battery pack out for charge by opening the frame-mounted lock.

Charging the F20 is straightforward - simply plug the adapter into a wall outlet and connect to the charging port on the battery. The LED lights on the battery indicate charging status. Fully recharging from empty takes about 6 hours.

With 80km of range, you have the freedom to ride further between charges. The swappable battery design also lets you keep spare packs charged and ready to extend your travels. The long-lasting 36V system gives the F20 impressive stamina compared to similar entry-level ebikes.

V. Display and Controls

The Fafrees F20 comes with an easy-to-use LCD display panel positioned on the handlebars for tracking your ride statistics and managing the electric assist. Your current speed, total and trip distance, battery life, and assist mode are all displayed on the colorful digital screen. As you ride, you can quickly see all the important information.

FAfrees F20 Electric Bikes

A small control pad to change the level of power assistance is located below the display. There are five tiers, from lowest power to most assist. By using a lesser assist on flat terrain and a higher power setting for ascents, you can save battery. The backlight and headlight switch buttons are likewise located on the control pad.

For manual gear shifting, the F20 is equipped with a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain. The twist shifter offers smooth and precise gear changes to suit your pedaling cadence and speed. Combining power tuning on the control pad with manual gear selection gives you full control over the electric boost.

The clear LCD and handy control pad on the F20 handlebar make it simple to monitor your ride, toggle the lights, and adjust assistance on demand. You have all the information and adjustments at your fingertips while riding.

VI. Brakes and Safety

Safety is paramount when riding an ebike in urban environments and variable conditions. The Fafrees F20 comes prepared with reliable braking and visibility features.

Dual mechanical disc brakes provide strong stopping power in any weather. The 160mm front and rear rotors paired with caliper brakes give you confident control over your speed. The levers can be pulled gradually for smooth stops, or squeezed firmly for emergency braking.

FAfrees F20 E-Bike

The F20 also includes built-in brake cutoff switches. The electric help is automatically turned off when the brake levers are applied. Only when you begin pedaling again will the power assist start up again. This avoids braking-related abrupt acceleration.

The F20 has a powerful LED headlight for better visibility that is powered by the main battery. As a result, even while you're riding at night or in dim light, other drivers can see you. There are several settings for the headlamp, including steady beam and flashing.

The Fafrees F20 offers essential active and passive safety characteristics for daily commuting or recreational use with its twin disc brakes, power cutoff switches, and integrated lighting. You can ride in confidence knowing that the bike has important safety features.

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VII. Portability

One of the handy features of the Fafrees F20 is its folding frame design. When not in use, the ebike can fold down into a compact size for storage and transportation.

To fold it, you first remove the battery pack to shed some weight. Then, loosen the lever on the frame joint and fold the front half inward. The handlebar stem can be folded downward to further reduce the footprint. In its folded position, the F20 measures just 92 x 43 x 78 cm with the wheels still attached.

For moving or storing the folded F20, the total weight is approximately 19kg, making it feasible for one person to carry and lift. The folding mechanism adds versatility for commuting, traveling, or putting the ebike away at home between rides.

When folded up and stowed in a car trunk or on public transit, the F20 takes up minimal space. Full unfolding and reassembly only takes a few minutes before you are riding again. The folding design also makes the F20 easier to maneuver if you need to wheel it around obstacles.

If portability is a priority, the folding capability helps make the Fafrees F20 a compact and convenient ebike choice.

Ride FAfrees F20 Electric Bike on the Beach

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VIII. Verdict

Overall, the Fafrees F20 offers an impressive blend of performance, comfort, and value in an entry-level electric bike. The 250W motor provides zippy acceleration and a top speed up to 35km/h, while the removable 36V 16Ah battery supplies around 80km per charge to keep you moving all day.

Fat tires, front suspension, and a step-through frame come together to deliver a smooth and stable ride quality. You also get reliable disc brakes and an integrated headlight for safety. The attached LCD display and control pad make it simple to monitor and tweak your power assist on demand.

At just under $1000, the Fafrees F20 costs a fraction of premium ebikes but still packs substantial features for daily commuting duties. The folding frame increases convenience for storage and transportation. Drawbacks are limited compared to the overall value.

For an easy and fun introduction to ebike commuting at an affordable price point, the Fafrees F20 checks off all the boxes. It provides new riders with the essential performance and features to ditch the car for local trips and errands.

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