VTOMAN Jump 1000 Power Station

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Hige power & capacity - Jump 1000 provides 1000W strong output power and 1408Wh huge capacity to support most appliances and devices like electronic stove, microwave oven, AC, and fridge. With unique V-beyond Technology, the total instant output adds up to 2000W.
Expandable Capacity - Adopt an additional 1548Wh extra battery* (sold separately) based on your energy demand and double your Jump 1000's capacity to as large as 2956Wh.
12 ports, power whatever you like - Jump 1000 features a pure sine wave inverter and multiple outlets, including: 3* AC outlet, 4*USB-A ports, 2*USB-C, 2* DC ports, and 1*car port to run low to high power appliances.
Enhanced Safety & Endurance: - VTOMAN LIFEBMS™ system guarantees enhanced battery perfomance and health.
55,000 hours super-long performance - Powered by premium LFP battery, Jump 1000 offers over 3,100 battery charge circles which adds up to at least 55,000 hours of battery performance --- 6 Times better than the industry's average.
Exclusive V-starting - You can direcly jump start your vehicles by connecting your car and the power station with a pair of jump start clamps* (sold separately).
3 input Modes - 200W max solor panel input, 180W AC input and car input. Choose whichever way you like to fast and flexibly recharge your Jump 1000.



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VTOMAN Jump 1000 Power Station

Product Details
Satisfy Various Needs in Varied Scenarios
AC Outlets:continuous 1000W,Peak 2000WCapacity: 1408 Wh
USB-A Port:5V/2.4A*3, QC 3.0*1Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4(UN38.3 UN Transport Protection)
USB-C Port:PD(5C3A/9V3A/12V3A/15V3A/20V3A/20V5A)Lifecycle:>3100 Cycles(>80%)
2*DC Outlets+Car Port:12V/10A(120W)Shelf-Life:  5 Years
Inverter Type:Pure sine wave 110V/60HzManagement System: LifeBMS, Over Voltage Protection, Temperature Protection Over Charge Protection Short Circuit Protection Over-Current Protection Over Discharge Protection
12V Jump Starter OutputStart Current:500A,Peak Current:2000ADOD(Depth of discharge)90%
Gas/ Diesel Engine RatingUp To 9.0 L/7.0 L

AC Adapter (180W):8-9 hoursAC Adapter Input:180W
Solar (200W):charging time is determined by the solar light intensityCar Input:12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W):9-10 hoursSolar Input:200W MAX
GENERAL Maximum Input:180W MAX
Scalability:YesOptional Accessory:VTOMAN 200W Solar Panel
Weight:N.W : 37.04 lb(16.8kg)LED Light Power:12W
Simultaneous Recharge & Discharge:YesAC Adapter length:1.5m
Dimensions (LxWxD):14.2×10.6×11.0inches(360×270×280mm)Car Charger Length:1m
Operating Temperature:14°F~113°F(-20℃~55℃)USB to Type C Cable Length:1m
Recharging Temperature:32°F~113°F(0~55℃)Type C to Type C Cable Length:1m
Certification:FCC/CE/PSE/RoHS/ UL

Warranty:24 Months

Let's Hear the Real Customers' Reviews
1. What is V-surging Technology?
V-surging Technology refers to the technology exclusive to Vtoman which enables Jump 1000 to keep supplying power even when the connected appliances add up to a higher rated power than 1000W. (In V-surging status, the output power of Jump 1000 is stable at 1000W.)
2. What appliances and devices can Jump 1000 support?
Jump 1000 can support phones, cameras, drones, heated travel mug, car fridge, projector, fridge, TV screen, heated blanket, toaster, water boiler, coffee machine, etc. You can also use Jump 1000 to supply power for heavy duty appliances like hair dryers, electronic grills, eclectronic skillets, electronic hot pot, etc. Please note that when the total wattage of the connected appliance(s) is higher than 1000W, your appliances may not be working with ful performance.
3. Does Jump 1000 support pass-through charging?
Yes, all Vtoman power stations support pass-through charging. You can recharge your power stations and use them to charge other divices and appliances simultaneously.
4. How can I connect an extra battery to Jump 1000?
First, you need to disconnect your Jump 1000 from the supported devices or apliances. Then you connect the extra battery to your Jump 1000 and you can use Jump 1000 to power other devices and apliances again.
5. Is LFP(LiFePO4) battery really safe? What if my power station catch on fire?
Compared to NCM battery, LFP battery is more stable and more resistant to high temperature. In pricking tests, LPF-battery power stations just slightly smoke when NCM-battery power stations are severely burning and even exploding.
6. Is Jump 1000 water-resistant? Can I use it in ourdoors when it's raining?
VTOMAN power station is not water-resistant. It is not recommended to expose it to rain. When your VTOMAN power station gets wet, if is is not inputing or outpputing, you can continue to use after drying it. The solar panels are IP65 water-resistant.
7. How long can I use my Jump 1000 to power my devices?
The conversiona rate of VTOMAN power station is greater than 85%, so you can estimate a rough period of time with 85% (at least) conversion rate. When the connected product power is lower than 1000W (rated power of your Jump 1000), the length of power supply = remained capacity of you Jump 1000 * 0.85 / product input power; when the connected product is beyond 1000W, the length of power supply = remained capacity of you Jump 1000 * 0.85 / 1000W. Please note that in the later case, although the product can be used, the effect may not be as good as that of its fully operating. In addition, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines and other heavy-duty appliances may be more sensitive to the temperature, and their conversion energy loss does up when the temperature is higher. Neither such cases nor appliances with additional power output are subject to the formula mentioned above.
8. Does Jump 1000 have Auto Shut Off function?
VTOMAN energy storage has a low current protection function. When the current is lower than 0.15A for more than 8 hours, VTOMAN power station will automatically stop operating to avoid abnormal power loss. Please note that when a refrigerator stops cooling, the current needed to support it may continue to be lower than 0.15A. In this case the power station may stop operation after 8 hours.
9. How often should I recharge my Jump 1000 power station?
VTOMAN power station features ≤ 100uA self-discharge rate, which allows it to maintain 85%+ of is capacity after one year without being used. For the sake of safety, VTOMAN power station is usually charged to 60%-70% of its capacity when leaving the factory. After receiving your VTOMAN power station, it is recommended that you first open the AC output port to see if the internal fan rotates normally, and then charge the power station for 2~3 hours. It is also recommended you recharge your power station every 6 months when not frequently using it.
10. How can I jump start my car with Jump 1000? Is there a munimum capacity needed for a jump-start?
VTOMAN portable power stations have jump start function. You can connect it with your car engine via the jump cable and start your car in seconds. (*Please note that jump cables are currently not included in the power station units.) For most of the time, any Vtoman power station with more than 5% of its battery can jump start a car. However, it is reconmmended you keep more than 10% of the battery to jump start your car with VTOMAN power stations.
11. Can I take Jump 1000 power station on a plane?
No, you cannot. According to FAA regulations, any battery exceeding 100Wh is not allowed to be taken on a plane.
12. What will be displayed on the LCD screen when an extra battery is connected to Jump 1000?
When connected to an extra battery, Jump 1000 will display the average capacity of Jump 1000 and the connected extra battery on its LCD screen.