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The Ultimate Desktop Laser Cutter Engraver The XTool D1

Less sound, you can carve something simple by connecting your phone to the machine via WiFi. The engraving speed is fast and the engraving stainless steel is better.

——Chads Custom Creations 


The Nicest Laser Engraver This Year? The xTool D1 Review

The structure of the machine is solid, smooth operation, small focus, and focus is very easy to cut and engrave better. The laser head has a cover as well as accessories in the glasses can have a protective effect on the eyes.

——Make or Break Shop


Will a Diode Laser Engrave Steel? | xTool D1 Testing

It can engrave stainless steel, and with the use of laser marking spray engraving better results.



My Favorite Laser Just Got Better! - xTool D1 Upgrades

The working area of the machine has become larger, and it is easy to adjust the focus and compatible with the software lightburn.

——Make or Break Shop


XTOOL D1  - Mocny Laser (10W) do CiÄ™cia i Grawerowanie z PrzystawkÄ… RotacyjnÄ… TEST !!!

The XTOOL D1 laser is by far the most powerful (10W) of the cutting and engraving devices tested on my channel. Equipped with a rotating attachment and a large 41x43 cm working area, it is a device that works well for both amateur DIY and some professional applications.

——tanie majsterkowanie


Gravez l'ACIER INOXYDABLE sans effort avec ce graveur laser! Mes premiers tests avec le xTool D1

ORTUR Aufero Laser 1 Laser Engraver has 1600mW LU2-2 and L2-4 Laser Module. It is a pre-assembled machine that you only need to connect in a few minutes and ready to use; has a 9th-generation motherboard that can be connected to LightBurn; has a strong cutting and engraving ability.

——Tommy Desrochers


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xTool D1 Laser Cutter and Engraver

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The Most Powerful  xTool D1 Pro 20W Diode Laser Engraver. You Can Cut ”Almost” Anything

You can cut "almost' anything with the Most Powerful xTool D1 Pro 20W diode laser engraver, such as cutting 19mm of spurce wood or 8mm of black acrylic in ONE PASS. If you want to complete larger projects easily and quickly, this machine will be a must for you.



xTool D1 Pro 20W laser engraver: The most powerful diode laser engraver that cut 19mm wood in 1 pass

xTool D1 Pro 20W is powerful that can cut 19mm wood in just a singer pass. And it's a premium machine with the rigid frame, it is a very nice appearance. The maximum engraving speed can reach 24,000mm/min, which means you can use this machine to finish more projects.

——Aurora Tech


3 HUGE Upgrades in the xTool D1 Pro!

I enjoy using it because of its nice quality, appearance and its software. Compared with xTool D1, there are three big improvements: one is the limit switches, two is the inscrease in speed up to 24,000mm/min, three is the nice frame. But anyway, whether it is 10w or 20w laser head, it depends on your own needs.

——Make or Break Shop


The Most Ultimate Desktop Laser Cutter Engraver The XTool D1 Pro 20w

I used to think most diode lasers were just glorified toys especially compared to my big expensive co2 lasers, but the XTool D1 changed my mind with their new diode technology giving more power then I thought possible, which can cut 19mm wood just one pass.

——Chads Custom Creations


Complete Review of the NEW xTool D1 pro

The engraving machine is easy to install, fully equipped with instructions, the machine is stable, the laser is great, the engraving speed is fast, and there is absolutely no residue on the cork stick being engraved

——Paw Paw’s WorkShop


XTOOL D1 Pro In-Depth Setup Guide, Assembly, Creative Space Software Fundamentals and Fume Extractor

The machine is well packaged, the instructions are complete, the material is good and compatible with light Burn, the software will automatically compensate for the offset.

——Embrace Making


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