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Ortur Laser Master 2 - 20W Engraver. Build, Test & Review.

It is relatively easy to assemble.Its controller can operate at a faster step rate and can accommodate additional features. Some addirional safety features have been implemented in the firmware. So it is very safe to use.



This Laser Is Awesome - Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro

It is perfect with all the lights set up and it is a nice flat surface. When it works, it goes so nicely and the line is super crisp. It is also super easy to use for newbie.

                                                               ——Triple L Rustic Designs


☀ Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro / Pruebas de GRABADO y CORTE

It is a fairly powerful laser capable of engraving and cutting many materials. The mechanics and the assembling of the machine is very simple. First, it has a fairly large work area. This laser does not have a wheel but by placing it at that height we know that the focus will be perfect which I like because it seems less dangerous.

——Duke Doks


Gravure et découpe avec un laser 15W! Test du Ortur Laser Master et Laser Master 2

This is the laser I will recommend. If you are in the market for a mid-level diode laser, this is the one for you. And it is a very cost-effective one for new beginner. It is power enough to do some basic cutting and all the engraving. All in all, this laser has great value for the money and solid cable handling.

                                                                    ——Tommy Desrochers


Laser Graviermaschine kaufen? Teil 1 Überblick - NEJE & ORTUR Laser Master 2

It is a great laser which is really cheap. One of the advantages of this one is that it doesn't matter at all what a workpiece it is because you can simply place it on it. And it is easy to put together.

——Camping Pommes Män 


Ortur Laser Master 2 - Engraving Cutting Machine

It has a large working space. It has a lot of fun to use me as my first time operating the such machine. I can totally see this being a fun hobby or even personalizing certain items and even making a business out of it. If you are looking for a laser engraver, the 15-watt Ortur Master 2 is adequate enough for general use and the more cost-effective one.

——Just Vlad


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Pythagoras Sanduhr | Ich habe ein Physikspielzeug gebaut! | Ortur Laser Master 3

It is easy to assemble, easy to install, has high laser accuracy, is easy to use software, and is very friendly to beginners.

——Techtastisch - Experimente und 3D Druck 


E' FINALMENTE ARRIVATA ! Taglia 2 CM - Recensione completa della ORTUR Laser Master 3

Aesthetically speaking, the machine itself is very beautiful and elegant, with a high safety factor, simple installation, the ability to engrave metal and a fine gray level, definitely a qualitative leap.

——Daniele Tartaglia fai da te


Der schnellste 10W Lasergravierer der Welt! 🚀 Ortur Laser Master 3 im Test!

The Ortur engraver has always been one of my favorite engravers, what makes this product so special is the fact that it engraves extremely fast. The safety is very high. It has become powerful while ensuring that it is small and beautiful, all because of the right design. The app is surprisingly well-designed and very smooth to use

——Der kleine DreXler


Solving USA map puzzle cut on my new ORTUR Laser Master 3

The 10W dual laser module is powerful enough to cut through 10mm thick plywood in one pass. Easy to use, with built-in WIFI, making it easy to connect and use the engraver directly from your phone. And with more safety features than the Master 2, it's even faster!

——Puzzle guy


Ortur Laser Master 3 - Is it an Xtool D1 killer?

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and I was struck by how beautiful it was, which is how an engraver should be. The value for money is great and the air assist that comes with it makes for a better cut. Cheaper, faster and more output.

——Steve Makes Everything 


Amazing power! Ortur laser master 3 10 watt laser! Full test and review #613

Compared with the laser master 2 pros that I have had for a year, I must say Ortur laser master 3 10-watt laser is a huge step up in quality, performance, and looks. Especially the amazing power, it can go up to 20,000mm/min.

——The Kelley's Country Life


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