LaserPecker Video Review


LaserPecker 2 - GENIAL oder GEFÄHRLICH? (Mobile Laser Gravur)

Practical for small business, no need of extra workstation.

1.20cm*15cm floor space only plus handheld and trolley modes make it super mobile and usable almost anywhere;

2.It is simple assembling, just need to tighten four screws;

3.It work cleanly and precisely while incredibly fast and usable for as many as materials and both of curved and flat;

4.Its excellent smartphone app, quickly and without disconnection or error messages, suits the mobile operating concept much better



How to Make Transistor Tester, Laserpecker 2

It is designed for personal use, full of possibilities of creative use.

1.It fits offices and small workshops;

2.It can be carried and moved easily;

3.It has multiple modes and can be used on multiple materials and both of curved and flat

——inventor KR


I've Never Seen A Laser Do THIS Before! - Laserpecker 2 Review

The work area of this laser is pretty small, but the most unique feature of the laser is you can engrave bigger with its rollers.

1.The speed of it is pretty insane because it is galva laser versus a gantry style machine, with a 600mm/sec=36000mm/min, over three and a hald times faster as those bigger diode machines;

2.It is of super super high resolution;

3.Their smartphone app provides the functions you need;

4.It is easy to be taken with you.

——Make or Break Shop


This 5W Laserpecker 2 IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS engrave 850mm in length

Different from other products, it is capable of engraving a maximum surface area of 850mm x10mm through its roller base. 

And it also engraves metals in addition to wood.

——Daniele Tartaglia


LaserPecker L2 Laser Graviermaschine mit Expansionsachse Laser Gravierer - TEST LaserPecker 2

Endless possibilities.

1. It has multiple modes for multiple use on multiple materials and dimentions;

2.It comes with three ways to measure height: protective cap, a supplied ruler or a built-in distance aid via the electronic z-axis;

3.Their app is simple but strong.

——mrbowlfish reviews 


LaserPecker 2 engraver - PRO version [unbox / Review / First test]

Details make it a good product.

1.It has a lot of foam blocks, each part perfectly fits to its place, so everything is well protected;

2.The power plug, usb and all of its details are quality of tough fit, and it has a smooth running of structure.

A bit different laser with galvo mirror tehonology which isn't best for cutting but awesome for engraver different materials or just any surface or shape, because we can handhold the engraver while do the job.



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