Ortur® is a high-tech firm created by a group of motivated engineers with a concentration on producing diode laser engravers. They  enjoy exploring the unknown and pushing their products to the next level with vigour and inventiveness.


The Ortur Laser Engraver company's official sub-brand, Aufero®, focuses on portable diode laser engravers for everyone including makers, Diyers, small enterprises, workshops, artists, engineers, and self-employed individuals to produce artworks and enhance their productivity.


Atomstack® is based on laser cutting machine and engraving machine technology, and it cuts, engraves, and shapes the design of diverse materials using the high-energy light speed of human hair.


As part of Makeblock, xTool® shares the same purpose as Makeblock: to make creating easy for everyone. That is why they provide a variety of laser machine items to assist customers in making their craft ideas a reality.


Sculpfun® is dedicated to developing the most excellent home hobby engraving machine. SCULPFUN is an abbreviation for "SCULPT YOUR FUN." The company collaborates with China's leading diode laser companies. They place a high value on "customer first" and aim to provide the best customer experience.


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LaserPecker® encourages self-expression and the spread of love via creativity. They are dedicated to the continuous development of powerful and portable DIY technology and tools so everyone can easily experience and share the joy of creation with the rest of the world!

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