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Incisore laser AUFERO LASER 1 con Air Assit. Laser sul metallo, legno. taglio laser. ORTUR

This is a very suitable diode laser engraver for beginners, with air assist, and can engrave metal, acrylic, wood, etc. Aufero Laser 1 has perfect engraving quality and clarity. If you are new to the laser engraving machine for the first time, this machine is one of the products worth buying.

——Riccardo Muscarella 


The Best Budget Laser Engraver: Ortur Aufero Laser 1 Review

If you have a limited budget and want to have a very cost-effective laser engraving machine - Ortur Aufero Laser 1 is a good choice. Super fast installation, suitable for 3 different laser modules. The maximum speed can reach 5000mm/min, which is a cost-effective player in the same machine.

——Make or Break Shop


Testing the New Ortur - Aufero Laser 1 laser engraver

It is a 99% pre-assembled machine, and can be adapted to 3 different laser modules which can engrave wood, paper, leather, stainless steel and other materials. It has a strong engraving and cutting ability in the same type of products, very suitable for beginners.

——Chris Powell


NEW Ortur Aufero Laser 1 , Laser Engraving Machine 5,000mm/min 24V/2A

Ortur Aufero Laser 1 is a 24V/2A laser engraving machine with a speed of 5000mm/min. It can be adapted to three different laser modules: fixed focus, long focus and short focus. It can engrave a variety of materials, and it is a very cost-effective entry-level engraving machine.



Making A Knife With The Aufero Laser 1

This is an ultra-portable, 2-minute setup, plug-and-play 5.5W laser. Different woods, leathers, metals, etc can be engraved. This engraving machine is very easy to use, even a novice who has never used an engraving machine can easily operate it.

——Green Beetle 


Grawerowanie w domu / precyzyjny  laser LU2-2 / ORTUR Aufero Laser 1

ORTUR Aufero Laser 1 Laser Engraver has 1600mW LU2-2 and L2-4 Laser Module. It is a pre-assembled machine that you only need to connect in a few minutes and ready to use; has a 9th-generation motherboard that can be connected to LightBurn; has a strong cutting and engraving ability.



REVIEW - Laser Cutting Grafir Portable Murah AUFERO LASER 1

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Aufero Laser 1 - Olcsó belépő szintű lézer gravírozó!

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Aufero Laser 1

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รีวิวเครื่องเลเซอร์แกะสลัก Aufero Laser 1   ใช้งานง่ายมาก

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Заказал для модинга корпусов и не только- МОЩНЫЙ ЛАЗЕРНЫЙ ГРАВЁР ИЗ КИТАЯ - Aufero Laser 1

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Grawerowanie w domu / laser LU2-4-LF ze wspomaganiem powietrzem / ORTUR Aufero Laser 1

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Unboxing Video of Pre-assembled Aufero Laser 1


Best price Aufero Laser 1 wood engraving or cutting, plus other materials, C&T episode 197

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Aufero Laser 2  - Grawerowanie  w stali, ceramice, szkle, drewnie, skórze.  Cięcie sklejki.

After I tested the machine, I found that the engraving speed of Aufero 2 can reach 10,000mm/s, and the engraving and cutting performance is very good. I have obtained good verification on stainless steel, ceramics, wood, glass and other materials.

It is also very suitable for beginners in the field of engraving machines. The operating instructions and technical support system on the Ortur official website are very complete, and I am very satisfied.



NEW  Ortur Aufero Laser 2 , Portable Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

I like the Aufero 2 laser engraving machine very much. Its engraving speed is up to 10,000mm/s, and the engraving area is also relatively large. It has an engraving area of 390mmX390mm, and it shows high stability when engraving large-sized objects.



Découverte de la gravure laser avec Aufero Laser 2 (Sous-titres)

The Aufero 2 is a fairly easy laser engraver to get started with, and with the variety of materials I was able to test, the results were really convincing. Its cut surface is very clean and the engraving is precise, especially the etching on the glass, which is excellent.

——L'franchement Comtois


Incisore laser AUFERO LASER 2 per taglio legno, incisione acciaio, pelle. 20W. Air assist ortur

I would love to call it- a revolutionary laser engraving machine AUFERO LASER 2. It can also laser engrave on metal, wood, etc. It is also possible to purchase an ORTUR aufero module with air assist. You can choose between three types of laser modules. Incredible engraving quality and clarity, are further improved thanks to the installation of a very simple air assist system, with no burn marks on the surface,which is easy to use. The motherboard firmware version is 1.8, with speeds up to 10,000 mm/m and a third-generation 32-bit laser module.

——Riccardo Muscarella


Why make THIS?  Aufero Laser 2 Engraver and Cutter Review

I think Aufero 2 is a combination of Aufero 2 pro and Aufero 1; it combines the advantages of both machines, it is very cost-effective, and the laser modules can be used interchangeably. This machine is easy to assemble and novice-friendly, and has a great stability. It is reflected in the fact that it will not shake when the engraving speed is very fast. The machine comes with a gyroscope, which greatly protects the safety of users.

——Green Beetle 


Der Laser für Anfänger Aufero Laser 2 Lasergravurmaschine Cuter + Gewinnspiel

The Aufero Laser 2 is a very beginner-friendly machine, and it has decent autofocus. Very safe, when the machine is tilted, it will stop engraving, which greatly prevents the danger of laser leakage. The official engraving material parameter settings are also helpful.



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