The Best Cordless Vacuum for Fur-Covered Homes: Reviewing the Neakasa P2 Pro

The Best Cordless Vacuum for Fur-Covered Homes: Reviewing the Neakasa P2 Pro

The Best Cordless Vacuum for Fur-Covered Homes: Reviewing the Neakasa P2 Pro

As a pet owner, you know first-hand the constant battle against pet hair and fur in your home. Your floors, carpets, furniture, and everything in between can quickly become covered in a layer of fur shed by your furry companions. Vacuuming up this mess of pet hair usually requires a powerful vacuum specifically designed to deep clean pet fur.

In this review, we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the Neakasa P2 Pro cordless vacuum. This lightweight stick vacuum offers the freedom of cordless use combined with strong suction power rated at 35W. Read on for a full evaluation of how the Neakasa P2 Pro performs when tackling pet fur and whether it could be the ideal cordless vacuum for pet owners.

II. Key Features of the Neakasa P2 Pro

Neakasa is a brand focused on using technology to deliver innovative solutions for modern pet owners. Their products aim to make pet care duties easier with gadgets like automatic feeders, fountains, and vacuums purpose-built for homes with pets.

Neakasa P2 Pro

The Neakasa P2 Pro cordless vacuum packs a suite of performance features into a conveniently portable package weighing just 2.5kg. Here is a more in-depth look at the P2 Pro's specifications:

1. Model: The P2 Pro is Neakasa's upgraded second-generation cordless stick vacuum model. Building upon the success of their original P2 vacuum, the P2 Pro version features improved power, longer battery life, and other enhancements.

2. Power rating: With a max power output of 400W, the Neakasa Pet Grooming offers stronger suction capabilities than average cordless vacuums. This allows the vacuum to thoroughly remove embedded pet hair from floors, carpets, upholstery, and other areas prone to shedding.

3. Hose length: The vacuum comes with a flexible 1.5m hose that provides extended reach for cleaning hard-to-access areas. The long hose allows you to vacuum corners, crevices, ceilings, drapes, and car interiors without straining.

4. Net weight: Weighing just 2.5kg, the P2 Pro is approximately the weight of three laptops. This ultralight body makes the vacuum easy to carry and maneuver without tiring your arms. The lightweight build also enhances the portability of this cordless model.

III. Review of Suction Performance

Let's now examine more closely how the primary features translate into practical suction effectiveness when removing pet hair.

Neakasa Pet Grooming

The Neakasa P2 Pro has a maximum suction power rating of 35W, which is more than many cordless stick vacuums, which typically have suction power ratings of 20W to 25W. Although the P2 Pro's 35W is not as strong as a corded upright vacuum that can provide 150W+ suction, it is sufficient for clearing away pet fur, dander, and surface dirt.

We tested the suction performance on hard floors and low-pile area rugs first. The vacuum easily lifted and removed yellow Labrador hairs, black cat fur, and golden retriever fuzz that had accumulated on our wood and tile floors. Even ground-in debris was no match for the P2 Pro’s suction when using the motorized floor brush.

On carpets, the suction was strong enough to thoroughly clean pet hair from the fibers when using the included turbo brush. The rotating bristles helped agitate and dislodge even stubborn fur. Embedded dander was extracted from carpeted stairs during testing as well.

When cleaning furniture, curtains, and other surfaces, we attached the crevice tool for pinpoint suction to lift fur. The vacuum’s suction excelled at removing pet hair and lint from upholstery and fabric.

IV. Review of Convenience Features

In addition to powerful cleaning performance, the Neakasa P2 Pro also offers great convenience as a lightweight cordless vacuum. Here are some of the top convenience features we experienced while testing the P2 Pro:

Cordless Operation

Operating entirely cordlessly, the P2 Pro uses a removable, rechargeable battery. The battery needs 4-5 hours to charge completely. We were able to vacuum our one-story, three-bedroom house twice on a full charge. As needed, the various suction levels contribute to battery life extension.

Lightweight Maneuverability

Weighing just 2.5kg, the P2 Pro is incredibly easy to maneuver around furniture, under tables, and into tight spaces. The smooth-rolling wheels and swiveling head make it simple to vacuum any area. The lack of a cord also enhances movement without drag.

Dust Cup Capacity

The 0.7 liter dust cup holds a substantial amount of debris, fur, and dust. We could easily vacuum our entire home without needing to empty the cup. The one-touch release makes disposing of contents fast as well.


The vacuum comes with a range of helpful accessories including a crevice tool, small brush, and flexible hose for accessing hard-to-clean spots. The accessories expand your cleaning capabilities.

V. Review of Noise Level

The amount of noise a vacuum makes when operating is an essential factor. It can be irritating to use a vacuum that is too loud. To see how the Neakasa P2 Pro compares, we measured its decibel levels.

For comparison, a typical discussion takes place at a volume of roughly 60 dB, while vacuums typically range in volume from 60 dB to 80 dB. The P2 Pro measured 74dB at its maximum suction level. It performs closer to 70dB on lesser settings.

At 74dB, the P2 Pro emits a noticeable but not overpowering hum. The sound is much more muted than traditional corded vacuums. We were able to carry on a phone conversation at normal volume while vacuuming alongside the device. The noise level would not disturb most napping pets either.

Neakasa P2 Pro Pet Grooming

Compared to other cordless vacuums, the P2 Pro has average noise levels, avoiding the high-pitch whines some models produce. If you require a super quiet vacuum, an even lower noise level may be preferable. But for most purposes, the P2 Pro offers acceptable operating volumes.

VI. Pros and Cons of the Neakasa P2 Pro

Based on our in-depth testing, here is an overview of the main advantages and potential drawbacks of the Neakasa P2 Pro cordless vacuum:


â—Ź Powerful 35W suction picks up pet hair easily

â—Ź Cordless design offers unlimited mobility

â—Ź Lightweight at only 2.5kg for easy maneuvering

â—Ź Good dust cup capacity reduces emptying frequency

â—Ź Easy to access tight spaces with long hose and accessories

â—Ź Operates at average noise level around 74dB


â—Ź Battery runtime lower than some cordless vacuums

â—Ź Not the most quiet vacuum on market

â—Ź Pet hair can sometimes tangle in brush rolls

â—Ź Dust cup could be bigger for very large homes

On the whole, the powerful suction, cordless freedom, and lightweight portability make the Neakasa P2 Pro an excellent vacuum for pet owners. There are more quiet vacuums available, but few match this model's combination of convenience and cleaning abilities.

Neakasa P2 Pro Pet Tools

VII. Conclusion

Overall, if you need a versatile and mobile vacuum tailored for pet hair removal, the Neakasa P2 Pro is an excellent choice combining power and convenience. We highly recommend the P2 Pro as a must-have cleaning tool for any pet owner. It will make taming all that loose fur feel like a breeze. You can buy it from GearBerry, which provides excellent selection of innovative pet care products like the Neakasa P1 Pro Pet Hair Vacuum and Neakasa F1 Pet Hair Dryer.

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