Troubleshooting 101: Common LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver Problems and Solutions

Troubleshooting 101: Common LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver Problems and Solutions

Troubleshooting 101: Common LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver Problems and Solutions



The LONGER B1 20W laser engraver represents a major advancement in desktop laser cutting and engraving technology. With its high-powered 20W laser, expansive work area, rapid engraving speeds, and robust design, the LONGER B1 20W enables makers to take on ambitious, large-scale projects across a tremendous array of materials.


However, as with any complex piece of equipment, occasional issues can arise during operations that require troubleshooting. In this guide, we’ll explore the most common problems users encounter with the LONGER Laser B1 20W and provide practical solutions to get you back up and running quickly.


Lack of Power


If the LONGER B1 20W engraver is unresponsive when you hit the power button, there are a few basic steps to take:

- Check that the power cord is securely inserted into the outlet and the rear of the engraver and try an alternate outlet to ensure the wall socket is functioning.

- Confirm the power switch on the rear of the engraver is in the ON position and toggle it off and on.

- Check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse in your home electrical panel and reset if needed.

- Test the outlet voltage with a multimeter to verify consistent 110-120V power is supplied.

If the control panel remains blank, open the rear power socket and inspect the fuse using a small flathead screwdriver. If the internal metal wire is broken, replace it with the included spare fuse of the same 6A or 10A rating.

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For continued power issues, contact LONGER support to diagnose. Likely culprits are the 24V DC power supply, mainboard, laser power supply or wiring. The team can walk through voltage and continuity tests using a multimeter to pinpoint the faulty component for replacement, including laser engraver accessories.


Laser Fails to Ignite

When the laser engraver powers up but the laser does not fire, first check if the laser indicator lights up on the front panel. If not illuminated, confirm the laser tube power switch on the rear is toggled to ON.


Inspect all laser tube cable connections at the mainboard, power supply and laser tube endcaps. Loose plugs can cause contact issues and prevent firing and you should reseat any loose connectors firmly until clicked into place.


Check for obstructions blocking smooth movement of the laser carriage across the work area. Remove any debris or components visibly inhibiting travel along the guide rails and test fire without material loaded.


Dirty or damaged optics can prevent proper laser transmission. Gently clean the galvo mirrors and lens using the microfiber cloths and alcohol solution provided. Under certain circumstances, adjust mirror alignments when needed and reduce engraving speed settings.


For intermittent firing, allow adequate cool-down time between tests. Diode overheating triggers the protection circuit to cut power until temperature drops. It is likely that persistent firing issues of laser engraver will indicate a faulty laser tube or PSU needing replacement.


Weak Laser Power/Intensity


Low power output can cause weak engraving or incomplete cuts. First verify your engraving settings match your material - incorrect speed, power, height and configuration settings lead to poor results.


Dirty optics greatly reduce laser intensity and carefully clean the mirrors and lens using the provided optic wipes. You can also realign any shifted mirrors according to the manual procedure.


If power or speed are erratic even with correct settings, contaminants like dust or moisture inside the tube can diffuse the beam. Run cleaning motions with air assist to purge debris and fire continuously for 5+ minutes to burn off contaminants.


For chronically low power, uneven diode aging is likely the cause. Run aging compensation built into the driver PCB to balance output across diodes. If issues persist, contact support to test power supply voltage and current for hardware failure.


Excess Noise During Operation


The LONGER B1 20W should run quietly, only generating low hums and whispers from the fans and motors. Excess noise indicates loose components or wear.

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Listen closely to isolate the location - internal rattling suggests a loose screw or bracket : squeaking hints at dry guide rails, and grinding points to worn bearings. You can adjust and lubricate parts accordingly.


Check for debris like scraps or 3D printing flakes stuck in fan blades causing imbalance. Clean carefully using compressed air and apply grease to z-axis leadscrew and bearings.


Buzzing or clicking sounds point toward electrical issues like faulty wiring contacts. Check all plugs and terminals for looseness causing intermittent connections and contact support for diagnoses when necessary.


Incorrect belt tension also contributes to noise. Under this circumstance, you can adjust to recommended specifications to stop carriage squeaking and slipping or replace damaged belts and pulleys over time.


Bothersome Fumes


The high-energy laser beam vaporizing material can generate irritating fumes, especially plastics and wood.


You should always run the LONGER B1 20W laser engraver in a well-ventilated area with the built-in fume extractor enabled and keep the extractor positioned close to the cutting zone to capture emissions directly.


Consider supplemental fume filtering systems to trap additional particulates when working with reactive materials like acrylics. Additionally, frequent breaks should be allowed to make fumes dissipate.


Wear an organic vapor respirator mask during heavy engraving/cutting work to avoid breathing in vaporized particulates and clean optics regularly as fogging decreases laser power.


Noticeable odors inside the machine itself can signal an electrical issue overheating internal components. If you smell burning inside the housing, turn it off immediately and contact support.


Connectivity Problems


With USB, WiFi, and offline SD card options, verifying connections is the first step in resolving any LONGER B1 20W communication issues.


Check USB and power cables are fully inserted into sockets without any bent pins or damage and try alternate cables to isolate faulty wires.


For WiFi, reboot the router and engraver, then reconnect to the network. Move devices closer together or into direct line of sight and double check password and settings.

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If problems persist across connectivity modes, update firmware, drivers, and PC and engraver software to eliminate version mismatches as the cause.


For ongoing wired/wireless issues, contact support to replace defective hardware like a damaged WiFi module, mainboard USB controller, or network card in the connected computer.


Poor Print Quality


Many factors influence engraving and cutting quality. Matching the proper laser settings to your material is most critical. Refer to the LONGER device manual for recommended configurations.


Dirty or misaligned optics greatly impact beam focus and precision. You should follow cleaning and alignment procedures closely and upgrade to higher quality lens for maximum efficiency.


Secure your material firmly to the bed to prevent vibration and shifting during operation. When necessary, use tape, clamps, or fixtures to immobilize and verify stable table positioning.


For inconsistent results, enable the air assist compressor to direct debris and smoke away from the cut path and check for correct nozzle positioning.


If quality issues persist on known good materials, contact LONGER support to request calibration assistance and possible realignment/replacement of worn optics.



The LONGER B1 20W laser engraver enables creators to explore new frontiers in laser cutting and engraving, but like any industrial machine, the occasional hiccup requiring troubleshooting is inevitable. By understanding the most common problems users face and the available solutions, you can get your engraver back up and running in no time. With practice identifying issues early and completing preventative maintenance, you can maximize the LONGER B1 20W’s uptime and extend its reliable service for years to come. Consider keeping this handy troubleshooting reference guide close by your workstation to quickly identify and resolve any problems that arise during operation in our website GearBerry.


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