Maximize Your Engraving Potential with the New LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver: A Comprehensive Review

Maximize Your Engraving Potential with the New LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver: A Comprehensive Review

Maximize Your Engraving Potential with the New LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver: A Comprehensive Review

Considering I am a person who is not afraid to try as a committed craftsman, I have evaluated with a number of tools and techniques to create amazing pieces of art. I'm scared there won't be an opportunity to try, nor of disappointment. I persevered and eventually succeeded after numerous tries. That is the LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver, which can meet all my needs and take my craft to the next stage. The LONGER B1 appeared to be built specifically for maximizing my engraving and cutting capabilities because it boasts a 33W laser that is incredibly powerful, a bigger engraving area, faster speeds, and numerous cutting-edge features. After using this amazing machine for a while, I'm confident that it ranks among the most potent and adaptable engraving machines available right now.


The most prominent capacity

The LONGER B1's 33W laser is incredibly potent; it can easily cut through things that I had difficulty with other laser engravers. In a single pass, it can cut a complete centimeter into medium-density fiberboard! Additionally, it has the ability to deeply etch practically any surface, including printing vivid tones on metal. The LONGER B1 manages each project with ease, whether I need to cut delicate forms from wood, leather, or acrylic, or engrave fine details onto wooden boxes, metal signage, or pendant necklaces. Meanwhile, with an output power of 33-36W, it has a much stronger cutting ability than other machines, and can cut through a wide range of materials, including 20mm paulownia wood, 10mm black acrylic, and even 0.1mm stainless steel in one pass. Its ability to cut through 25 mm basswood and 50 mm black acrylic in multiple passes really emphasizes the machine's potential, and it particularly pleased me with this skill. You know, most of the machines I've tried before haven't been able to do that!

LONGER Laser B1 30W-2

The bigger operating space

Do you want more freedom to create? The LONGER B1's larger working frame was an outstanding attribute that I found to be really helpful. This machine offers a 23.75% larger working area than previous machines, measuring 17.72x17.32 inches/450x440mm.

With more room to work with, you can have fun with various designs and methods and really push the limits of what laser engraving is capable of. With a larger machine, I was able to produce intricate and larger designs than I ever could with a smaller one, which helped me to advance my craft significantly. I used to buy a cutting board that was too big to design, but now I'm free!

LONGER Laser B1 30W-3

The higher speed

Do you want to finish a project more efficiently? This machine, equipped with a new 32-bit motherboard, enables engraving speeds of up to 30,000mm/min, which is four times quicker than those of standard laser engraving machines. As a consequence, you'll be able complete work faster and with greater efficiency which means you can devote more time to working on your genius ideas. This is definitely a key benefit for me since I'm usually a very productive person, so I don't want to waste too much time waiting.

The distinctive design

What sets the LONGER B1 apart from other laser engraving machines on the market must be the air-assist pump. The air-assist pump may appear to be a little part, but it has a significant impact on the quality of your engravings. Your engravings will always be precise and clear without any discernible artifacts or distortions by maintaining a clean laser lens and avoiding build-up. This is crucial when working with delicate details or complicated designs because even the smallest flaws can be seen.

LONGER Laser B1 30W-4

The reassuring protection

Safety is always my top priority when it comes to using any device, and the the LONGER B1 is no exception. The LONGER B1's automatic shut-off functionality is one of its most important safety features. When falling, flame, data disconnect, or laser head stopping for more than 15 seconds are detected, the laser will immediately switch off. This keeps you safe in the event of a malfunction or other issue and helps to prevent accidents. Another important safety feature of the LONGER B1 is its automatic laser head reset function. The laser head will immediately reset to zero in the case of a fire to prevent burnout, assisting in your protection as well as the protection of your machine. Furthermore, the usage of the laser is made safer, and the possibility of eye injury or other injuries is decreased because to the panoramic filter glass's ability to successfully block 99.8% of the laser. To be honest, I'm actually a rather sloppy person, so these two designs make me feel more relieved.

The brand-new experience

The LONGER B1 possesses a wide range of color capabilities in addition to its amazing speed, precision, and safety features, making it a great option for artists, designers, and manufacturers. The device can immediately oxidize metal surfaces with its high-energy laser beam, producing over 300 brilliant and rich hues that can be used to produce striking and distinctive designs. Whether you're making jewelry, signage, or other decorative products, you will be satisfied! As I adore vivid artwork, this is quite convenient for me.

The greater inclusiveness

The LONGER B1 is so user-friendly that you can be transfer your data via different methods of Wi-Fi, USB cable, APP, and TF cards, which supports offline operations. This implies that you can use the device wherever you are, without being physically connected to a computer. In light of this, it's a fantastic option for anyone who needs to work while on the go or who wants the freedom to work in a variety of settings. But that's not all - the LONGER B1 is also compatible with a wide range of different carving software, including LaserGRBL and LightBurn. The LONGER B1 is also compatible with a variety of carving software, such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn, so that's not all. This suggests that you can pick the software that best suits you and your unique requirements and that switching between several software applications is simple as needed. JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, GC, and more formats are all accepted for the LONGER B1. After all, the file types we deal with won't always be consistent, so this saves us a lot of time to change them into standard one.

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Are you amazed about the strong LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver? Yes, I am also surprised when I firstly use it. But after many times cooperation with it, I gradually got along very well with it! It is an incredibly powerful and versatile machine that delivers on all fronts. With its ultra-high-power laser, bigger working frame, fast engraving speeds, air-assist pump, rich color capabilities, safety features, and compatibility with a wide range of materials and software, this machine is a must-have for anyone serious about laser engraving. I strongly advise visiting GearBerry if you're looking for a desktop laser engraver. The LONGER B1 will not disappoint you, trust me! Never before has reaching your full potential been so easy or enjoyable!

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