LONGER Ray5 10W Laser Engraver: How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Needs

LONGER Ray5 10W Laser Engraver: How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Needs

LONGER Ray5 10W Laser Engraver: How to Choose the Right Accessories for Your Needs

No perfect project is ever built on just one thing. I always believe that a perfect work must need a lot of efforts and cooperation. As an avid DIY enthusiast and a proud owner of the LONGER Ray5 10W laser engraver, I know just how powerful it is, but I also know the right accessories can really make the most of this incredible machine. As a strong and user-friendly laser engraving device, the LONGER Ray5 10W can etch and cut a range of materials with accuracy and ease. However, to fully realize its potential, you need to choose the appropriate accessories that suit your specific needs.

I'll walk you through various optional LONGER Ray5 10W accessories in this article and help you pick which ones are best for you.

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My primary recommendation

The first accessory that I bought for my the LONGER Ray5 10W is the Honeycomb Working Table.

Because my house is not big, so I pay great expectation on the ventilation for a product. The truth is the Honeycomb Working Table did not disappoint me! The table's honeycomb structure provides substantially greater ventilation and air flow. It makes working with materials like wood, acrylic, leather, and more that produce shavings simpler. Meanwhile, the open honeycomb base allows smoke and shavings to travel through, minimizing a buildup that can harm your materials or lower the quality of the engraving.

The honeycomb table offers an extremely sturdy surface for your workpiece in addition to enhanced ventilation. This stability lessens vibrations that can cause erroneous engravings, fuzzy writing, and incorrect cuts. For the exact, expert results you anticipate from an engraver of this grade, the table effectively mutes vibrations.

The honeycomb table has a vacuum port as well, allowing you to attach a vacuum hose straight to the surface. With optimum clarity around your cutting or engraving path, you may actively suction away shavings from the engraving surface as you work. Long engraving efforts would quickly turn into messy, irritating tasks without a table that makes dust collection simple.

With so many practical advantages, it is now still my primary recommended accessory for you!

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Prepare for enclosed space

As Just mentioned, my house space is limited, so I pursue a good ventilation, but considering that some friends may need to work in the workshop or home office, it may require more accurate accessory. The fumes and smoke produced during engraving and cutting projects may greatly affect our health with a Fume Extractor. A top-notch fume extractor functions by employing a strong fan to suck smoke and fumes away from the engraving work area, filtering them, and then releasing the air back into your room. It helps prevent hazardous fumes from circulating and ensures you can engrave safely in an enclosed environment. If you are seeking for a fume extractor, I guess the noise-reducing one will be better since for use in an office or home workspace, quietness is essential. I also bought one without a noise-reducing design, and then it made it impossible for me to continue my work with huge noise. So I really learned my lesson from that time!

Besides, ground fault protection also appeals to me a lot since I always put the safety first. This safety function immediately cuts power when a ground fault is found, thereby reducing the risk of electric shocks. It's important for any electrical device used in a workspace environment.

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For more professional engraving

I assume the Air Assist Kit must be the accessory owning the best comprehensive performance and improve our professional engraving level most. An air compressor and air nozzle are part of an air assist kit, which blows a focused stream of air onto the material when engraving or cutting. Air Assist Kit lowers mess and cleanup, increases engraving quality by enabling for greater laser contact, and lessens the possibility of shavings interfering with the engraving beam. Meanwhile, It sweeps away dirt, shavings, and smoke from the engraving path and work area.

By keeping the cutting path cool, it avoids overheating and fire risks. For sharper cuts and edges, the cooling air helps the material maintain its form and integrity during engraving. Particularly when engraving highly flammable materials like wood, acrylic, or paper, it lessens scorching, melting, and flames.

By removing any ragged or uneven shavings, it creates a clean edge. After laser cutting, the air can remove ragged or crooked shavings for a smoother, more expert cut edge. Higher quality finished edges are produced as a result, which is crucial for applications such as signage, packaging, fittings, and more.

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For diverse project

Last month, I wanted to engrave a pattern on my pen, but after trying many times, I give it up since I found that it was impossible for engraving on a curved object. So I searched many ways on the Internet, and finally found the perfect solution - Rotary Attachment. Bottles, mugs, pens, candle holders and more are perfectly engraved. With it, numerous spinning objects can be customized and individualized. Furthermore, you can quickly engrave cylindrical objects just like you would a flat surface with the Rotary Attachment. Greater throughput and efficiency are the outcome, which is crucial for applications like high-volume production or personalized gift engraving.


Are you fascinated by the variety of accessories? The LONGER Ray5 10W is a versatile and powerful laser engraving machine that can produce high-quality engravings and cuts on a variety of materials. However, only the sincere people who are willing to choose the right accessories that suit their specific needs can really discover its potential. There is an accessory out there that can help you achieve your objectives, whether they be to increase ventilation, decrease smoke and fumes, or increase the variety of objects you can engrave. So, dont hesitate and choose the accessories! I sincerely hope that everyone who owns the LONGER Ray5 10W laser engraver can give full play to its role, realize its value and create convenience for themselves!

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