AlgoLaser Delta 22W: Unleash Precision and Creativity in Laser Engraving!

AlgoLaser Delta 22W: Unleash Precision and Creativity in Laser Engraving!

AlgoLaser Delta 22W: Unleash Precision and Creativity in Laser Engraving!

Welcome to the world of Algolaser Delta, where precision meets power, and creativity knows no bounds. As we gear up for an exciting new product launch, we invite you to discover the wonders of Algolaser Delta 22W—a cutting-edge laser engraving machine that will revolutionize the way you unleash your creativity.


Join us as we warm up for our upcoming new product activities and explore the remarkable features and benefits of Algolaser Delta, the best laser engraver of 2023.


1. Introducing Algolaser Delta:

Algolaser Delta is a groundbreaking laser engraving machine that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features, empowering creators to unlock their full creative potential. Let's delve deeper into the remarkable features and benefits that make Algolaser Delta a game-changer in the world of laser engraving.

 Algolaser Delta 22W

1.1. Built-in All-in-One Touch Screen:


The Algolaser Delta features a built-in all-in-one touch screen, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience. With this touch screen interface, you can easily navigate through settings, import designs, and adjust engraving parameters with just a few taps, making the engraving process effortless and efficient.


1.2. Support for Offline Batch Cutting and Instant Image Engraving:


Algolaser Delta takes convenience to the next level with its support for offline batch cutting and instant image engraving. This means you can load multiple designs into the machine and let it work its magic without the need for a constant connection to a computer. It's a time-saving feature that allows you to maximize your productivity and streamline your workflow.


1.3. Powerful Cutting Ability:


Equipped with a super powerful 22W laser module, Algolaser Delta can effortlessly handle various material thicknesses for cutting. Whether you're working with wood, acrylic, leather, or other materials, this laser engraver delivers exceptional cutting precision and speed.


1.4. Advanced COS Technology:


Algolaser Delta incorporates advanced second-generation COS (Coherent Optics System) technology, which enhances the performance of the laser beam by 40%. This technology compresses the laser spots from a rectangle to a square, resulting in a near 1:1 ratio on both low (3%) and high power (100%). The smaller spot size of 0.06*0.05mm at 3% power and 0.16*0.14mm at 100% power ensures unparalleled precision and clarity in your engraving projects.

 Algolaser Delta

1.5. Incredible Engraving Speed:


With Algolaser Delta, you can experience engraving speeds that exceed industry boundaries. In actual engraving performance, it is 12 times faster compared to standard laser engraving machines. This means you can complete your projects in significantly less time, allowing you to take on more creative endeavors and meet tight deadlines with ease.


1.6. Powerful Motherboard and Enhanced File Uploading Speed:


Algolaser Delta is equipped with a much more powerful motherboard, running on a 4 Core Dual CPU, supported by 8MB RAM, 16MB memory, and a 32GB SD card. This upgraded configuration elevates the file uploading speed by nearly 200%, ensuring swift and efficient processing of your designs. Additionally, Algolaser Delta supports OTA (Over-the-Air) upgrades, enabling you to stay up to date with the latest firmware and features effortlessly.


1.7. Easy Assembly and Plug & Play Smart Air Pump:


Assembly has never been easier with Algolaser Delta. Its pre-assembled structure and simple installation steps allow you to start your creative journey with minimal effort and time. Additionally, the plug & play smart air pump feature automatically adjusts airflow based on the speed and power settings, ensuring optimal engraving results. You can conveniently control the air pump through the AlgoLaser APP, LightBurn, or LaserGRBL software.


1.8. Built for Convenience and Efficiency:


Algolaser Delta boasts a sleek and compact design that fits seamlessly into any creative workspace. Its intuitive interface and all-in-one touchscreen provide effortless control, allowing you to navigate through settings, import designs, and adjust engraving parameters with ease. The built-in ventilation system ensures a safe and comfortable working environment, making your creative process hassle-free.


1.9. Unleash Your Imagination:


Whether you're an artist, a hobbyist, or an entrepreneur, Algolaser Delta opens up a world of possibilities. From personalized gifts and custom signage to intricate artwork and precise prototypes, the only limit is your imagination. Let Algolaser Delta be your artistic companion, empowering you to explore new horizons and push the boundaries of your creativity.


2. Maintaining Algolaser Delta:

 Algolaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your Algolaser Delta, proper maintenance is essential. Here are some key maintenance practices to keep your laser engraving machine in top shape:


2.1. Cleaning:

Regular cleaning is crucial to remove dust, debris, and residue that may accumulate during the engraving process. Use a soft, lint-free cloth or brush to gently wipe the exterior surfaces of the machine, including the touch screen, ventilation vents, and laser module. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the machine.


2.2. Calibration and Alignment:

Periodically check the calibration and alignment of your Algolaser Delta to maintain accurate engraving results. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to perform calibration procedures, which may involve adjusting the beam focus, checking the alignment of mirrors, or calibrating the X and Y-axis movements. Proper calibration ensures precise engraving and prevents issues such as uneven lines or blurry images.


2.3. Safety Precautions:

Always prioritize safety when using and maintaining your laser engraver. Follow the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer, such as wearing appropriate protective gear, ensuring proper ventilation in the workspace, and using the machine within its specified operating conditions. Regularly inspect the power cord, connections, and safety features of the machine to ensure they are in good condition.


2.4. Professional Servicing:

If you encounter any technical issues or if your Algolaser Delta requires complex repairs or adjustments, it is advisable to contact the manufacturer's customer support or a qualified technician. Attempting complex repairs without proper knowledge and expertise may lead to further damage or safety hazards.


3. Activity Content:

Event theme: Grab Your First 22W Laser Engraver with All-in-one Touch Screen

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3.1. Subscribe to Stay in the Loop:


We value our community of artists, craftsmen, and enthusiasts, and we want to ensure you're the first to know about our latest product launches, releases and promotions. By subscribing to our newsletter, you'll receive exclusive updates, special discounts, and insider information about Algolaser Delta. Subscribe today and be ready for the highly anticipated launch on September 20th at 10:00 PM (Beijing Time)/10:00 AM (US Time) and the exciting month-long activities from September 20th to October 20th.


3.2. The First 100 Users: Unlock Exclusive Perks:


As a token of our appreciation for your early support, the first 100 users to purchase Algolaser Delta during the activity period will unlock exclusive perks. These perks may include discounts on future purchases, access to premium resources, or even personalized support from our team of experts. Embrace the opportunity to be among the first to experience the magic of Algolaser Delta and enjoy these special benefits.


3.3. Share Your Experience - Engage and Win:


We believe that sharing your creative journey with others is an invaluable experience. During the activity period from September 20th to October 20th, we'll be hosting engaging contests and challenges where you can share your Algolaser Delta creations. By participating and showcasing your work, you'll not only inspire others but also stand a chance to win exciting prizes, such as upgraded accessories or additional engraving materials. Let your creativity shine and join us in this interactive celebration.




Algolaser Delta represents a remarkable leap forward in laser engraving technology, combining power, precision, and convenience to unleash your creative potential. With its extensive range of features, Algolaser Delta is poised to revolutionize the way you approach your artistic endeavors. However, Algolaser Delta is just one of the exceptional products offered by Gearberry—a brand renowned for its commitment to quality machinery and innovative solutions.


By leveraging our expertise and staying at the forefront of technological advancements, Gearberry consistently delivers machinery that exceeds expectations. Our dedication to quality is evident in every aspect, from the user-friendly interfaces and powerful performance to the meticulous attention to detail in design and engineering.


As you explore the world of Algolaser Delta 22W and witness its capabilities, remember that it is just one example of the innovative offerings from Gearberry. We invite you to visit our website to discover our full range of cutting-edge machinery, designed to elevate your creative pursuits and streamline your workflows.


Experience the Gearberry difference and embark on a journey of creativity, precision, and success. Visit our website today to explore our wide range of cutting-edge machines and discover how Gearberry can empower you to achieve your creative aspirations.

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