Why the Longer LK5 Pro is the Ideal Choice for 3D Printing Enthusiasts

Why the Longer LK5 Pro is the Ideal Choice for 3D Printing Enthusiasts

Why the Longer LK5 Pro is the Ideal Choice for 3D Printing Enthusiasts

The industrial sector has been completely transformed by 3D printing, which now makes it possible to construct intricate designs with a level of accuracy that was previously unthinkable. Manufacturers have been developing cutting-edge products to satisfy the increasing demand for 3D printers. One such producer is LONGER, who has unveiled their newest offering, the LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer.

An improved model of the LONGER LK4 X 3D printer, the LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer has a number of new features that make it the perfect option for 3D printing fans. We will go over the advantages of the LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer for fans of 3D printing in this article.

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Work Area

The LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer has a work area of 300x300x400mm, which is rather large when compared to other 3D printers in its class. This means that larger items can be printed without being divided into smaller ones. The LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer is thus excellent for producing prototypes, large-scale models, and even working parts.


With a printing accuracy of 0.1mm, the LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer is extremely astounding. This implies that you can precisely print models that are extremely intricate. The LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer has a 0.4mm-diameter nozzle, which is a typical size for 3D printers. The LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer has a layer resolution that ranges from 0.1 to 0.4mm, which is also extremely outstanding.

Warmed Bed

A heated bed and a ceramic coating glass print sheet are included with the LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer. Since the heated bed's maximum temperature is 100°C, a variety of materials can be printed. In order to prevent warping, the heated bed makes sure that the printed product is firmly attached to the print bed. This is crucial when printing with materials like ABS because they have a propensity to bend as they cool.

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The filament is supplied directly into the hot end of the LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer thanks to its direct extruder. This guarantees even feeding of the filament, improving print quality. The LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer's maximum nozzle temperature is 250°C, allowing you to print with a variety of materials.


180mm/s is a fairly quick printing speed for the LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer. This translates to the ability to print items fast without sacrificing print quality. The LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer's dual blower kit makes sure that the filament cools down rapidly after extrusion, preventing distortion or wire drawing and improving the suitability of the model for printing.


The 8-bit open-source and silent motherboard included with the LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer helps to minimize printing noise. The printer runs softly because of the TMC2208 ultra-silent drivers on the motherboard. Additionally open-source, the motherboard allows both firmware and G code modification.

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The LONGER 3D printer, the LK5 Pro, has a number of features that improve its usability and make it simple to operate for both novices and experts.

Quick Setup

You can quickly and easily set up the printer because it comes 90% pre-assembled. For people who are new to 3D printing, in particular, this function saves time and effort.

Stable Triangular Shape

A stable triangular structure created by the strengthened diagonal rod design significantly lowers vibration and results in more stable printing. Accuracy and high-quality printing are guaranteed by this function.

Sensor for Filament Detection

The printer has a filament detection sensor system that, in order to conserve time and material, automatically stops printing when the filament runs out. When printing large or complicated projects, this feature helps to avoid wastage of time and resources due to running out of filament.

Recovery System for Power Loss

In the event of a power failure, the printer incorporates a power loss recovery technology that enables it to pick up printing where it left off. By using this functionality, you may avoid wasting time and resources.

Compatibility of Materials

ABS, PETG, and PLA are just a few of the many materials that the printer is capable of printing with. Due to its adaptability, customers can select the substrate for each print that best meets their requirements and tastes.

Open-Source Motherboard

The TMC2208 ultra-silent driver on the Longer LK5 Pro's open-source motherboard eliminates noise and makes printing more enjoyable. By altering the G code, users of the open-source firmware can experiment and personalize their prints.

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Use a touchscreen

A 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen has been installed in place of the printer's conventional manual knobs and dot-matrix displays. Real-time printing information is simple to use and view on the screen thanks to the streamlined UI interface. Because it has a larger touch screen than comparable 2.8-inch printers, it is even simpler to operate and explore.


The expandability possibilities for the Longer LK5 Pro are fantastic. The printer is compatible with a broad variety of software, including Cura and Repetier, despite the fact that it does not enable laser engraving, cutting, or CNC carving. Additionally, it works with a number of operating systems, including Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

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Overall, because it was designed with usability in mind, the Longer LK5 Pro is a wonderful printer for consumers of all skill levels. Because of its robust triangular structure, filament detecting sensor, power loss recovery mechanism, and material compatibility, it is a dependable and effective alternative for 3D printing. It also provides remarkable versatility and usefulness due to its open-source motherboard and touchscreen display, and its expandability options make it suitable for future projects. Gearberry focuses in offering consumers all over the world high-quality 3D printing products and accessories. The goal of our business is to make 3D printing available to everyone, and we accomplish this by providing both inexperienced and seasoned 3D printing lovers with cost-effective yet dependable items. Customers can anticipate receiving outstanding value, first-rate customer care, and a hassle-free buying experience when they choose Gearberry.

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