What can a 20W laser engrave?

What can a 20W laser engrave?

What can a 20W laser engrave?


The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver is a robust and adaptable tool made to push the limits of imagination. This laser engraver has cutting-edge features and technology that enable it to do a variety of tasks. In this post, we'll delve into the LONGER B1's enormous potential and examine the several types of materials it can engrave with its 20W ultra-high power laser.

Utilizing a 20W Laser's Power

With a powerful 20W optical output power, the LONGER B1 distinguishes out among laser engraving machines. The incorporation of cutting-edge six-core laser technology gives the machine this power and outstanding cutting capabilities. The LONGER B1's laser strength allows it to cut through a variety of materials, including paulownia wood up to 15mm thick, black acrylic up to 8mm thick, and stainless steel as thin as 0.05mm. It can also handle larger cuts in many passes, such as 25mm basswood and 35mm black acrylic, making it a useful tool for a variety of applications.

Larger Working Frame

Compared to many other engraving machines, the LONGER B1 has a larger working area. It offers a 23.75% increase in working size at 17.72x17.32 inches (450x440mm) in size. This wider frame is perfect for working with A3 panels and other substantial materials since it offers more flexibility and can hold larger projects. The LONGER B1 provides enough of room for your artistic activities, whether you're working on delicate drawings or larger-scale engravings.

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Improved Cutting with Air-Assist Pump

The LONGER B1 has an air-assist pump that can be turned on or off automatically. This function improves the machine's cutting capacity because it is directly controlled by the software and operates according to Lightburn's criteria. The air-assist pump greatly increases cutting precision and quality by continuously supplying air to the cutting region. It helps keep materials from overheating and clears away debris for cleaner, more accurate cuts.

Enhanced Speed and Efficiency

The LONGER B1 produces outstanding engraving speeds of up to 36,000mm/min thanks to its upgraded 32-bit motherboard. Compared to standard laser engravers, this speed is four times faster, allowing you to finish tasks more quickly without sacrificing accuracy. A calmer and more pleasurable working atmosphere is created with the addition of TMC2209 silent drivers, which also reduce operational noise.

Unleashing Colorful Creativity

The LONGER B1's high-energy laser beam has the unique ability to instantly oxidize metal surfaces, unleashing the creative potential of color. The possibilities for bright and vibrant creative patterns are increased by the beautiful palette of more than 300 rich colors produced by this procedure. The LONGER laser B1 20W enables you to add a splash of brilliant colors to your projects regardless of whether you're engraving on stainless steel, silver, or other metal surfaces.

Safety and Protection Features

With its many safety measures, the LONGER B1 puts user protection first. Safety is of the utmost importance while working with laser engraving equipment. Eight safety safeguards are built into the device: Move, Flame, Offline, Motionless, Security Lock, Eye Protection, Emergency Stop Button, and Zero Reset. With the help of these features, the laser is protected from hazards like falls, fire, data loss, and prolonged laser head freezing. In order to avoid burnout in the event of a fire, the laser head is also immediately reset to zero.

Cutting-Edge Material Compatibility

The LONGER B1 has exceptional cutting and engraving capabilities across a variety of materials thanks to its 20W laser output. This device gives up a world of possibilities for artists, crafters, and enthusiasts alike, from standard mediums to unusual substrates.

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Paulownia, basswood, plywood, and bamboo are just a few of the many types of wood that the LONGER B1 is excellent at engraving and cutting. This machine produces excellent results whether you're making elaborate wooden drawings or making customised wooden signage.


Black acrylic can be easily cut using the LONGER B1 and has a maximum thickness of 8mm. The ability to precisely engrave acrylic sheets of various colors and thicknesses is another feature that makes it possible to create amazing acrylic displays, signage, and ornamental objects.


The LONGER B1 can engrave on thin sheets of metal like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and silver, despite not being specifically made for heavy-duty metal cutting. This makes it possible to produce complicated designs, unique jewelry, and personalized metal tags.


Genuine leather, imitation leather, and suede can all be engraved on with the LONGER B1, which will appeal to those who enjoy leather manufacturing. The machine can add delicate features and motifs to improve your leather creations, from customized wallets to embossed leather accessories.


A variety of materials, including cotton, linen, silk, and denim, can be engraved with the LONGER B1. This provides up opportunities for distinctive home décor goods like specially made pillows or embroidered fabrics, elaborate textile art, and personalized clothes.

Other Materials

The LONGER B1's adaptability goes beyond conventional media. Glass, stone, ceramic tiles, paper, cardboard, and even some polymers are among the materials it can etch. Users can exercise their imagination and experiment with different materials for their projects because to this wide-ranging compatibility.

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Precision and Stability

The LONGER B1's upgraded mechanical innovations and aluminum frame guarantee stability and longevity even during high-speed working modes. Because of the stability, engraving and cutting precision are improved, making it possible to create intricate, minutely detailed designs with astounding accuracy.

Convenient Focus Adjustment

The LONGER B1's laser module includes a pull-down focus bar that makes it easier to focus the laser beam. All you have to do with a user-friendly design is pull down the focus bar and shift it in the direction of the working panel's surface. This quick and simple adjustment mechanism ensures accurate and constant focus for each project while saving time and effort.

Flexible Data Transfer Options

The LONGER B1 has a variety of data transfer options, including Wi-Fi, USB cable, APP, and TF cards. With this flexibility, offline operations are possible, allowing you to operate anywhere without being physically connected to a computer. The LONGER B1 supports your preferred workflow, whether you like the ease of wireless transfer or the dependability of direct connection.

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Compatibility with Carving Software

The LONGER B1 is compatible with a number of advanced carving software choices, like LaserGRBL and LightBurn, to further improve its usage. Popular operating systems supported by it include Windows 7 and later, macOS, and Linux. The machine can read files in the following engraving file types: JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, and GC, among others. Utilizing well-known software products for designing and putting your creative ideas into action is made possible by this compatibility, which guarantees a seamless integration into your current workflow.

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The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver is a creative powerhouse that combines cutting-edge technology, outstanding laser power, and a variety of functions that let users explore laser engraving's full potential. The LONGER B1 has unmatched versatility and performance thanks to its 20W ultra-high power laser, larger working frame, improved speed and efficiency, air-assist pump, and safety features. This tool gives artists, crafters, and hobbyists a wide range of options, from precisely cutting through various materials to delicately etching designs on various surfaces. It is a practical and user-friendly tool because of its interoperability with many software and file formats as well as its versatile data transfer possibilities. The LONGER B1 is created to fit your demands, whether you're a professional wishing to increase your creative potential or a hobbyist searching for a dependable and potent laser engraving machine. It gives you the ability to realize creative ideas on a variety of surfaces, including wood, acrylic, metal, leather, fabrics, and more. Please note that the introductory offer price for the LONGER B1 is $839.99, but there is a special promotional price of $799. The product will be available for purchase starting on May 15th.

A company called Gearberry is committed to offering cutting-edge technology items of the highest caliber to improve people's lives. The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver reflects our commitment to providing innovative and useful solutions to our customers' demands. It combines cutting-edge features and technology to let users fully utilize laser engraving's capabilities. Any artist, craftsman, or enthusiast would find the gadget to be a useful addition to their toolset due to its versatility, speed, safety features, and compatibility with a variety of materials. Gearberry is committed to supplying goods that satisfy the demands of your clients, and we know that you are equally committed to provide outstanding customer service and support. If you want to learn more about us, just search our website.

With the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver, you may unleash your creativity, stretch the limits of artistic expression, and go on an adventure filled with limitless possibilities. As you effortlessly and precisely construct original and engaging designs, observe the marriage of technology and creativity. Discover the limitless inventiveness that awaits you in the realm of laser engraving by making the LONGER B1 your dependable companion.

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