Upgrade Your Workstation with the LONGER B1 30W Ultra-High Power Laser Engraver: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

Upgrade Your Workstation with the LONGER B1 30W Ultra-High Power Laser Engraver: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

Upgrade Your Workstation with the LONGER B1 30W Ultra-High Power Laser Engraver: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide


Having the appropriate tools is crucial to bringing your ideas to life in the fast-paced, highly valued world of today. The laser engraver is one such equipment that has transformed the fields of crafting and personalisation. LONGER, renowned for its dedication to quality and use of cutting-edge technology, is one of the leading brands in this sector.  We will examine the LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver and its exceptional features in this in-depth buyer's guide. It is a fantastic option for both professionals and enthusiasts.

33W Ultra-High Power Laser: Release the Power!

The 33W ultra-high power laser is the brains of the LONGER B1 Laser Engraver. This device, one of the strongest diode-laser engravers currently on the market, boasts an amazing optical output power and is powered by cutting-edge six-core laser technology. The Laser B1 can easily cut through a variety of materials with its powerful cutting capabilities. This laser engraver can handle a variety of materials, including 20mm paulownia wood, 10mm black acrylic, and even 0.1mm stainless steel, in a single pass. The Laser B1 produces excellent results through multi-pass engraving on thicker materials including 25mm basswood and 50mm black acrylic.


Improved Workspace: Larger Frame, More Options

With a spacious working surface of 17.72x17.32 inches (450x440mm), the LONGER B1 distinguishes out from other engravers by a factor of 23.75 percent. This wider frame size opens up a wide range of options by tolerating different materials and making it simple to engrave A3 panels. The B1 provides plenty of room to let your creativity run wild whether you're working on complex drawings or bigger tasks.

Unparalleled Performance and Speed

The LONGER B1 laser engraver offers unmatched speed and performance with the upgraded 32-bit motherboard. It can engrave up to 30,000mm per minute, which is four times faster than conventional machines. With this outstanding pace, you can finish tasks quickly and stick to deadlines. The adoption of TMC2209 quiet drivers further reduces operational noise, resulting in a quicker and more pleasurable user experience.

At Your Fingertips, Precision: Automatic Air-Assist Pump

The LONGer B1 has an automated air-assist pump to improve cutting precision and quality while enhancing cutting ability. The air-assist pump is directly controlled by the program using the parameters defined in Lightburn to ensure ideal cutting conditions. It aids in maintaining the sharpness of the laser beam, producing clean and precise cuts by lowering heat and debris throughout the engraving process.

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Vibrant Creativity: 300+ Colors at Your Disposal

The high-energy laser beam of the LONGER B1 brings a new dimension to your creative projects. By instantly oxidizing the metal surface, it unlocks a palette of 300+ rich colors, allowing you to achieve vibrant and eye-catching designs. Whether you're engraving jewelry, personalized gifts, or decorative items, the LONGER B1 offers endless possibilities to fulfill your colorful creative needs.

Enhanced protection features with a focus on safety

Longer places a high priority on security, as evidenced by the numerous security mechanisms built into the B1 laser engraver. You can operate with confidence knowing that there are 8 safety systems in place, including Move/Flame/Offline/Motionless/Security Lock/Eye Protection/Emergency Stop Button/Zero Reset. When the laser detects falling, flame, data disconnect, or if the laser head freezes for more than 15 seconds, the laser immediately turns off. Additionally, in the event of a fire, the laser head is automatically reset to zero to prevent burnout. A safer working environment is guaranteed by the panoramic filter glass, which successfully blocks 99.8% of the laser.

Unleashed Versatility: 1000+ Compatible Materials

The 33W laser power and powerful cutting and engraving capabilities of the LONGER B1 laser engraver make it compatible with a wide range of materials. The B1 can easily handle more than 1000 different materials, including wood, stainless steel, leather, and silver, as well as acrylic, cotton, and other materials. This adaptability enables you to experiment with a variety of creative initiatives, from complex designs to individualized products and business applications.

Aluminum frame design for stability and durability

The LONGER B1's upgraded mechanical innovations and aluminum frame ensure stability even in high-speed working environments. This sturdy design reduces vibrations, improving the accuracy of cutting and engraving. The B1 is a dependable partner for both professional and amateur engravers because of the sturdy frame, which is made to endure the demands of continuous operation.

Easy Focus Modification

The Laser B1 features a pull-down focus bar that makes setting the focal point easier. You may easily acquire exact focus for your engraving tasks by simply lowering the focus bar and bringing it closer the working panel's surface. Even when using materials of various thicknesses, this convenient tool assures consistency and saves time.

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Continuous Connectivity: A Variety of Transfer Options

The LONGER B1 provides a variety of connecting options that enable seamless data transfer. You may easily transfer your creations using Wi-Fi, USB cables, APPs, or TF cards. You are released from the limitations of having a physical connection to a computer thanks to the machine's capabilities for offline operations. The B1 is a great option for people looking for portability and ease because it allows you to work anywhere.

Software for Carving Compatible

The mature carving software LaserGRBL and LightBurn are both compatible with the LONGER B1 laser engraver. These popular software choices offer simple user interfaces and strong features for planning and completing your engraving tasks. The B1 smoothly interacts with your favourite applications whether you're using Windows 7+, macOS, or Linux. Additionally, the supported engraving file formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, and GC, let you work with a variety of file kinds.

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The LONGER B1 30W Ultra-High Power Laser Engraver is a fantastic option if you're trying to increase your workstation and improve your creative abilities. In this article we discuss the laser engraver buying guide. The LONGER B1 offers a complete solution for professionals and hobbyists alike thanks to its exceptional features, which include the potent 33W laser, larger working frame, high-speed performance, automatic air-assist pump, vibrant color options, safety protection features, and compatibility with a wide range of materials and carving software. It is an investment that will take your engraving projects to new levels of accuracy and originality because to its sturdy build and user-friendly design. With the LONGER B1 30W, you can harness the power of laser engraving and open up a world of personalized presents, artistic masterpieces, and industrial uses. LONGER is well-known in the business as a company committed to superior quality and cutting-edge technology. You can view our selection of cutting-edge products made to realize your ideas by going to GearBerry, our official website. Our ultimate objective is to offer consumers like you options that satisfy their demands and enable them to benefit from the revolutionary potential of laser engraving. Don't pass up the chance to use the LONGER B1 Laser Engraver to discover personalized gifts, produce works of art, and investigate industrial applications.

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