TwoTrees TTC 450 Review: High Performance, Precise and Affordable

TwoTrees TTC 450 Review: High Performance, Precise and Affordable

TwoTrees TTC 450 Review: High Performance, Precise and Affordable

I'm a dedicated woodworker who is constantly searching for new equipment to advance my trade. I just had the chance to test out the TwoTrees TTC 450 laser engraver, and I must tell it made an impression. I'll go into the TwoTrees TTC 450's features, performance, use, and cost in this in-depth review, demonstrating why it's an outstanding option for both novice and experienced woodworkers. Woodworking is an art form that grows in tandem with technology. The TwoTrees TTC 450 laser engraver is a game changer, providing high performance, precision, and cost. In this comprehensive review, we will look at its different features and functionalities to see how it may transform your woodworking projects.


Working surface

With a big working surface of 460x460x80, the TwoTrees TTC 450 has enough room for a variety of woodworking projects. This engraver can meet your needs whether you're working on complex designs or larger objects.


Drive System

The TTC 450's 32-bit drive system guarantees swift and accurate movements when engraving. As a result, the motifs on the surface of the wood are precise and exquisitely detailed.

Laser Wavelength

The TwoTrees TTC 450 makes use of a twin Y-axis system and translation screws drive to ensure effective and dependable laser engravers. With the help of this ground-breaking technique, the engraver can produce complicated drawings with outstanding clarity.

Main Board

The TTC 450's main board, the DLC32 V2.1, provides extensive control and compatibility with a variety of software packages. This enables easy connection with popular CAM software like as Candle, Carveco, Artcam, and Easel, providing customers with flexibility and ease.

Power Supply

The TTC 450 includes a powerful 120W power supply that operates at 24V and 5A. This offers consistent and stable power delivery, allowing for dependable performance and precise engraving results.

CAM Software

The bundled CAM software, which includes Candle, Carveco, Artcam, and Easel, has an easy-to-use interface and extensive functionality. These design software alternatives provide a variety of creative features, allowing you to unleash your creativity and generate outstanding outcomes.


Homing Switches

The TTC 450 includes X, Y, and Z double limit switches, as well as an emergency stop (ESTOP) function, to guarantee safety and exact positioning. These homing switches enable repetitive engraving and exact alignment while enhancing operational security.

Leadscrew Size & Type

The TTC 450 uses an Acme T8 lead screw with a 2mm pitch and 4mm of lead. Your woodworking projects will be accurate in every way thanks to the smooth and precise motions of this leadscrew size and type.

Stepper Driver

The TwoTrees TTC 450 is outfitted with an A4988 stepper driver rated at 1.3A. This driver gives the stepper motors precision control, allowing for smooth and accurate motions during the engraving process.

Stepper Motors

The TTC 450 is equipped with 17HS8401S stepper motors, specifically the NEMA23 type with a torque rating of 20mN.m. These robust motors give the strength and stability required to handle a variety of woodworking applications, delivering consistent and dependable performance.

Max Speed

The TTC 450's maximum speed of 800mm/minute enables effective and time-saving engraving. Whether you're working on intricate drawings or larger surfaces, TwoTrees TTC 450 CNC Router Machine can finish your projects quickly and precisely.

Running Accuracy

The TTC 450 performs really well in this area. Precision is essential in woodworking. This engraver ensures that your drawings are reproduced with the highest level of accuracy and detail thanks to its running accuracy of 0.1mm. Fine lettering, detailed artwork, and elaborate patterns are all made possible by this level of accuracy.


Repositioning Precision

Maintaining alignment when working on numerous passes or complex designs requires repositioning precision. With a rating of 0.0025mm, the TTC 450 offers remarkable repositioning precision. With the help of this technology, you may easily carry out multi-pass engraving without worrying about misalignment.

User Experience

The TwoTrees TTC 450 focuses user experience, making it suited for both novice and professional woodworkers. The user-friendly controls and intuitive UI allow for easy operation and a smooth workflow. The large work space enables a variety of project sizes, giving you flexibility in your woodworking activities.


Affordability is one of the TwoTrees TTC 450's most notable features. Despite its high-performance features and accuracy capabilities, this laser engraver is reasonably priced, making it a good alternative for individuals wishing to invest in a dependable and versatile woodworking equipment without breaking the bank.


The TTC 450 is a standout alternative for budget-conscious woodworkers who nevertheless seek great results because its pricing does not compromise its quality or performance.



The TwoTrees TTC 450 laser engraver stands out as a high-performance, accurate, and reasonably priced equipment for woodworking hobbyists. It provides an unmatched engraving experience because to its large working surface, sophisticated drive system, compatibility with well-known CAM software, and exact precision. The TTC 450 gives great results with its solid performance and affordability, whether you're a beginner learning about the world of woodworking or an expert craftsman looking to improve your projects. Purchasing the TwoTrees TTC 450 will surely boost your woodworking pursuits, allowing you to express your creativity while achieving exceptional precision and detail in every job. If you're seeking for a dependable and economical firm that is dedicated to supplying high-quality woodworking equipment, Gearberry is a must-see.  We specialize at Gearberry in providing innovative and user-friendly tools that can help you take your woodworking to the next level. Our product line includes laser engravers, CNC routers, and other woodworking tools that are designed to provide great performance and precision at a reasonable price. We understand that each woodworker has different wants and preferences, which is why we offer a choice of alternatives that can be adjusted to your personal demands.  Whether you're an experienced woodworker or just getting started, our products are designed to give you the flexibility, accuracy, and affordability you need to complete your projects.

To discover more about our products and how they may help you unleash your creativity and produce amazing outcomes, visit our website.

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