The Easythreed K7: The Perfect Gateway 3D Printer for Kids

The Easythreed K7: The Perfect Gateway 3D Printer for Kids

The Easythreed K7: The Perfect Gateway 3D Printer for Kids


The world of 3D printing opens up exciting opportunities for kids to learn, create and innovate. Finding an affordable, high-quality 3D printer geared specifically for children can be a challenge. The Easythreed K7 stands out as the perfect gateway 3D printer for kids and teens thanks to its combination of ease of use, safety features, and outstanding performance for the price. Now, let's know more about this magic 3D Printer!


"Simple to Use" for Kids

Easythreed k7 3D Printer 

One of the biggest advantages of the Easythreed K7 is its sheer simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for beginners. It arrives nearly fully assembled so kids can start printing in minutes. The color touchscreen provides an intuitive interface to guide users through setup, loading filament, leveling, preheating and printing. Settings are optimized out of the box for great results without complex tweaking. Young makers will find the Easythreed K7 very straightforward to start printing on independently.


Simple Part Removal


This machine is equipped with a heated print bed with a removable, flexible magnetic mat. This allows printed parts to adhere nicely while printing, preventing warping or detachment issues. Once the print bed cools after the print is done, parts pop right off the magnetic mat with ease. There is no need for scraping tools or excess force. Additionally, the mats are durable for repeated use and this hassle-free part removal makes the printing process smoother for kids.


Extremely Silent Motherboard 

A standout feature of the Easythreed K7 is its ultra-quiet printing operation. It has an advanced 32-bit mainboard with TMC2209 drivers for precise motor control, which results in minimal vibrations and noise levels around 50 decibels, comparable to normal conversation. Kids can enjoy hearing the printer's movements rather than loud, distracting whirring and clanking. The silent operation also makes the K7 appropriate for classroom and home use.


Excellent Adhesion and Removal


In addition to the removable print mats, the Easythreed K7 print bed is made from durable carbide glass for excellent adhesion. Prints stay stuck securely to the bed during printing, preventing warping or detachment issues. Combined with the precise 0.4mm extruder nozzle, this allows large, complex prints to be completed reliably. Once cooled after printing, parts easily pop off the glass bed without the force or tools needed.


Secure and Quick Heating


For thermoplastic materials like PLA filament, accurate heating is critical to print success. The Easythreed K7 print bed heats rapidly up to 60°C while the all-metal nozzle reaches 180°C in under 3 minutes. Temperature sensors and circuitry maintain even heating throughout prints, which enables excellent first-layer adhesion. The enclosure housing also traps heat to prevent cooling or warping mid-print and therefore users get great results print after print thanks to the reliable heating system.


Kid-Safe and Durable Construction

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Safety is paramount when the printer is used by children. The Easythreed K7 has an enclosed design so users cannot contact hot parts or moving components. This 3D Printer For Kids uses non-toxic, low-odor PLA filament that does not release fumes. All metal and glass construction makes the K7 highly durable for long-term use. Not only will kids get years of enjoyment out of this workhorse printer, but parents can feel assured it is a safe tool for young makers to use independently.


Affordable Pricing


For an entry-level 3D printer aimed at kids and beginners, the Easythreed K7 is very competitively priced at $181. Many low-cost printers cut corners in terms of print quality, reliability and durability. But Easythreed K7 does not sacrifice performance or build quality despite its reasonable price tag. Considering its capabilities, print volume, safety features and construction, it delivers outstanding value. For families and schools on a budget, the K7 is an ideal first 3D printer at an accessible price.


Exciting First Projects for Beginners


One of the joys of 3D printing for kids is designing and creating their own objects. If you are looking for Best 3D printer of 2023, I recommend Easythreed K7 as it is well-suited for printing fun toys, gifts, jewelry, models, figurines, gadgets, and more. Young makers can also print parts and prototypes for science projects or robotics kits. With a 235175270 mm size, it can produce medium-sized prints like phone cases, desk organizers, and drone bodies. Easythreed K7 opens up a world of possibilities for a child’s imagination to take shape into 3D objects.


STEM Learning Opportunities


Educators and parents love 3D printing for its ability to engage kids in STEM subjects. The process of 3D modeling and printing integrates math, physics, engineering, and technology skills. With the Easythreed K7, students can print customized tools and parts for science experiments. For budding engineers, they can design prototypes and mechanical objects. While for young makers, they can gain spatial reasoning abilities and experience design thinking needed for future careers. At school or home, the K7 provides hands-on learning.


Outstanding Print Quality


Despite its reasonable pricing, Easythreed K7 delivers outstanding print quality rivaling more expensive models. It can print layers between 0.05mm to 0.4mm for good resolution on detailed models. Parts have excellent corner sharpness and smooth finish thanks to quality control features like resume print capacity and precise stepper motors. Once properly leveled and calibrated, Easythreed K7 will consistently produce dimensionally accurate prints with fine details suitable for small toys and miniatures.


Vibrant and Customizable

 3D Printer for Kids - STEM, Design & Creating at Home

Kids will love the ability to customize and personalize their prints. The K7 can print in a rainbow of different PLA filament colors from standard to glittery, translucent, or glow-in-the-dark. Young makers can print keychains, jewelry, figurines, vases and more in their favorite vibrant hues. The K7 brings digital designs to life in full color. For classrooms and maker spaces, having multiple filament options keeps students engaged in designing and printing unique creations.


Simple Setup and Maintenance


Unboxing and setting up the K7 is quick and straightforward thanks to the detailed user manuals. Easythreed also provides helpful video instructions for getting started. Once assembled, the 3D printer has automated bed leveling and calibration to get prints started fast. Basic maintenance involves wiping the print bed, storing filament properly, and occasional nozzle cleaning. Overall, kids should not need much guidance to start and operate the printer independently.


Active Customer Support


For beginners troubleshooting issues or needing assistance, Easythreed K7 provides responsive customer service through email and live chat. Their online knowledge base has additional tips and tricks for setup, maintenance, and operation. The active user community is another helpful resource for advice and inspiration. Between the included instructions, online support, and user forums, new Easythreed K7 owners have all the information they need for an exceptional first 3D printing experience.


Expandable and Upgradeable


While Easythreed K7 works excellently out of the box, more advanced users can further customize and upgrade it. The software has settings to optimize print speed, temperature, retraction, and other parameters. The build plate can accommodate third-party adhesion solutions. Standard nozzle sizes allow upgrades like 0.2mm for finer details. Extruder and hot-end upgrades are possible with some tweaking as well. As young makers grow their skills, the K7 can grow with them.




With its user-friendly operation, versatile printing capabilities, and kid-safe construction, the Easythreed K7 3D printer is an ideal starter model for children and schools. Features like the silent motherboard, removable print surface, and enclosed body make the K7 perfect for beginners. Young makers can start printing fun projects and STEM models right out of the box with this well-rounded, budget-friendly printer. For an affordable but high-quality introduction to the exciting world of 3D printing, the Easythreed K7 is an excellent choice.


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