Setting up the Ortur Laser Master 3: Our Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up the Ortur Laser Master 3: Our Step-by-Step Guide

Setting up the Ortur Laser Master 3: Our Step-by-Step Guide

The Ortur Laser Master 3 is a cutting-edge laser engraving machine that offers exceptional precision and versatility. It comes with a range of features and is designed to be easy to use. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up the Ortur Laser Master 3 and using it for your engraving needs.

High-performance laser engraving equipment with a variety of uses includes the Ortur Laser Master 3. It has a 10W laser module and the most recent laser coupling technology, enabling it to quickly cut through a range of materials. The gadget also has safety measures, automatic maintenance reminders, and support for a variety of software and file formats.

Unboxing and Assembly

When you receive your Ortur Laser Master 3, the first step is to unbox it and assemble the device. The package includes the laser engraver, laser module, fans, motors, air-assist nozzle, power supply, and other necessary components.

To assemble the device, follow these steps:


Ortur Laser Master 3


1. Attach the laser module and fans to the machine

The laser module and fans can be attached to the machine using the provided screws and brackets. Make sure to align the laser module and fans properly and tighten the screws securely. For the laser module, high quality options like the NEJE A40640 Laser Module are recommended for optimal performance.

2. Connect the motors

The Y-axis of the Ortur Laser Master 3 is powered by two stepper motors. Follow the directions in the user handbook to connect the motors.

3. Install the air-assist nozzle

The air-assist nozzle can be installed by sliding it into the laser module. Make sure to secure it in place using the provided screws.

Once you have assembled the device, plug in the power supply and power on the device.

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Connecting the Ortur Laser Master 3

The Ortur Laser Master 3 can be connected to a computer or mobile device using a range of connection options, including Wi-Fi, USB, SD card, APP, and U disk. To connect the device, follow these steps:

Wi-Fi: To connect the device via Wi-Fi, go to the device settings and select the Wi-Fi option. Enter your Wi-Fi network details and connect to the network.

USB: Connect the USB cable to the gadget and your computer to connect it through USB. Your computer should recognize the device automatically.

SD card: Put the SD card into the device's SD card slot to utilize it.

APP: The Laser Explorer Professional APP, which can be purchased from the App Store or Google Play Store, is compatible with the Ortur Laser Master 3.

U disk: To use a U disk, insert the U disk into the U disk slot on the device.

Software Compatibility

The Ortur Laser Master 3 is compatible with a range of engraving software and file formats. The device supports LaserGRBL and LightBurn software and can engrave files in NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, and other formats.

Ortur Laser Master

To install and set up the software, follow these steps:

Download the software from the official website or the App Store/Google Play Store.

Install the software on your computer or mobile device.

Connect the device to the computer or mobile device.

Open the software and select the file you want to engrave.

Send the file to the device for engraving.

Safety Features

The Ortur Laser Master 3 comes with a range of safety features to ensure safe operation. These features include:

Safety Lock

The tool has a safety lock that is only intended for use by professionals. It can be applied to stop unauthorized users from accessing the device.

Active Position Protection

The gadget has active position protection, which keeps the laser from drifting outside of the engraving region.


Ortur Laser Engraver


Sloping Position Protection

To prevent the laser from engraving at an angle, the gadget also has a slope position protection feature.

Exposure Duration Detection and Limitation

The system is capable of detecting the laser's exposure time and limiting it to ensure safe operation.

Voltage and Current Safety Control System

The device features a voltage and current safety control system to prevent overloading and overheating.

Host Computer Watchdog

When the computer is disconnected, the device's host computer watchdog feature can detect it and halt the engraving operation.

Emergency Stop Switch

In case of an emergency, the device's emergency stop switch can be utilized to halt the engraving operation. Additionally, upgrading to accessories like the LONGER Air Assist Kits can provide an extra layer of protection by reducing flare ups and smoke production.

Ortur Laser Engraving

Using the Ortur Laser Master 3

To use the Ortur Laser Master 3 for engraving, follow these steps:

Load and position the material: Load the material you want to engrave onto the device and position it within the engraving area.

Setthe engraving parameters: Open the engraving software and set the desired engraving parameters, such as the cutting speed and power.

Start the engraving process: Send the engraving file to the device and start the engraving process. The device will automatically execute the engraving process according to the parameters set in the software.

Achieve precise engraving results: Because of its high-speed laser module and precise focusing spot area, the Ortur Laser Master 3 is designed to produce exact engraving results. The equipment can engrave wood, acrylic, and pine board, among other materials.

Using optional accessories: Optional attachments for the Ortur Laser Master 3 include the Ortur YRR 2.0 Rotary Roller for Cylinder Engraving and the Ortur Laser Engraving Platform. These accessories can be used to improve the device's performance and adaptability.

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Maintenance and Troubleshooting

The Ortur Laser Master 3 comes with an automatic maintenance reminder feature, which alerts you when it's time to perform maintenance on the device. To maintain the device, follow these steps:


laser engraver


Clean the device regularly: Use a soft cloth to clean the device regularly, especially the laser module and fans.

Check the device for wear and tear: Inspect the device regularly for wear and tear, such as loose screws or damaged components.

Troubleshooting common issues: If you encounter any issues with the device, consult the user manual or contact customer support for assistance. For laser module issues specifically, consider replacing it with a high-quality part like the NEJE E40 Laser Module to restore performance.

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The Ortur Laser Master 3 is a high-performance laser engraving machine that offers exceptional precision and versatility. If you want to know more about laser engraver, you can refer to this Buying Guide. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can easily set up and use the device for your engraving needs. Keep in mind the safety features and maintenance tips to ensure safe and efficient operation of the device. With the Ortur Laser Master 3, you can achieve precise and high-quality engraving results in a fast and efficient manner.

GearBerry is a leading online retailer that offers a wide range of high-quality laser engraving machines, including the Ortur Laser Master 3. Our products are designed with precision and versatility in mind, and we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Visit our official website at to learn more about our products and services.

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