Longer LK5 Pro: Unboxing, Setup, and First Impressions

Longer LK5 Pro: Unboxing, Setup, and First Impressions

Longer LK5 Pro: Unboxing, Setup, and First Impressions

The waiting process is always exciting and anxious. Especially for an acute person like me, it is more difficult. This time, I bought a product that I have been observing for a long time. That is the Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer! Before buying it, I have learned a lot about its many powerful features on the Internet, as well as the use experience of many people. After I fully felt its advantages, I resolutely also invested in one. So In this post, I can’t wait to share my unboxing, setup, and initially feeling of the Longer LK5 Pro with you!

Longer LK5 Pro-1

My intuitive feeling

I knew I could count on this 3D printer to last me years of artistic experimentation. The size and weight of the enormous package astound me when it comes to my house. As claimed, this was unmistakably an industrial-grade 3D printer. I excitedly ripped open the packing to discover the parts nicely arranged in several packs. Owing to the detailed directions and the realization that it was 90% pre-assembled, installation only took me around 2 hours. The robust triangular structure immediately took shape and seemed quite solid.

Following operating steps

The rest of the building stages were simple, and the booklet that came with it had excellent instructions. Before loading and leveling the filaments according to the printer guidelines, I inserted the filament reels, the construction plate with its ceramic covering, and all the cords. It was effortless to get acquainted with the 4.3-inch full-color touchscreen display, and watching the instructional movies on the included USB assisted me become accustomed with the menu selections. I was grateful that the printer included a lattice glass print bed plate because it facilitated leveling the bed much easier.  

My experience feeling after finishing works

Longer LK5 Pro-2

Overall, my experience with this machine has been excellent, and I would like to talk about why it has given me such a good experience from several aspects respectively.

Exactness in layout

To my shock, the 3D printer created faultless 10x10x10mm cubes utilizing every filament on its inaugural attempt. The amount of surface correctness, precision, and detail absolutely startled me. As I explored printing more intricate models, substantial prototypes, carvings, toys, and even decor, my passion rose. Every print was produced with exquisite details, lovely surfaces, and accurate proportions, as promised.

Delicate patterns can be printed with outstanding accuracy due to the granularity of 0.1mm. For those who intend to print out larger items like couches or construction drawings, this is extremely helpful. Afterwards that, the 0.4mm nozzle diameter and upper nozzle temperature of 250°C give me an abundance of space to print with a wide range of stuff. I am capable of layer resolutions of 0.1mm and 0.4mm for perfect surfaces or higher resolutions as required.

Realistic outcomes

There is a lot of independence and potential for testing with a heated glass plate that can reach temperatures of up to 100°C and permit the use of a variety of PLA, PETG, ABS, wood, metal, and composite filaments. I've so far had fantastic results with every material using the accessible touchscreen interface to fine-tune temperatures, speeds, and other options for outstanding print quality. Thanks to the two fan cooling system, prints maintain fine details and surface textures, emerging from the build plate looking like high-fidelity prototypes.

Longer LK5 Pro-3

Further possibilities

With a printed area of 300x300x400mm, I was allowed to print large vases and bowls as well as life-size costumes, sculptures, ornaments, and completely operational gears. Along with the usual PLA and ABS plastics, I also preferred to explore with wood, metal, ceramic, and composite materials. The open-source 8-bit motherboard of LONGER 3D printers even made it possible to flash customized firmware to precisely adjust temperature settings for test materials and longer print times.

A well-planned concept

Any 3D printer I run routinely must be dependable, and the Longer LK5 Pro accomplishes this with clever technology. Due to features like power loss recovery, filament runout detection, and a silent 8-bit motherboard, my prints can continue even in the event of disturbances without wasting hours of building time or resources. I can focus more on creating because the 3D printer does not cease abruptly and I never have to obsess about mistakes.

Longer LK5 Pro-4

It should be emphasized that the printer does not have an automatic leveling mechanism, which could be problematic for a few people. The lattice glass plate and user-friendly touch screen interface, on the other hand, made leveling the bed a rapid and easy task.

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For me, the Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer journey has been exceedingly of joyful and exciting, from unwrapping to generating creative objects. I am desperate to explore the limits of desktop 3D printing with the aid of this superb 3D printer as my dependable gear. I really propose you to take a look at the Longer LK5 Pro if you're in search for a 3D printer. I'm very pleased with this investment in general, and I can't wait to discover what else I can produce! Hope you can also become a happy creator too!

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