The Complete LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver Troubleshooting Guide

The Complete LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver Troubleshooting Guide

The Complete LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver Troubleshooting Guide

I. Introduction

The desktop-sized LONGER B1 30W laser engraver offers strong power and speed. With engraving speeds of 30,000mm/min and the ability to cut through 20mm wood or 10mm acrylic, it can complete most tasks for home use and small businesses in no time. Its intricate combination of optics, mechanics, and electronics can, however, occasionally run into problems.

This troubleshooting manual will address typical issues that might arise with the LONGER B1 and how to fix them. Starting with the most fundamental setup and connection issues, we'll move on to laser, motion, and material processing repairs. The topics of safety and preventive upkeep will also be covered. Even though not all issues can be fixed at home, using this advice can give you a good place to start before contacting a professional. In addition, to help you make an informed purchasing decision, be sure to check out GearBerry's best laser engraver of 2023, which provides valuable information on selecting the right machine for your needs. Now, let’s dive in!

II. Setup and Connection Problems

For proper operation, the LONGER B1 requires numerous cable connections in addition to software. The engraver may not function properly if this initial setup process is done incorrectly:

LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver' works

If the laser engraver does not power on at all, make sure the power cable is fully seated in the power socket on the back. Try a different outlet as well in case a breaker is tripped.

Loose or faulty USB and electronic cables can cause connection issues to the computer. Check for any loose plugs and swap out cables if possible.

For wireless connectivity problems, power cycle the engraver and reset network connections on the computer. Update WiFi drivers if needed.

Reinstall the latest engraving software and reboot the computer if unable to print over USB or wireless. Update Windows, Mac OS, or Linux as required.

III. Mechanical and Motion Issues

The precision motion of the engraver's gantry, X/Y axes, and Z-axis lift are critical for proper laser operation. Here are some common mechanical issues and fixes:

If engraving is off-center on the work area, check the gantry is square and realign if needed. Loose or bent gantry parts can skew movement.

Sticking or binding in the X/Y motion can be caused by rail misalignment. Lightly lubricate the rails and V-wheels with silicone spray.

Ensure limit switches are triggered at the right time in each axis motion. Adjust their positioning if needed.

Check X/Y belts for proper tension - they should have just a bit of give when pressed. Tighten or loosen set screws as required.

For Z-axis binding, apply lubricant to the lead screws. Ensure no debris is blocking smooth travel.

LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver

IV. Laser Focus and Quality Problems

The laser engraver relies on precise focus and settings to produce clean results. Try these focus and quality fixes:

Refocus the laser module by adjusting the lens position if needed. The focus bar makes this easy.

Check and clean the lens of dust or debris that can diffuse the beam. Gently wipe with a cotton swab and alcohol.

Rotate the lens turret to use unused sections if burned spots develop on the active area.

Adjust speed, power, number of passes, and height settings to optimize for the material. Harder materials require lower speeds.

Align the red diode pointer with the laser nozzle with the provided tools. Confirm beam centering.


V. Materials and Processing Issues

The B1 engraver can support a wide range of materials, although this can cause problems with some materials. Here are some tips for troubleshooting:

Ensure the air assist is properly connected and functioning to remove combustible gases when cutting. Adjust the airflow as needed.

When etching wood, use lower power and higher speeds to avoid burning. Pine and basswood work better than hardwoods.

With plastics like acrylic, reduce power output to prevent melting, and use multiple passes for clean cuts.

Anodized aluminum requires high power and low speed to properly vaporize the coating. Watch for scorching with too much heat.

For coated metals like stainless steel, focus on removing the coating before cutting the metal itself in multiple steps.

Leather should be cleaned and treated to reduce glare. Use lower power and air assist when etching leather.

VI. Safety and Error Issues

The LONGER B1 has safety features to avoid damage, but errors can still occur:

If a safety switch is triggered, check that all doors are closed and the engraver is stationary before resetting the switch.

Consult the manual for the meaning of any numerical error codes displayed. This will point to the faulty subsystem.

A tripped emergency stop button disables all laser operation. Reset the large red button on the front to resume use.

Power failures or disconnects during engraving can corrupt file transfers. Resend the print file to continue a job.

LONGER B1 30W Laser Engravers

VII. Preventative Maintenance

Regular upkeep and cleaning can prevent issues and extend the life of the LONGER Laser B1 30W:

Clean the focusing lens, mirror, and laser path periodically to maintain beam quality. Gently wipe down optics.

Apply a light machine oil to the X/Y rails and lead screws every few months to keep motion smooth.

Check and replace air assist filters as needed to maintain proper airflow and venting.

Monitor the cooling fans and heat sinks and clear any accumulated dust to prevent overheating.

Check belt tension and chain/pulley teeth for signs of wear. Adjust or replace as required.

Update firmware and engraving software to take advantage of improvements and bug fixes.

VIII. When to Seek Repair

While many issues can be addressed with home troubleshooting, some problems require professional service:

Seek assistance if electrical issues prevent any functioning of the engraver modules and electronics.

Damaged or severely misaligned mechanical components often need expert repair.

Refractory optical issues point to damage or alignment issues needing service.

For help sourcing replacement parts, contact LONGER technical support with your model information.

Consider third party/community repair if out of warranty. Generic components can often be replaced.

Be sure to use caution when troubleshooting powered electrical devices.

While difficulties with laser engravers are rare, they do occasionally occur if care and maintenance are followed. The most typical LONGER B1 problems that DIYers encounter are covered in this tutorial. But if you're unsure, don't be afraid to contact LONGER's technical support staff or look for professional assistance.

LONGER B1 30W Laser Engraver's 8 Major Safety Protections

IX. Conclusion

The cheap, high-power LONGER B1 30W laser engraver is ideal for hobbyists and small enterprises. However, given the complexity of its parts, issues can sporadically arise. You may get your engraver working properly again by using the troubleshooting advice in this manual that addresses setup, connections, mechanics, optics, materials, and safety issues. The key to minimizing issues is routine maintenance, which includes lubricating the mechanical components, cleaning the optics, and updating firmware. Recognize when specialized assistance may be required for challenging mechanical or electrical repairs.

The LONGer B1 can produce years of high-quality engraving with proper use and maintenance. If difficulties do arise, this tutorial will help in detecting and fixing a lot of common issues. Check out GearBerry for extra engraving advice, information on LONGER machines, accessories, and more. Get engraving today at GearBerry, the best place for all your engraving need!


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