The High-Performance Laser Engraving Machine that Won't Cost You a Fortune

The High-Performance Laser Engraving Machine that Won't Cost You a Fortune

The High-Performance Laser Engraving Machine that Won't Cost You a Fortune

With more and more economical solutions entering the market, the world of laser engraving has become more and more accessible to the common consumer. One of these is the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver, a potent and adaptable tool that provides exceptional value for individuals wishing to expand their toolbox of artistic equipment to include laser engraving skills. This post will go through the qualities and benefits of the Longer B1 20W so you can see why it's the best option for both pros and hobbyists.

Unmatched Power and Cutting Capabilities

The cutting power of the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver is unsurpassed. One of the strongest 20W ultra-high power lasers on the market, it makes use of cutting-edge six-core laser technology to deliver the best cutting performance. This potent diode-laser has the ability to effortlessly cut through a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, metal, cloth, leather, and more. An amazing feat for a laser engraver is the B1's ability to cut through 15mm paulownia wood, 8mm black acrylic, and even 0.05mm stainless steel in a single pass.


The B1 can handle even thicker materials, like 25mm basswood and 35mm black acrylic, thanks to its multi-pass capacity. Due to its adaptability, it is a great choice for a variety of projects, from complex designs to massive productions. The Longer Laser B1 20W can produce impressive results regardless of whether you're a professional or a hobbyist. Its strength and accuracy make it a necessary tool for everyone wishing to advance their creative abilities.

Expansive Working Area

A key advantage over other laser engravers on the market is the large working area of the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver. It offers 23.75% greater working space and has a size of 17.72x17.32 inches (450x440mm), giving it plenty of capacity for bigger tasks. It is especially well suited for working with A3 panels and other big materials thanks to this capability.

Users have more creative freedom thanks to the larger work space because they can complete tasks without sacrificing design or detail. Users can produce more complex designs or scale up their projects to larger sizes when they have more workspace. For those working on larger works of art or production runs, this function is especially helpful.


Larger materials, including wood or acrylic sheets, can be worked with without having to trim them down to size thanks to the Longer B1 20W's broad working surface. This gives project designers greater options while also saving time and work. Overall, the huge working surface of the Larger B1 20W is a crucial element for anyone wishing to increase their laser engraving projects' versatility, effectiveness, and inventiveness.

Speed and Precision

With its brand-new 32-bit motherboard, the Longer B1 20W can engrave at up to 36,000mm per minute. Since it works four times as quickly as many other laser engravers, you can finish your projects swiftly and effectively. Additionally, it makes use of TMC2209 silent drivers to lessen operational noise, making both the user and those around them more comfortable.

Based on criteria established in Lightburn, the built-in air-assist pump can be directly controlled by the software to automatically switch on and off. This function considerably increases cutting ability and sharpness and quality of cuts.

Vibrant Color Options

The Longer B1 20W's high-energy laser beam can immediately oxidize metal surfaces, producing over 300 vibrant color possibilities to suit your creative demands. This special function enables limitless personalization and creative expression on a range of materials.


Infinite possibilities for personalization and artistic expression on a number of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and other metals, are made possible by this capacity. Users may generate distinctive and distinctively eye-catching designs, logos, and branding that stand out from the competition because to the ability to produce vibrant colors on metal surfaces.

This function offers a new degree of creativity and flexibility, making it very helpful for people in the branding, advertising, and creative industries. In addition to enabling more elaborate and detailed graphics, the Longer B1 20W's capacity to create vivid colors also expands the possibilities for artistic expression.

Safety Features

Eight safety protection elements are included in the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver to guarantee a secure and dependable operation. While the security lock and eye protection features put the user's safety first, the move, flame, offline, and motionless measures are intended to stop mishaps brought on by equipment failure. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the emergency stop button and zero reset features give an extra measure of security.


Additionally, the panoramic filter glass successfully blocks 99.8% of the laser, obstructing the escape of dangerous laser radiation. The Longer B1 20W is a dependable and secure instrument for laser engraving tasks because of its function, which offers a safer working environment for the user and others around them.

Wide Material Compatibility

Wide material compatibility of the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver is a key benefit for both enthusiasts and professionals working with various materials. The machine can cut or engrave over 1000 materials, including wood, stainless steel, leather, silver, acrylic, cloth, and many more, thanks to its 20W laser power and powerful cutting and engraving capabilities.

Due to its adaptability, the machine is a great alternative for anyone wishing to complete a range of tasks, from industrial production to home decoration. Being able to work with a variety of materials also allows for more flexibility and creativity in project design since users can experiment with various tools and methods to get the outcomes they want.

Sturdy and Stable Design

Another key benefit is the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver's robust and solid design, which guarantees excellent cutting and engraving results. The machine has an enhanced mechanical design and a sturdy aluminum frame that provides stability even during high-speed operation.

This steadiness helps to improve the engraving and cutting quality, lowering the possibility of faults or errors in project design. For those searching for a high-end laser engraver that can handle a variety of projects and materials, the machine's durable and solid design also promises a longer lifespan.

User-friendly Focusing System

The pull-down focus bar on the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver is a convenient feature that makes focusing on the work area simple. The bar is simple to operate; to get the best focus, just pull it down and move the focus towards the working panel's surface. This capability offers increased precision and accuracy in engraving and cutting, which is very helpful for those working on projects with different depths or thicknesses.

Multiple Data Transfer Methods

The Longer B1 20W's many data transport techniques provide you more workspace options. Users can operate remotely and without being physically attached to a computer by using choices including Wi-Fi, USB cables, APPs, and TF cards. When working on the road or in places without dependable Wi-Fi or computer connections, this capability is quite helpful.

The ability to swiftly and simply transfer data from a computer or mobile device to the engraver thanks to this capability also enables more convenience. The Longer B1 20W is a flexible and dependable tool for laser engraving projects due to its ability to work offline and transfer data via a variety of techniques, which offers increased flexibility and convenience.


Software Compatibility

Because the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver is compatible with a variety of sophisticated carving programs, including LaserGRBL and LightBurn, users can easily utilize their preferred program. It supports operating systems like Windows 7 and above, macOS, and Linux, giving users more operating system options. A variety of engraving file formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, and GC, are also supported by the machine.

Users may easily transfer their ideas and projects to the engraver thanks to this interoperability, which improves workflow efficiency and flexibility. Greater opportunities for creative expression are also made possible by the capacity to interact with diverse applications and file formats, enabling users to test out alternative design tools and methods to get the outcomes they're after.


Anyone wishing to expand their creative toolkit with laser engraving capabilities should consider the Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver, which is a cost-effective, high-performance solution. The Longer B1 20W is a fantastic option for both professionals and enthusiasts thanks to its potent laser, spacious working surface, and extensive range of functions and capabilities.

The Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver is now available for purchase on GearBerry 's official website, with a starting price of $839.99. However, to celebrate the launch of our product, we are offering a special promotion price of $799 for a limited time only.

This powerful and versatile machine is perfect for both hobbyists and professionals looking for high-quality laser engraving capabilities. The Longer B1 20W offers an unmatched power of 20W laser and can cut through a wide range of materials with ease. It also features an expansive working area, multiple safety features, and user-friendly design, making it a reliable and convenient tool for any project.

The Longer B1 20W Laser Engraver will be available for purchase starting from May 15th. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add this fantastic machine to your creative toolbox. Visit our official website to learn more.


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