A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Your Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer


A high-quality FDM 3D printer with a fantastic mix of price and performance is the Longer LK5 Pro. The LK5 Pro is a great option for both inexperienced and seasoned 3D printing fans because to its big print bed size of 300x300x400mm and good printing precision of 0.1mm. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to set up your Longer LK5 Pro 3D printer so you can start producing stunning designs right now.

Step 1: Remove the Printer's Box

When you receive your Longer LK5 Pro 3D printer, it will come in a large box. Carefully remove the printer from the box, making sure to keep all of the parts and accessories organized. The package should include the printer itself, the power cable, a spool holder, a scraper, a filament spool, a USB flash drive, and the instruction manual.

Step 2: Setting up the Printer

90% of the Longer LK5 Pro 3D printer is already completed, which makes setup significantly simpler. The Z-axis motor and the spool holder need to be connected to complete the printer's assembly. To ensure that you correctly build the printer, carefully follow the directions in the handbook.

Step 3: Adjusting the Bed

You must level the print bed before you begin printing. The glass print sheet used by the LK5 Pro has a ceramic covering and is flat and simple to level. Follow these steps to level the bed:

By choosing "Auto Home" from the "Prepare" menu, you may home the printer.

Go to the "Motion" menu and choose "Bed Leveling." The print head will be moved around the bed at various locations by the printer. Once the paper can move freely between the nozzle and the bed, use the included scraper to adjust the leveling knobs on the bottom of the bed.

To lock the motors in place after leveling the bed, choose "Disable Steppers" from the "Prepare" menu.

Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer-1

Step 4: Filling the Filter

The 1.75mm filament used by the LK5 Pro 3D printer. You must load filament into the printer before you can begin printing. To load filament, adhere to these steps:

The nozzle should be heated to the appropriate temperature for your filament type. You can do this by choosing "Temperature" from the "Control" menu.

To make it simpler to feed filament into the printer, cut the end of your filament at a diagonal angle.

As soon as you encounter resistance, insert the filament into the extruder. Once the filament begins to extrude from the nozzle, push it down and turn the extruder knob in a clockwise direction.

You can begin printing once the filament is extruding smoothly.

Step 5: Using a Connection to a Printer

The USB flash drive and micro-SD card are just two of the connection choices available with the Longer LK5 Pro 3D printer. To connect to the printer, adhere to these steps:

 Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer-2

Put your micro-SD or USB flash drive into the printer.

In the "Print" menu, choose "Print from USB" or "Print from SD Card."

Choose the file you want to print, then make any necessary settings adjustments.

Step 6: Fine-Tuning Your Prints

The nozzle temperature, printing speed, and layer resolution are just a few of the capabilities that the Longer LK5 Pro 3D printer offers to let you customize your works. Try different combinations of these parameters to get the ideal combination of print quality and speed.

Step 7: Start Printing

Make sure your 3D model file is ready in G-code format before you begin printing. To prepare your model file for printing, use Cura or Repetier software.

"Print" can be found under the main menu. Click "Print" after choosing your G-code file from the USB disk. The nozzle and bed of the printer will then begin to heat up. The printer will start printing your model after it has heated up.

 Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer-3

Step 8: Monitor the Print

It's crucial to keep an eye on the print while it's being produced to ensure everything is proceeding as planned. Regularly check the print's progress to ensure that it is not failing or coming loose from the bed.

You might need to modify the print settings or bed leveling if you see any problems like warping or lifting.

Step 9: Remove the Print

Let the bed cool after your print is finished before removing it. This will shield the bed and print from any harm. Use a spatula or scraper to carefully pull the print off the bed in order to get rid of it. Take care not to scuff your print or the bed.

 Longer LK5 Pro 3D Printer-4


Congratulations! Your LONGER LK5 Pro 3D printer has been successfully set up, and you have produced your first model. With a little experience, your LONGER 3D printers will let you to produce stunning 3D prints. A startup called Gearberry focuses in offering low-cost, high-quality 3D printing supplies and accessories. The business takes pleasure in providing dependable and approachable products that are made to accommodate both novice and expert consumers.  Gearberry has established a solid reputation in the 3D printing sector by placing a strong emphasis on innovation and client satisfaction.

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