DIY Wood Signs: Easy Wood Projects with the LONGER Laser Engraver

DIY Wood Signs: Easy Wood Projects with the LONGER Laser Engraver

DIY Wood Signs: Easy Wood Projects with the LONGER Laser Engraver

Wood signs have become a popular way to add a touch of personalization and charm to homes, offices, and businesses. With the advancement of technology, creating these signs has become easier than ever. The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to create stunning wood signs with ease. In this article, we will explore the features of the LONGER Laser Engraver and provide a step-by-step guide to create your own DIY wood signs.

20W Ultra-high Power Laser

The ultra-high power laser on the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver features cutting-edge six-core technology. It is one of the strongest diode-lasers currently on the market with a 20W optical output power, providing a far better cutting ability than other machines. The Laser B1 can sever 25mm basswood and 35mm black acrylic in a single pass, as well as 15mm paulownia wood, 8mm black acrylic, and even 0.05mm stainless steel in numerous passes. This makes it perfect for a variety of products and tasks, from straightforward signs to more intricate ones.


Bigger Working Frame

The Laser Engraver offers a larger working frame than other machines, with a 17.72x17.32 inches/450x440mm working area. This provides a 23.75% increase in working size, making it ideal for A3 panels and other larger projects. The bigger working frame also allows for more precise and accurate cuts and engravings, ensuring that your designs come out perfectly every time.

Faster Engraving Speeds

A new 32-bit motherboard is included with the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver, enabling engraving speeds of up to 36,000mm/min. Compared to standard laser engraving equipment, this one is four times faster, allowing you more time to concentrate on your artistic endeavors. Additionally, TMC2209 silent drivers are employed to significantly lower operating noise, resulting in a quicker and more pleasurable experience.


Air-assist Pump

The air-assist pump is a crucial component of the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver that helps to improve the cutting ability and precision of the machine. It works by blowing a constant stream of air onto the surface of the material being cut or engraved, which helps to prevent heat buildup and remove debris from the cutting area. This results in cleaner and more precise cuts and engravings, especially when working with materials like acrylic or wood that tend to melt or char under high heat.

According to the specifications defined in Lightburn, the air-assist pump can be turned on or off immediately by the program. As a result, you can adjust the air flow and pressure to meet the particular requirements of your project. The air-assist pump is also made to be efficient and quiet, so it won't interfere with your work or use energy inefficiently.

300+ Rich Colors

The ability of the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver to bring 300+ rich colors to metal surfaces through instant oxidation is a truly remarkable feature. This allows you to create custom designs and patterns with a range of colors and styles on metal surfaces, which is not possible with traditional engraving techniques.


The high-energy laser beam is used to initiate a chemical reaction on the metal's surface during the immediate oxidation process, which results in a variety of hues and tints. This method works especially well on metals like copper, brass, and stainless steel, which are frequently used in decorative products.

Safety Features

The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver comes with eight safety protection features, including Move/Flame/Offline/Motionless/Security Lock/Eye Protection/Emergency Stop Button/Zero Reset. The laser automatically shuts down when falling, flame, data disconnection, and laser head freezing over 15 seconds are detected. In addition, the laser head is automatically reset to zero to avoid burnout when fire. The panoramic filter glass can effectively filter 99.8% of the laser, making it safer to use.

Compatible with a Range of Materials

The versatility of the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver is one of its most impressive features, as it can cut or engrave a wide range of materials. This makes it an ideal tool for DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals who want to work with various materials and create a range of projects.

Wood is one of the most often used materials for the LONGER Laser Engraver. The machine's strong laser can easily cut through wood, enabling you to construct complicated patterns and motifs. Leather and acrylic, two other common materials that may be etched with extreme accuracy, are also very popular.


The LONGER Laser Engraver can also cut through stainless steel, making it a valuable tool for creating custom metal signs or jewelry. It can also engrave on cloth, allowing you to add designs to clothing or fabric items.

Aluminum Frame

The aluminum frame of the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver is a key feature that contributes to the machine's stability and precision. The use of aluminum in the frame provides several benefits, including durability, lightweight design, and resistance to rust and corrosion.

Even when the laser engraver is operating at high speeds, its enhanced mechanical features ensure stability, allowing you to work on your tasks with confidence, knowing that the machine will function correctly and efficiently.

When working on intricate designs and patterns that call for extreme precision and close attention to detail, the stability of the LONGER Laser Engraver is particularly crucial. Your cuts and engravings will be constant and exact thanks to the machine's solid foundation, enabling you to produce projects of a professional caliber each time.

The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver's aluminum frame is also simple to clean and maintain, ensuring that your equipment continues to operate at peak efficiency for years to come. Overall, the LONGER Laser Engraver is a dependable and high-quality instrument for all your cutting and engraving needs thanks to its aluminum frame and enhanced mechanical components.

Easy to Use

The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver is very easy to use, with a pull-down focus bar that is easy to use. Just pull down the focus bar and move the bar towards the surface of the working panel. Data can be transferred via different methods of Wi-Fi, USB cable, APP, and TF cards, which supports offline operations. You can use it anywhere, without the limits of physical connection to a computer.

Compatible with a Range of Carving Software

The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver is compatible with various mature carving software, such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn. It supports Windows 7+, macOS, Linux; engraving file formats Support JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, GC, etc. This makes it easy to use with a range of design software, ensuring that you can create the perfect designs for your projects.


Step-by-Step Guide: Creating DIY Wood Signs

Now that you know the incredible features of the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver, let's dive into the process of creating your own DIY wood signs.

Step 1: Choose Your Material

Select the wood you want to use for your sign. The LONGER Laser Engraver can easily handle various types of wood, including hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry, as well as softer woods like pine and cedar. Make sure the wood's thickness is within the cutting capacity of the engraver (up to 15mm for paulownia wood).

Step 2: Prepare Your Design

Create your sign design using a graphic design software or choose from one of the many available templates online. Ensure that the design is in a compatible format (JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, or GC) and fits the working area of the LONGER Laser Engraver (17.72x17.32 inches).

Step 3: Set Up the Laser Engraver

Position the wood on the engraver's working area and secure it in place. Adjust the focus of the laser module using the pull-down focus bar, ensuring that it's at the correct height for your material.

Step 4: Configure the Software

Open the carving software (LaserGRBL or LightBurn) on your computer, and import your design. Adjust the engraving settings according to the type and thickness of the wood you're using, and set the air-assist pump parameters if necessary.

Step 5: Transfer the Data and Start Engraving

Transfer the design data to the LONGER Laser Engraver using one of the available methods (Wi-Fi, USB cable, TF card, or APP). Once the data is transferred, start the engraving process and monitor the progress to ensure everything is going smoothly. Don't forget to use the provided eye protection during the engraving process.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

After the engraving is complete, remove the wood sign from the machine and clean any residue or debris. Depending on your preferences, you can add a protective finish, paint, or stain to enhance the appearance of your sign.


Creating DIY wood signs has never been easier with the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver. This powerful and versatile machine offers numerous features that make it the ultimate tool for both beginners and experienced engravers. Whether you're looking to create personalized gifts, decorate your home, or even start asmall business, the LONGER Laser Engraver is the perfect companion for all your wood sign projects.

By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, you can explore your creativity and make stunning, professional-quality wood signs with ease. The possibilities are endless, and with the LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver, you can bring your ideas to life and create beautiful, personalized pieces that will be cherished for years to come. GearBerry is a trusted provider of high-quality and affordable laser engravers, offering only products that meet their strict quality standards. The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver is now available for purchase at GearBerry for the introductory price of $799 (original price $839.99) starting May 15th.

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