Comparing Laser Engraver Types: Which Machine Suits Your Needs Best

Comparing Laser Engraver Types: Which Machine Suits Your Needs Best

Comparing Laser Engraver Types: Which Machine Suits Your Needs Best

As someone who has worked in the laser engraving industry for numerous years, I have witnessed considerable advancements in the technology underlying these equipment. Choosing the sort of machine that will best meet your demands is one of the most critical considerations you'll make when purchasing a laser engraver. To help you make an informed decision, I'll compare two popular LONGER laser engravers - the LONGER Laser B1 30W and the LONGER RAY 5 10W - in this post.


Before we go into the specifics of each machine, let's go through the fundamentals of laser engraving. A laser beam is used by laser engravers to etch designs or text onto a surface. They are commonly used on wood, acrylic, plastic, glass, and metal. Laser engraving equipment are widely used in many industries, including manufacturing, jewelry creation, and graphic design. Several variables should be considered when selecting a laser engraver. The size of the equipment, the power of the laser, and the materials to be engraved are all crucial factors to consider. Here's a comparison of the LONGER Laser B1 30W and the LONGER RAY 5 10W, as well as some advantages and disadvantages to help you determine which machine is ideal for you.

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LONGER Laser B1 30W Laser Engraver

A desktop 30-watt laser engraver is the LONGER Laser B1 30W. Wood, acrylic, leather, and paper are just a few of the materials that this machine is effective at engraving. With a maximum engraving size of 420 × 200 mm, it is perfect for small to medium-sized projects.


Metal may be engraved on by the 30-watt laser, among other materials.

The device is compact and easy to put together.

Excellent engraving quality with precise features and strong lines.

The apparatus comes with an intuitive software suite.


For some applications, the 420 x 200 mm engraving size might not be enough.

The device is not as powerful as some of the more powerful, industrial-grade laser engravers now available.

It costs a little bit more than some other desktop laser engravers.

LONGER RAY 5 10W Laser Engraver

Another desktop laser engraver that works well for little to medium-sized applications is the LONGER RAY 5 10W. It includes a 10-watt laser and can engrave anything up to 410 × 400 mm in size. For engraving on materials including wood, leather, acrylic, and plastic, this machine is ideal.

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The device is portable and simple to set up.

High-quality engraving with distinct details and clean lines.

The software is simple to use and intuitive.

The cost is less than that of some other desktop laser engravers available.


It's possible that the 10-watt laser lacks the power necessary to engrave on some materials, like metal.

The engraving can only be larger than 410 x 400 mm.

The device lacks several of the industrial-grade laser engravers that are bigger and more potent than this one.

Comparing the Two Machines

For modest to medium-sized tasks, both the LONGER Laser B1 30W and the LONGER RAY 5 10W are excellent choices. With simple software that makes them simple to operate, they are both portable and simple to set up. The two machines do differ in a few ways, though, which can make one better suited to your needs than the other.

The LONGER Laser B1 30W has a 30-watt laser, making it even more potent than the LONGER Laser B1 20W. Because of this, it's a great option for engraving a variety of materials, including metal. The LONGER Laser B1 30W's maximum engraving size is still 420 x 200 mm. The LONGER Laser B1 30W is more expensive than the LONGER RAY 5 10W but has a higher power output and can engrave on a larger variety of materials. The LONGER RAY 5 10W, on the other hand, is more reasonably priced and provides a wider engraving area of 410 x 400 mm.

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The decision between the two machines will ultimately depend on your unique requirements. The LONGER Laser B1 30W would be a better option if you need a stronger laser to engrave on a range of materials. However, the LONGER RAY 5 10W can be a better choice if you require a wider engraving area and have a limited spending plan.


Choosing the best laser engraver might be difficult, but it's important to consider your specific requirements before making a purchase. The LONGER RAY 5 10W and LONGER Laser B1 30W are both great options for small to medium-sized projects, but they do have some key differences. The LONGER Laser B1 30W is more powerful and can engrave on a wider variety of materials, whilst the LONGER RAY 5 10W has a larger engraving area and is more economically priced. By considering these factors, you may choose the equipment that best matches your needs. A respectable company called Gearberry is committed to empowering makers and artists by offering high-quality yet reasonably priced laser engravers and digital etchers. Our tools come in a variety of power levels, work surfaces, and pricing points to fit the demands of both professionals and enthusiasts.

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To help you realize your creative ambitions, Gearberry offers a variety of high-performance yet affordable LONGER laser engravers. Instead of overtly promoting our products, our content strives to educate consumers. We hope this comparison has made it easier for you to choose the best laser engraver to meet your unique requirements. For any more queries or worries, do get in touch with us.

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