Best Laser Engraving Machine in 2022 (What to Buy in 2023?)

GearBerry 2022 Best Laser Engaver

Best Laser Engraving Machine in 2022 (What to Buy in 2023?)

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, an aspiring businessperson, or even a newbie in the tech field, you must have heard of laser engraves. Laser engraving is emerging as a popular and beneficial industry these days.

It is not in demand by product designers, but small businesses also have an eye on it to earn from their skills. Moreover, many interior designers and house décor enthusiasts also kept it in and had to decorate homes with personal art.

With the rise of the popularity of laser engraving machines, you have a plethora of options making it challenging to navigate. Therefore, we have narrowed down the excellent and highly functional laser cutter to fit all budgets. Here you will find information to make informed decisions. Let's explore!

What Makes the Best Laser Engraving Machine?

Before jumping to the buying section, it is better to have some thorough information. Buying a laser cutter is not trivial, but you can make it easy with the best suggestions and directions.

Although there are many different aspects to keeping mind while purchasing anything, here I want to shed light on the most crucial and game changer elements, which separate the decent and the best engraver.

Fiber Laser

There is no doubt that since laser machines were introduced, crystal and glass-powered laser-cutting tools have been almost entirely forgotten. This is because this innovative technology can produce a more focused laser beam via fiber optics making the engraving of the metal most convenient.

The stronger power and cutting ability mean less stress on the overall machine. Therefore, you can expect a longer life span.

Laser’s Lifespan

On average, the lifespan of a laser tube revolves around 12000 to 2000 hours. This is not considered a longer life span because it extends to only 12 weeks of consistent operation. You may not be utilizing laser engraving machines continuously for your work and might not use them even for a half. Therefore, 12 weeks with 200 hours is not a bad option.

The superior laser lifespan is one of the main reasons making laser engravers better and more cost-effective as compared to crystal and glass powered. In this guide, you will come across a machine that boasts 10,000 hours of operation, which implies you can use the machine for the entire year non-stop.

Work Area

The laser engravers offer a larger work area as compared to the one you have worked on, which makes your job precise and easier. High wattage and speed are important, but you will not be able to practice full power without a large work area.

The larger work area allows you to make necessary adjustments and avoid potential damage. By larger work area, we mean at least 100 by 100 dimensions. Hence, I have included all the models offering four times that size. According to personal experience, these are some of the best machines you can come across.

Price-to-Value Ratio

This aspect is all about cost-effectiveness as well as subject value and is entirely objective. This is a myth that the larger the equipment is, the more costly it will be. However, laser engravers are not the same as casual shopping and are a kind of more extensive investment. There are a few people who can cash out and switch the machine if they are not satisfied with the former one. So, have a good look at performance and technical aspects before purchasing.


The Best Laser Engraving Machine for Particular Function

Let’s now learn about the best laser engraving machines!

Best for Novoices – KENTOKTOOL LE400 PLUS

Coming under the range of only $600, LE400 Plus offers high performance with 10W output. It can accurately cut 2mm of wood and other material. This is a fast machine with the ability to cut 300mm/s. You can control the focusing range as it reduces to 0.08 mm with 0.01mm precision.

KENTOKTOOL LE400 PLUS - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

The newly upgraded offers the freedom to continue cutting and operating even when the machine is not connected to the device. You can also save the file into the SD card for engraving. For further operation, you can utilize the control panel to engrave anytime and anywhere without the restriction of any device.

LE400 Plus is designed for beginners with an innovative eye protection button design. It can filter about 97% of UV rays and provide protection to your eyes. The whole metal structure of the machine is stable, accurate, and durable. I assembled it in 10 to 20 minutes, as it was simple and easy.

Here are some features that we liked about this machine:

  • It is durable and has convenient installation.
  • High compatibility allows engraving of wood, acrylic, stainless steel, glass, and more.
  • Supports offline engraving

Best in Low Price – Aufero Laser 1.0

This is an easy-to-configure engraver that is perfect for beginners. Aufero Laser 1.0 has enough laser options required to create beautiful and professional-looking artwork. With a laser etching mechanism mounted on a frame, this laser engraving machine's laser covers a fairly small area.

Aufero Laser 1.0 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

Aufero Laser 1 has different options when it comes to image formats. It can support BMP, JPEG, SVG, JPG, and more. Moreover, it works natively with Windows 10 and 8. Therefore, for all intentions and purposes, you can use it with any computer you are willing to use.

It is an affordable and cost-effective laser engraving machine that is capable of carrying out a wide range of tasks. Aufero Laser 1 can handle engraving from lightweight material to cutting thin metal sheets.

Its notable features are:

  • Equipped with multiple safety features
  • It is a highly detailed etching machine.
  • You can set it up easily and have a convenient use process.
  • It offers three laser options.

Best for Accurate Cutting – Atomstack A20 Pro

At 20W, the Atomstack A20 Pro has excellent built quality, a convenient use process, and high portability, making it an excellent option for people looking for accurate laser-cutting abilities.

Atomstack A20 Pro - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

The most considerable feature of this machine is that Atomstack has a self-developed mobile application making it easy and simple to use. With a 400mm x 400mm large carving area, you can make considerably large products.

As many people prefer high cutting power to have accurate results, the A20 Pro is designed to satisfy their expectations. It is equipped with a quad-core super laser with a 5W laser beam aggregated into a single 20W super laser beam.

It is worth mentioning that A20 Pro features a powerful air-assisted, 8-cylinder air pump that will help engraving even more precisely by reducing the marks of burning cast by high temperature. Apart from that, these are other features we liked:

  • It can evenly cut 0.5mm sheet metal.
  • Built-in powerful air assist kit
  • Considerably large craving area
  • You can use it with Atomstack’s self-developed mobile application.

The Fastest  XTool D1 Pro 

It is an upgraded version of the previous model. The Pro version has notable upgrades, like its sturdy structure, laser module, electronics, and software. With its release, it has become the best machine among diode laser engravers due to its 20W laser module.

XTool D1 Pro - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

The XTool D1 Pro features a state-of-the-art fixed laser module which means it has 4 separated laser diodes with all focus on a single spot. With the red laser in the corner, it projects a red crosshair on the workpiece.

It is one of the easiest and most efficient machines. All you need to do is to set offset values and let the machine handle the rest. The addition of a flame and tilt sensor stops working if someone messes with it to prevent damaging the machine and the workpiece. Its main features include:

  • Feature limit switches on both axis to set the home position.
  • Engrave with lightning speed with advanced stepper motor drivers.
  • The machine can be connected through USB or Wifi.
  • It is cut and engraved with different materials like plastic, leather, and more.

For Highest Accuracy  Sculpfun S9

Sculpfun S9 features the most recent 5.5W laser beam, which shapes a laser with 0.06 x 0.06mm sharp laser focus. Its powerful laser can cut up to 15mm thick wood and other materials of a thickness of 10mm.

Sculpfun S9 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

When it comes to safety, this machine never compromises. The laser filter can potentially block 98% of UV light from damaging the eyes. It also features a steel mat to protect the table from laser damage. You can conveniently connect it with Windows or Mac and engrave file formats such as JPG, PNG, DXF, and others.

The S9 features a fixed-focus lens as well as a sliding design. You can pull or set the laser and secure it with screws for complete focus. It makes laser use like a breeze, efficient and accurate. Its famous features include

  • Rapid focusing and quality assurance
  • It has a sturdy and easy assembly structure design.
  • High compatibility makes the operation easy

High Security – Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2

The Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 has been upgraded by incorporating new features like flame detection, emergency stop, smooth engraving, and many more. Its high accuracy ensures refined engraving products.

Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S2 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

This latest upgrade enhances the motion algorithms and boosts the maximum speed, which can be 4000 mm per minute to 1000mm per minute. Consequently, the focus of the laser module is minor. It is the 2nd-G module with a focal point of about 0.07 x 0.06mm. Due to its power, this machine can potentially cut 3mm plywood and 6mm pine boards simultaneously.

The Laser Master ensures utter safety and its main features include:

  • Smooth and delicate engraving
  • It has explicit high speed and accuracy.
  • Support the offline control screen
  • Equipped with the most advanced laser engraving machine firmware.

Best for Round Object Engraving  LaserPecker 2

The addition of dual-lens galvanometer technology in this machine allows it to run faster than competitors with equal power. It is a maximum of 1417 inches per minute, and the graphic preview speed is 8858 inches per minute.

LaserPecker 2 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

With the assistance of the 3rd Axis, this tool can execute 360 degrees rotary engraving on round as well as cylindrical surfaces like bottles, pencils, and more. Moreover, it supports slab mode and trolly mode with a length of about 78 to 196 inches.

The grabadora laser blue light filtration cover can successfully protect the eyes from blue light damage. LaserPecker 2 ensures utter safety with overheating, displacement power, preset password, and more. Anyhow, it considers features include:

  • High compatibility allows engraving on leather, wood, and many other materials.
  • It is easy and very simple to use.
  • It allows 360 degrees of rotary engraving as well as mobile engraving

The Most Cost-effective Products in different Price Ranges

In the below section we have listed the most cost-effective products in different price ranges, let’s have a look!

Under $200 – Longer Ray5

It is an economical machine that features a 240MHz ESP32 chipset in the construction of LONGER RAY5. This unit is exceptionally powerful and faster as compared to machines featuring an 8-bit chipset. It also supports Wi-Fi connection and more convenient engraving or cutting control.

LONGER RAY 5 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

RAY 5 laser engraving uses cutting-edge technology with a laser spot size of 0.08 x 0.08 mm. It ensures more accurate and powerful laser engraving, and speed can increase up to 10000 mm.

Despite low prices, it provides technical assistance from expert engineers. No need to worry if it gets stuck anywhere as it offers you detailed manuals that are appropriate for any skill.

Its main and appreciable features are:

  • A powerful laser module and a super fine laser spot
  • Equipped with multiple safety features
  • Allows offline engraving
  • The touchscreen feature makes it super easy to use

Under $300 – Aufero Laser 2.0

Many home-based or professional engravers like this machine for 32-bit MCU powerful motherboards. In the range of $300, it is the best unit with rapid as well as precise engraving. Aufero Laser 2.0 is constructed with a low gravity X-axis that offers stability and assures precise engraving even at high processing speed.

Aufero Laser 2.0 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

Aufero Laser 2 never setbacks in compatibility because it works natively with engraving software like Laser-GRBL and LightBurn. You can connect it to Windows, Mac, and Linux. Its main supporting files are BMP, PNG, JPG, and so on.

The safety feature and multiple protection barriers turn off the device in case of an accident and are misleading. Apart from that, here are some notable feature making the best option under $300:

  • Offers dual beal protection
  • Ensures the safety of workpieces and machines with active position protection and other safety barriers.
  • The excellent mechanical structure ensures stability and durability.

Under $400 – Atomstack A5 Pro

It is a well-known unit for the versatile laser engraving option. This machine can potentially cut and engrave different materials like wood, bamboo, plastic, and other metals. Moreover, you can also create your own engraved work on any desired material and let your imagination go wild.

Atomstack A5 Pro - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

Atomstack A5 Pro features 5 to 5.5W output and 0.16m compression area of main laser focus with accurate and high precision of 0.01mm. It makes the cutting on wood and acrylic smooth and flawless. Under $400, it is the best functional laser engraver you can come across.

This unit is designed with an integrated screw rod, which allows faster movement of 11000 per minute. It is more stable when complicated engraving patterns are to get excellent and superior results.

The A5 Pro laser engraver is highly compatible with different engraving applications like LightBurn, Laser GRBL, and more. It supports formats like JPG, BMP, DXF, and more. Its main features include:

  • Offers freedom for creating a wide range of designs
  • Accurate and high-precision laser
  • 180 degrees panoramic view to enjoy the process
  • Stable structure for high performance

Under $500 – Atomstack X7 Pro Laser Engraver

It is a brand-new design with upgraded features. By filtering 97% of the ultraviolet radiations, the panoramic filter glass protective cover performs important functions while keeping your eyes safe. It means you can enjoy the whole process without worrying about getting goggles.

Atomstack X7 Pro - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

The Atomstack X7 Pro’s frame is wholly made of an aluminum alloy to level up durability and enhance engraving precision. The simple assembly takes not more than 10 to 20 minutes.

The high compatibility makes it super accessible for people who like to use engraving software like LaserGRBL, LightBurn, and more. You can run this software on Windows or Mac. However, it supports different formats like PNG, JPEG, DXF, and many others.

This is the best unit with high accuracy to get under $500. For rapid length measurement, the X and Y-axis have exact lines of scale. Moreover, with a large work area, you will be satisfied with laser engraving. Here are some notable features of X7 Pro:

  • Highly compatible with different devices and software
  • It has an improved and fixed focus laser.
  • The innovative laser is equipped with a horizontal gyroscope installed.

Under $600 – XTool D1 10W Rotary Laser Engraver

It is the most efficient and powerful machine that comes under the range of $600. 10W is the output power of the laser which evaluates the machine’s capability to cut, and 60W is the power of the laser machine to strengthen the laser. To turn your imagination into reality on a required piece of material, this machine cuts a 10mm wood board.

xTool D1 10W Rotary - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

The all-steel wheel and other distinct devices make the XTool D1 10W Rotary laser engraver more durable, quieter, and last three times longer than comparable goods. Its main appreciable features include the following:

Features many eyes protecting barriers.

  • High compatibility allows working on different devices and formats
  • The rotating attachment allows you to engrave large-diameter cylinders.
  • It helps turn your imagination into reality.

Under $700 – Ortur Laser Master 3

It is the newest actual 10W optical power laser engraver. With the latest generation of laser coupling technology, the output power leaps give the power to cut off 10mm pine boards with only one pass and 30mm thick black acrylics.

Ortur Laser Master 3 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

Ortur Laser Master 3 engraver supports Web UI and is compatible with different engraving software. It supports Windows and Mac while supporting formats including JPG, PNG, CFX, and more.

Its notable features include:

  • Completely user and environment-friendly
  • Equipped with an upgraded 10W laser module
  • Ultra-high power laser engraver

Under $1200 – LaserPecker 2 Laser Engraver

This is a functional and highly useful unit that comes under the range of $1200. It is equipped with dual-lens galvanometer technology, which allows it to run faster than competitors with equal power. LaserPecker 2 has a maximum engraving speed of 1417 per minute with a frame graphics speed of 8858 inches per minute.

LaserPecker 2 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

It is one of the easiest and simplest laser cutters, which requires no tedious installation. Hand-held engraving is supported by an innovative handle design. Apart from that, here are some notable features of this machine.

  • Supports 360 degrees rotary engraving and mobile engraving
  • Features innovative technology for high accuracy and efficiency
  • Equipped with high safety and protection features

Under $1500 – XTool M1 Laser Engraver

If you have a huge budget, you should not ignore this machine. XTool M1 laser engraver is the first desktop hybrid laser and blade-cutting device in the world. There is no better option other than this for manufacturing gifts.

xTool M1 - ZBANX Guide 2022 Best Laser Engaver

It is a versatile machine that is excellent for laser cutting, blade cutting, as well as engravings, so you can work on a wide range of materials. It supports more than 300 materials, including wood, paper, plastic, ceramic and more.

The M1 laser engraving machine not only ensures the machine and user's safety but also takes care of the environment. It protects your eyes from blue light with the help of a viewing cover. It blows up the smoke, dust, and other things immediately with a built-in fan and exhaust pipe.

The XTOOL M1 laser engraver utilizes dual laser technology to generate True 10W output power, which can cut through 10mm of wood in a single run. Here are some notable features of the M1 device:

  • This is a versatile device for performing all cutting and engraving options.
  • High compatibility makes it accessible to everyone
  • It supports the engraving of up to 300 materials.


When it comes to highly functional laser engravers, the list is endless. You can select the device depending on the entry-level option starting from $200 to expert, professional, and more functional with the range of $1500. Moreover, you also choose the device depending on special quality to perform certain tasks.

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