Algolaser Delta 22W: Taking Laser Engraving to New Heights with the World's First Smart Engraver

Algolaser Delta 22W: Taking Laser Engraving to New Heights with the World's First Smart Engraver

Algolaser Delta 22W: Taking Laser Engraving to New Heights with the World's First Smart Engraver




AlgoLaser is excited to announce its latest laser engraving machine, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W. As the world's first smart laser engraving machine, the Delta 22W promises to revolutionize the laser engraving process and bring a creative vision to life. With its built-in touch screen and WiFi connection, the Delta 22W requires no external devices, allowing users to intuitively control and monitor engraving work directly from the machine.


Delta 22W features a powerful 22W laser module and advanced COS beam technology with unprecedented accuracy that can deliver high quality engraving and cutting at stunning speeds of up to 500mm/s. It can carve more than 500 colors on steel and can cut a variety of materials such as pine 30 millimeters at a time. With its intelligent interface and support for common file formats, Delta 22W is suitable for both novice and experienced users. As the best laser engraver of 2023, the Delta 22W empowers creators with its industry-leading capabilities and smart design for elevated craftsmanship.


This article aims to showcase the Delta 22W's cutting-edge specs and performance to demonstrate how it elevates laser engraving and empowers creativity. AlgoLaser hopes both amateur makers and professionals will be impressed by this smart laser engraver's versatility, speed and value.


Design and Specifications


Powerful 22W Laser Module

At the core of the Delta 22W is its high-powered 22W CO2 laser module. With over double the strength of standard laser engravers, this laser delivers the energy needed to cleanly and quickly engrave a wide range of materials. Whether engraving intricate patterns on delicate wood or etching stainless steel, the 22W laser handles tasks with ease. It can even cut through thicker substrates, slicing through 30mm pinewood in a single pass. This level of power and precision allows creators to take on complex projects without compromising on quality or detail.

Compact Desktop Form Factor

Despite its powerful laser, the Delta 22W maintains a compact desktop design that fits seamlessly into any workspace. Measuring only 450 x 380 x 180mm, it has a small footprint that won't clutter limited work surfaces. The integrated carrying handles on either side also make it easy to relocate when needed. This compact size is achieved through the laser engraver's optimized internal components and enclosed frame structure.

Touch Screen Control

For fully standalone operation, the Delta 22W features an intuitive 4.3-inch color touchscreen. Through this bright and responsive display, users effortlessly control all engraving functions such as setting laser power, speed and focus. File types supported include popular formats like PNG, JPG, AI, PDF and also machine-specific files. The touchscreen simplifies sending files to the machine via microSD cards as well as accessing useful status updates and monitoring engraving progress in real-time. For added convenience, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless uploading and control via compatible apps and devices.


COS Technology

At the heart of the Delta 22W's precision performance is its proprietary COS (Cylindrical Optical System) laser technology. By combining a polarized beam and specially treated focusing lens, COS transforms the laser spot into a square shape with close to 1:1 ratio, regardless of power level. This results in an impressively fine spot size of just 0.06x0.05mm at low power and 0.16x0.14mm at full power. Compared to standard lasers, COS technology improves beam quality by an astonishing 40%. As a result, engraving quality remains excellent even at high speeds with no loss of fine details.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is a key focus of the Delta 22W's design. It incorporates important protective measures likeflame detection to immediately stop the laser in risky situations. The machine also monitors for issues such as dirt build-up that could impact the beam. A physical safety door with lockout prevents unintended access to the laser area. Cutting is disabled whenever the enclosure is opened and operation can only restart after closing the secured door. These layered safety featuresallow the Delta 22W to engraverelaxingly and hassle-free.


Setup and software


The AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraving machine is designed for easy setup and versatility. Assembly is straightforward and takes less than 15 minutes to complete following simple step-by-step visual instructions. Many of the larger components are pre-assembled, greatly reducing assembly time. Within minutes, the user can set up the Delta 22W and be ready to start writing.


At the heart of the Delta 22W's setup and operation is a 4.3-inch color touch screen. The responsive touch screen allows for intuitive control of all key engraving functions directly from the device itself, without the need to connect a computer or mobile device. Parameters such as laser power, speed, and focus can be conveniently selected through a simple on-screen menu. Status updates and machine information are clearly displayed, and errors or warnings are easy to see. Multi-colored LED lights around the display also provide notifications without obstructing the work area.


In addition to independent control via the touch screen, the Delta 22W offers flexible connectivity options. It integrates Wi-Fi wireless control and file transfer using the AlgoLaser app. This allows a smartphone or tablet to perform completely contactless operations in real time. For wired use, files can be transferred via the built-in USB-C and USB-A ports. Whether wireless or wired, the application interface mirrors the functions and controls of the on-board display for a seamless experience.


The Delta 22W is compatible with a variety of vector and raster file formats, including PNG, JPG, BMP, AI, EPS, PDF, DXF and laser-specific formats such as GCode and NCS. This allows flexibility in the design and engraving workflow. The device also supports a variety of laser engraving software programs, providing advanced features. For example, LightBurn provides precise tool paths, templates, and graphical layouts, while LaserGRBL controls low-level machine Settings. The Delta 22W comes pre-loaded with its own simple interface for common image and text carving tasks.


Batch processing capabilities further enhance the versatility of the Delta 22W. Jobs can be prepared offline on the computer and uploaded to the engraver in advance via a microSD card. The touch screen allows you to select pre-stored files and run them in order without having to maintain a live connection. This makes it easy to multitask. For example, a small manufacturer can produce dozens of customized products simultaneously during an unattended night production process.


The Delta 22W allows for file formats commonly used in manufacturing including GCode, which supports complex 3D toolpaths for cutting and engraving a wide range of material thicknesses with precision. The integrated dust extraction port connects to optional vacuum tubing to keep the work area clean. An air assist system incorporated into the laser lens enhances etching quality and cooling. Active ventilation and forced air circulation help to prevent accidental damages from excess heat buildup as well.


Comprehensive safety features give users peace of mind. The Delta 22W can detect foreign objects on the lens surface and will pause operation to prevent harm. It will automatically shut off the laser if the lid is opened during engraving or if the airflow becomes obstructed. The emergency stop button allows instant laserdisablement for any urgent scenarios. Newer models add dirt detection, flame sensing, machine offset checking and overcurrent protection as well. Together, these protect both machine and operator from potential hazards.


For advanced hackability, the Delta 22W motherboard is running on a quad-core CPU and supports up to 8MB of RAM along with 16MB of storage space and a 32GB microSD card slot for program and design file handling. Its open source configuration allows experienced users to customize operation further through modifications like firmware updates. An integrated lighting system beneath the work area provides shadow-free illumination of workpieces as well.


The AlgoLaser Delta 22W maintains an intuitive, fully-featured yet approachable experience for users. Its quick setup, versatile connectivity and compatibility options, batch processing functionality and robust safety features work together to provide an easy and safe workflow. These qualities make it an excellent choice for a wide variety of personal and professional laser engraving applications.


Printing/Engraving Performance


The AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraving machine offers superior speed and precision with its advanced features. Its maximum engraving speed is 500mm/s, which can complete the task very quickly. What's more, AlgoLaser Delta achieves an unprecedented level of accuracy, down to the tiny speck size of 0.06 mmh. This is achieved through its second-generation COS technology, which transforms laser light spots into perfectly balanced square shapes. Compared to conventional laser modules that produce rectangular light spots, the Delta 22W is able to carve with 40% accuracy.


The Delta 22W also supports highly versatile material capabilities. According to AlgoLaser's specifications and reviews in technical publications such as Redmond Pie and Geeky Gadgets, the laser engraver can effortlessly etch on a variety of surfaces, from fabric to wood. When it comes to rigid materials, the Delta 22W is capable of cutting pine up to 30mm thick at a time. It can reportedly cut denser materials, such as 12mm thick MDF and 20mm thick oak board. The machine can reportedly carve on a variety of substrates, including black acrylic, basswood plywood, leather and more.


A particularly unique feature of the Delta 22W is its ability to produce more than 500 vibrant and long-lasting colors through peroxidized stainless steel during the engraving process. By carefully controlling variables such as the power level and pulse duration of the laser, different chemical reactions can be triggered on the metal surface and permanent traces of various hues can be left. This opens up fascinating possibilities for artistic carving and etching. As noted in the Geeky Gadgets review, the oxidation process can make the color more saturated and long-lasting than is possible with basic laser ablation on ordinary materials such as wood or plastic.


The superior speed, minute precision and wide assortment of material compatibilities all stem from the Delta 22W's powerful technological specs according to promotional information from AlgoLaser. At the core is its 22W CO2 laser module which delivers intense laser power for highly efficient engraving and cutting. According to NextPit, the smart laser engraver can perform tasks twice as fast as competitors thanks to optimizations like its multi-core processor supporting speeds up to 8x faster uploading. Additional features such as the integrated COS technology help achieve the outstanding 0.06mm resolution.


These unmatched capabilities allow the Delta 22W to exceed expectations for applications in personalization, manufacturing and crafts. From faint etchings on reclaimed wood boards to deeply carved logos on acrylic, or vibrant chemical pattens on steel - the laser engraver handles complex tasks with equal aplomb. Whether producing just a few customized gifts or engraving hundreds of precision electronic parts, businesses and DIY enthusiasts can rely on the Delta 22W's stellar performance. With the ability to swiftly and accurately convert digital designs into physical forms across such a wide assortment of mediums, it represents a compelling choice for elevating any kind of printing or engraving venture to new heights.


User Experience:

The Algolaser Delta 22W is designed with user experience in mind, offering a seamless and intuitive engraving process. According to Redmond Pie's article, this smart laser engraver stands out as the world's first smart laser engraver, revolutionizing the way artists and craftsmen work. It eliminates the need for complex device connections or apps, allowing users to achieve instant image engraving directly from the device. The Algolaser Delta 22W features an interactive LCD screen that provides effortless control over engraving, cutting, and air pump settings. Users can easily navigate and operate the engraver without the need for a computer or phone, making it a standalone and user-friendly device.


Standalone Plug-and-Play Functionality:

One of the standout features of the Algolaser Delta 22W, as highlighted in the Redmond Pie article, is its standalone plug-and-play functionality. Unlike traditional laser engravers that require complex setups and continuous connectivity, the Algolaser Delta 22W supports offline batch cutting. This means that users can work seamlessly without the need for constant internet connection or file transfers. The device supports pre-stored G-code and NC files, providing unmatched convenience and flexibility in creative endeavors. This standalone functionality allows artists and craftsmen to focus on their work without being tethered to external devices.

Effortless Workflow:

The Algolaser Delta 22W streamlines the engraving process, offering an effortless workflow that saves time and enhances productivity. As mentioned in the Geeky Gadgets article, the Algolaser Delta 22W is equipped with advanced motherboard technology, including a 4-core dual CPU, up to 8MB RAM, 16MB memory, and a 32GB SD card. This powerful hardware configuration enables fast and efficient file uploading speeds, nearly 200% faster than its competitors. With just a 10-second file upload time, artists and craftsmen can swiftly bring their creative visions to life. Additionally, the Algolaser Delta 22W supports OTA upgrades, allowing users to customize engraving and cutting functions according to their specific business needs.

Convenient App and Onboard Controls:

The Algolaser Delta 22W offers multiple control options, ensuring a convenient and tailored experience for users. According to Redmond Pie, the smart laser engraver features an intuitive onboard LCD screen that allows for easy control of engraving settings, cutting parameters, and air pump adjustments. The interactive interface simplifies the engraving process, enabling users to make precise adjustments and achieve desired results effortlessly. Additionally, the Algolaser Delta 22W supports app control, providing an alternative method for managing settings and accessing advanced features. The combination of onboard controls and app functionality gives users the flexibility to choose their preferred method of interaction, enhancing the overall user experience.


Value Proposition


The AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraver presents an exceptional value proposition that sets it apart from competitors through its discounted pricing, best-in-class combination of specifications and usability, as well as AlgoLaser's strong industry reputation. As one of the most powerful yet easy to use laser engravers on the market, the Delta 22W provides professional level performance for hobbyists and small businesses on a budget. Its combination of a powerful 22W CO2 laser, precision COS technology, intuitive touchscreen controls and wide material compatibility give users the ability to effortlessly engrave and cut on a variety of substrates. Few other laser engraving machines at this price point can match the Delta 22W's all-around excellence.


Exceptional Value at Discounted $999 MSRP

As noted in the articles from Redmond Pie, Geeky Gadgets and NextPit, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W is available at a discounted price of $999 during its launch promotion. This price point represents a significant savings from its regular MSRP of $1499. For hobbyists and small businesses on a budget, being able to access a fully-featured laser engraver at under $1000 provides excellent value.


According to specifications, the Delta 22W offers the power and throughput of machines costing much more, such as its 22W CO2 laser module. Yet buyers benefit from a price comparable to lower-powered entry-level options. For many users, the Delta 22W offers industry-leading specifications and capabilities at a price point that is unusually affordable.


Best-in-Class Combination of Specifications and Ease-of-Use

As highlighted across the three articles, the Delta 22W combines top-tier specifications with an unprecedented degree of ease-of-use through its smart, app-connected standalone design. Its combination of a powerful laser, large 13.5x9 inch engraving area, fast engraving speeds of up to 500mm/s, precise CO2 laser technology and extensive materials compatibility allow it to compete favorably against setups costing thousands more according to specifications.


At the same time, its smart screen interface, app connectivity and lack of depends on external devices frees users from coding and computer-based workflows. Even novices can achieve professional results with relative simplicity. This overcomes a limitation of laser engravers which can be complex to set up and operate for those without technical experience. By balancing powerhouse specs with a user-friendly experience, the Delta 22W stands out from both low-end and high-end competitors.


AlgoLaser's Industry Reputation

Backing the Delta 22W is AlgoLaser's strong reputation in the laser engraving industry built over years of positive customer experiences, as described in the Redmond Pie review. As a well-established brand, AlgoLaser has garnered trust through reliable, high-quality products as well as responsive customer support. buyers can feel assured that their investment is protected through AlgoLaser's track record of standing behind its machines.


For new users evaluating laser engraving options spanning numerous manufacturers of varying renown, AlgoLaser's leadership status provides welcome purchasing peace of mind. Its branding serves as a badge of reliability and quality assurance missing from lesser-known budget brands. Overall, the Delta 22W offers a risk-free value proposition strengthened by its parent company's credibility within the industry.


In conclusion, through its discounted launch pricing, unmatched combination of powerhouse capabilities and ease-of-use in a single package, as well as its manufacturer's strong branding, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraver presents a highly compelling value proposition that is likely to attract both professionals and newcomers to the tools. It sets an new standard for what can be expected from a full-featured laser engraving appliance at this price level.

Suitable Users and Applications


The AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraver is well-suited for a variety of users and applications thanks to its accessibility, power, precision and connectivity features. Two primary user groups that stand to benefit greatly are hobbyists, crafters and SMBs involved in precision arts and engraving services.


Hobbyists, Crafters and SMBs

As highlighted in the articles from Redmond Pie and Geeky Gadgets, the Delta 22W provides an affordable and user-friendly solution ideal for hobbyists and craftspeople working on a budget. At around $1000 during its launch promotion, it brings professional-grade laser capabilities within reach of passionate creators and part-time businesses. Its stand-alone smart interface eliminates the need for complex computer setups, lowering the technical barrier to entry. Materials like wood, leather and acrylic can be brought to life through engraving and cutting.


Small businesses will also appreciate the Delta 22W's balance of power and productivity. As noted in the NextPit review, SMBs involved in crafts, prototyping, signage and more can complete jobs reliably and quickly thanks to the laser's22W power output and speeds up to 500mm/s. Integrated WiFi connectivity supports remote workflow options as well. For crafters operating part-time home businesses, its compact footprint and plug-and-play design is highly convenient.


Precision Arts and Engraving Services

The specialized fields of precision arts, laser engraving services, and even industrial prototyping are ideal applications for the Delta 22W. As detailed by Geeky Gadgets, its advanced COS laser technology and 0.06mm spot size enable previously impossible levels of detail and scale. Artists can etch intricate designs onto a wide array of surfaces while manufacturers cut and transform materials with μm precision.


Its large 13.5x9 inch work area accommodates projects of all sizes too. As Redmond Pie outlines, capabilities like variable power control and multi-color oxidization on metals further expand creative possibilities. Professional laser services will value reliable high-speed throughput to maximize jobs per day. For SMB signmakers, its ability to cut 30mm pinewood in a single pass saves significant time versus competitors.


Overall, the Delta 22W strikes the ideal balance of power, precision, availability and affordability to support a wide variety of manufacturers, artisans and small businesses. Whether it's an aspiring craftsman looking to launch a hobby business or build a prototype shop, it simplifies a previously complex process to achieve amazing results. Both technical and non-technical users can unlock their creative potential with the world's first intelligent laser engraving machine.


All in all, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W provides a very versatile creative tool for individuals and companies. As an easy-to-access and user-friendly machine with industry-leading specifications, it lowers the traditional barriers to high-quality laser work. This broadens the opportunities for expression by turning ideas into reality with a multifunctional toolset.




The AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraver represents a game-changing innovation that is sure to revolutionize the realm of laser artistry and craftsmanship. By pioneering smart technology, advanced laser precision, and unparalleled versatility, it has elevated the boundaries of what is possible through laser engraving and cutting.

Game-Changing Innovation for Laser Artistry

As highlighted in the articles from Redmond Pie and Geeky Gadgets, the Delta 22W is the world's first smart laser engraver. Its interactive touchscreen interface allows for intuitive control and monitoring without requiring a computer or additional apps. Offline operation further streamlines workflows. This accessibility, combined with the optimal balance of power, speed and precision delivered through technologies like advanced COS laser and multi-core processing, serves to significantly widen the user base for laser tools.


Individual creators and small businesses can now achieve results that were previously only possible through expensive industrial machines. Whether tracing intricate patterns, oxidizing stunning metallic designs, or rapidly cutting through diverse materials, the Delta 22W takes laser output and control to a new level. As noted in the NextPit review, its specifications for speed, accuracy and material versatility provide a competitive edge even for professional applications.


In summary, the Delta 22W represents a seminal innovation with the potential to bring laser technology to an entire new population of hobbyists, artisans and industry players. Its user-friendly design tears down traditional barriers to high-quality laser work, empowering greater innovation and creative expression across a multitude of fields.


Highly Recommended Purchase


For both technical and non-technical users exploring the possibilities of laser engraving and cutting, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W earns a strong recommendation. Its well-balanced specifications deliver industry-leading performance, while the intuitive touch interface ensures seamless operation for beginners and experts alike. As the articles highlight, safety features give peace of mind, and the generous workspace accommodates projects of any scale.


The discounted price of $999 also ensures that it is a very affordable option compared to machines with similar features. Considering additional bundled accessories such as honeycomb carved panels for early buyers, the Delta 22W is unbeatable value. Backed by AlgoLaser's engineering pedigree and reputation for high-quality craftsmanship, users can be confident in the investment that will enable their creative growth for years to come.


In summary, the Delta 22W raises the bar for what laser users can achieve with an accessory that is not only powerful and precise, but also easy to use, versatile and intelligent in design. It deserves recognition as the new gold standard in smart laser technology and is worth buying for all creative professionals, manufacturers, hobbyists, etc. With this industry-disrupting innovation, AlgoLaser has undoubtedly taken laser engraving to new heights.


In summary, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraving machine offers unmatched performance and flexibility, and sets new precedents for user friendliness through its pioneering smart technology. It represents an invaluable creative tool that is sure to inspire the infinite possibilities of laser art and is unreservedly recommended to users of all levels. AlgoLaser has truly revolutionized laser sculpting landscapes with this game-changing innovation.


Epilogue - Gearberry Offerings


In this essay we have discussed the revolutionary features of the AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraver that make it a truly groundbreaking machine. As the world's first smart laser engraver, it incorporates pioneering technologies like COS beam optimization and a vivid color LCD touchscreen to simplify the engraving process. With its powerful yet precise 22W laser module, the Delta 22W is capable of crisp, professional-quality results across a wide range of materials at ultra-fast speeds. During its flash sale, the Delta 22W can be purchased for just $999, offering significant savings off the regular MSRP of $1499.


For a limited time, Gearberry is offering the AlgoLaser Delta 22W at a significantly discounted price of $999, cutting its original $1499 MSRP by over $500. Additionally, the first 100 orders placed through the Gearberry online store will receive a free 400x400 mm honeycomb panel valued at $79.99. This makes the Delta 22W an incredible value for both hobbyists and professionals seeking an all-in-one laser engraving solution. Its remarkable features combined with this exclusive introductory sale price make it an ideal choice for elevating any DIY, crafting or design project. I encourage all those interested to act quickly and purchase the AlgoLaser Delta 22W through Gearberry before this limited-time promotion ends. Your creative pursuits are sure to reach new heights with this remarkable smart laser engraver.


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