An In-Depth Review of the AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver

An In-Depth Review of the AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver

An In-Depth Review of the AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver


Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of testing out various types of laser machines in my workshop. From small 80W models meant for hobby use up to beefier industrial-grade 140W lasers, each one offered different strengths and weaknesses. So when I first heard about the AlgoLaser Delta 22W engraver, I was eager to see how it stacked up. I was curious if it could truly deliver professional results on a tighter budget. After putting it through its paces for several months, I'm here to share why this laser has become a Workhorse in my shop.


1. Cutting and Engraving Performance

Out of the box, the Delta immediately impressed me with its solid metal construction and smooth gantry system. Setup only took 20 minutes. But its first test—cutting through three of four plywood in a single pass—is when I was truly amazed. Most lasers require multiple passes, yet the Delta sliced through with a clean, burn-free edge thanks to its powerful 22W tube. Intricate 50 DPI engraving was also exceedingly precise on acrylic and other materials. Overall processing speeds felt fast too at 1,000mm/min for large surfaces.

 AlgoLaser Delta 22W Laser Engraver

2. Versatile Controls

Wireless control from anywhere via WiFi was simple using the HyperTerminal app. This feature comes in handy for demonstrations right on the shop floor. Further customization comes through compatibility with design software like Lightburn, allowing advanced functions like file nesting and parameter adjustment. GCODE integration also provides low-level control over matching air pump functions. You can find the best laser engraver of 2023 in this article.


3. Using Lightburn Software

As someone well-versed in Lightburn's capabilities, I was eager to put its full suite of tools to work with the Delta. Right away, I was impressed with how intuitively the laser responded to even complex multi-step designs.


Layering is where Lightburn truly shines, and the Delta executed each level flawlessly whether incrementally engraving text or core shapes. I also utilized Lightburn's nesting feature to maximize material yields, fitting dozens of identical parts onto a sheet in an optimized layout.


For one project, I designed a layered portrait where each component (lines, shades, textures) would etch at specific power/speed settings. Using Lightburn's blue/green toggle blocks, the Delta switched parameters seamlessly between layers without pausing.

 AlgoLaser Delta 22W

Air assist control allowed even more finessed results. By selectively activating airflow on certain vector paths, I antiqued fonts for a worn look. Elsewhere, disabled air on a dense area created a softened burn appearance.


The Delta also proved adept at Lightburn's page layout tools. I rapidly prepped sheets of varied files organized visually into sequential "pages." A single button sent the entire job to the laser engraver sans intervening.


Advanced plotting functions further unleashed the Delta's potential. With core techniques like contour offsetting, I was able to derive secondary agricultural stencils from base illustrations with ease, doubling product yields.


In summary, Lightburn's intuitive design combined with the Delta's horsepower and precision unlocked an endless range of creative techniques and efficient automated workflows. It's a match made in laser heaven.


4. Wide Material Applications

I was eager to test the Delta's capabilities beyond traditional laser materials like wood and acrylic. First up was thick anodized aluminum sheets, a material notoriously difficult for lower power lasers to etch. But the Delta sliced through with ease, reproducing intricate vector designs and gradients with finesse.

 laser engraver

Leatherworking is another area I'd experimented with using lower power lasers, with mixed results. Thick hides often required tedious multipass engraving. Not so with the Delta - it bit cleanly into leather grains, leaving detailed marks in single strokes. Even more impressively, it tackled thicker belting and saddles just as smoothly.


From there, I decided to push the boundaries with some less typical lasers substrates. Circuit boards in particular require an exceptionally light touch. Yet the Delta floated over tiny SMD components with laser precision, ablating paths without shifting a single microchip. It even managed fine text engraving on the boards' smooth coatings.


For another unique test, I sourced some ornamental stone tiles comprising various types of marble, granite and limestone. Most lasers struggle on such dense materials. But the Delta effortlessly etched beautiful floral patterns into each tile in under a minute per piece, much to my astonishment. Even more, it left zero cracking or stresses in the finished stonework.


Suffice to say, the versatile Delta exceeded my expectations in expanding the realm of possible laser engraver accessories. Its sturdy power handling and precise focus translated consistently across an impressively diverse range of unconventional substrates. For makers seeking new frontiers, this laser invites fearless experimentation.


5. Durability and Maintenance

The powder coated steel enclosure is built to last in workshop environments. Minimal maintenance like occasional air filters or lens changes require only basic technical skills. Helpful error notifications also point towards long-term reliability.


6. Value and Versatility

The Delta's price-to-performance ratio cannot be beat in my opinion. Its capability handles any task from prototype designs to full production runs. As skill and needs progress, this laser grows alongside various craft or manufacturing applications for years to come.

 AlgoLaser Delta

In summary, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraver has truly established itself as a Workhorse in my workshop. Its combination of one-pass engraving power, versatile connectivity, premium software integration, wide material compatibility and rugged long-term durability delivers pro-grade results on a realistic budget. For makers, craftspeople and small businesses, this laser engraver provides an excellent value and will handle any job thrown its way. It's why the Delta has become my go-to recommendation - an exceptional laser matched only by its outstanding versatility.


7. Other Information for Your Reference


Engraving stroke and image/movement speeds

Compact size and weight for portability


Cutting and Engraving Performance

One-pass 30mm wood cutting with clean results

Intricate 50DPI resolution on varied materials


Software Integration

Complex design capabilities using Lightburn compatibility



Consistent performance over extended testing and use

Minimal maintenance needed


Versatility for Any Application

Crafts, prototyping, full production runs

High-quality results without headaches


8. Going Beyond the Spec Sheet

While the Delta's technical specs highlight impressive benchmarks, it's really the machine's reliability and untreated learning curve that impressed me most over prolonged use. Laser forums are often full of cautionary tales about machines struggling to live up to promises or requiring constant tinkering. But in my experience, the Delta simply works - every time, all the time.


Whether executing meticulous engraving on a new material or robust manufacturing runs of identically processed parts, this laser maintains rock-solid precision run after run without fail. Not a single job has needed reworking due poor performance. For commercial users and eager makers alike, such dependable functionality is truly priceless.


The absence of chronic troubles means more time focusing on actual creative or production tasks rather than troubleshooting technology. Learning advanced techniques also progresses organically through experimentation rather than workarounds. Overall ownership translates less like maintaining equipment and more like utilising a valuable creative tool.


And perhaps most uniquely, the Delta's bundled capability never felt restrictive either. As skills progressed over months, the laser kept pace - handling more elaborate designs, bigger parts counts, non-traditional substrates, and newfab processes without missing a beat. Its multi-talented profile fulfills varied roles, from rapid prototyping simple proofs-of-concept to etching limited edition collectibles.



In summary, the AlgoLaser Delta 22W laser engraver proved itself a reliable and versatile tool in my workshop. For any maker, crafter or small business, it offers tremendous capability and value. As someone who has tested many lasers over the years, I believe the Delta achieves the ideal balance of performance, features and affordability that users need to get the most out of their machine. At Gearberry, we strive to provide the tools and technology that empower creativity. As a multi-tool brand, we design our products with the needs of real users in mind. We want to support diverse makers as their skills and ambitions grow over time.


The AlgoLaser Delta 22W perfectly fits this philosophy by growing alongside customers' diverse applications. If you're looking for a laser that works as hard as you do on your next project, I believe the Delta from Gearberry is an excellent choice to consider. Its ability to handle any engraving task with efficiency and precision has truly impressed me.

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