Laser Engrave Keepsakes: 5 Ways the LONGER B1 20W Makes Personalized Gifts

Laser Engrave Keepsakes: 5 Ways the LONGER B1 20W Makes Personalized Gifts

Laser Engrave Keepsakes: 5 Ways the LONGER B1 20W Makes Personalized Gifts


Both the donor and the recipient have a particular place in their hearts for personalized presents. They are a concrete way to show affection, awe, and consideration. Laser engraving technology has completely changed the keepsake industry in the digital age by enabling elaborate designs and customization on a variety of materials. The LONGER B1 20W Laser Engraver stands out among famous laser engraving equipment thanks to its remarkable features and abilities. We'll look at five ways the LONGER B1 20W improves the craft of making personalized presents in this article.

20W Ultra-high Power Laser Power Released

The LONGER B1 20W's cutting-edge six-core laser technology allows it to produce an astonishing 20W ultra-high power laser. The machine's exceptional cutting powers surpass those of many other diode-laser choices available on the market thanks to this enormous power. Materials like 15mm paulownia wood, 8mm black acrylic, and even 0.05mm stainless steel can be easily cut with the LONGER B1 20W in only one pass. For thicker materials, such as 25 mm basswood and 35 mm black acrylic, the machine makes many passes to finish the job precisely. Your personalized gifts will be long-lasting, sturdy, and visually attractive because to the LONGER B1 20W's cutting capabilities.

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A Vast Framework for Endless Creativity

Compared to other laser engraving machines, the LONGER B1 20W has a greater working area. It offers a 23.75% increase in working size at 17.72x17.32 inches (450x440mm) in size. When dealing with A3 panels, this extended working frame is very useful because it gives you more creative freedom. The LONGER B1 20W Laser engraver offers plenty of room to let your imagination run wild, whether you're engraving delicate designs or customizing bigger products. The machine's greater working space and versatility ensure that no gift idea is too extravagant for your creative endeavors.

Increased speed and effectiveness

The LONGER B1 20W achieves previously unheard-of levels of engraving speed thanks to its innovative 32-bit chipset. It allows engraving at up to 36,000mm/min speeds, which is four times quicker than typical laser engraving devices. With such amazing speed, you can swiftly finish jobs without sacrificing accuracy or quality. By minimizing operational noise, the use of TMC2209 silent drivers significantly improves the entire experience. For individuals looking for a quick and enjoyable laser engraving experience, the LONGER B1 20W is the best option thanks to faster engraving speeds and lower noise levels.

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High-precision Air-assist Pump for Cutting

An air-assist pump that may be turned on and off automatically is included with the LONGER B1 20W. This function greatly improves cutting ability, precision, and overall cutting quality because it is controlled directly by the software based on the settings made in Lightburn. During the engraving process, the air-assist pump helps to minimize excessive smoke and debris, ensuring clear vision of the workpiece and lowering the possibility of material damage. With the air-assist pump on the LONGER B1 20W, you can easily create elaborate and precise inscriptions, creating really customized memories. And there are many other laser engraver accessories.

A Vibrant Spectrum of Colors

One of the remarkable attributes of the LONGER B1 20W is its ability to bring a rich array of colors to your creations. The high-energy laser beam instantly oxidizes the metal surface, producing 300+ vibrant colors. This feature allows you to explore a spectrum of hues and shades, enabling your personalized gifts to stand out. Whether you're engraving on metals, acrylics, or other compatible materials, the LONGER B1 20W's ability to produce a wide range of colors adds depth and uniqueness to your designs. From subtle gradients to bold and vivid hues, the possibilities for creating visually captivating personalized gifts are endless.

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A Bold Palette of Colors

The LONGER B1 20W's ability to add a wide variety of colors to your designs is one of its outstanding features. The metal surface is instantly oxidized by the high-energy laser beam, creating 300+ brilliant colors. Your unique gifts will stand out thanks to this function, which enables you to experiment with a variety of colors and tones. Your designs gain depth and individuality because to the LONGER B1 20W's ability to create a wide spectrum of colors, whether you're engraving on metals, acrylics, or other compatible materials. The options for making eye-catching personalized gifts range from subtle gradients to strong and vibrant hues.

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Features of Complete Safety for Peace of Mind

Safety is the top priority when using a laser engraving machine. The LONGER B1 20W's extensive array of safety features allays this worry. Eight protection systems are built into the equipment to guarantee a safe working environment. These features include Offline Protection, which guards against data loss, Move Protection, which immediately turns off the laser when unexpected movement is detected, Flame Protection, which turns on when a flame is detected, and Offline Protection. Furthermore, Security Lock adds an added measure of security by prohibiting unauthorized access, and Motionless Protection stops the laser if it is immobile for an extended period of time. Prioritizing the safety of the eyes, the Eye Protection feature makes sure that the laser only activates when the safety goggles are worn. The Eye Protection function puts the user's safety first by ensuring that the laser only activates when the safety goggles are on. Furthermore, an Emergency Stop Button enables the instant suspension of activities in urgent circumstances. Finally, the Zero Reset feature reduces the possibility of burnout by automatically repositioning the laser head. The LONGER B1 20W guarantees a secure and worry-free laser engraving experience with these extensive safety precautions.

Flexible Material Compatibility

The LONGER B1 20W is a flexible tool for manufacturing customized gifts because it can handle a wide variety of materials. The equipment is able to operate with more than a thousand different materials because to its 20W laser power and powerful cutting and engraving capabilities. The LONGER B1 20W can engrave and cut through a variety of materials, including wood, stainless steel, leather, silver, acrylic, and cloth. This gives you the freedom to experiment with a huge selection of present ideas. The LONGER B1 20W guarantees that your creativity knows no limitations, whether you're carving unique hardwood coasters, etching complex patterns onto metal pendants, or decorating leather wallets.

Construction that is robust and stable

The LONGER B1 20W has an enhanced mechanical design and an aluminum frame, creating a machine that is stable and long-lasting. The sturdy structure minimizes vibrations even during high-speed working modes and provides constant and accurate engraving and cutting. The quality of your customised presents must be maintained overall and delicate details must be produced with this steadiness. The LONGER B1 20W's sturdy construction not only improves performance but also extends machine life, letting you continue making treasured memories for years to come.

Simple Focus Modification for Convenience

A pull-down focus bar is integrated into the laser module of the LONGER B1 20W, streamlining the focus adjustment procedure. You may acquire the best focus for your engravings with just a small movement near the working panel's surface and a draw of the focus bar. By doing away with the necessity for challenging manual changes, this function will save you time and effort. You can easily transition between various materials and projects thanks to the ease of the focus adjustment function, optimizing your workflow and increasing productivity.

Data Transfer Efficiencies and Offline Operations

The LONGER B1 20W provides numerous data transfer possibilities, enabling you to operate conveniently and effectively. The device allows a number of ways to upload engraving files, including Wi-Fi, USB cable, APPs, and TF cards. You can work without the restrictions of direct connections to a computer thanks to this flexibility. The LONGER B1 20W ensures flexibility and freedom in your laser engraving tasks, whether of whether you're working in a specialized workplace or in a more mobile environment.

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Accessibility to Top Carving Software

The LONGER B1 20W is compatible with well-liked carving programs like LaserGRBL and LightBurn, which further improves its usability. You can easily include the LONGER B1 20W into your favorite workflow whether you use Windows 7+, macOS, or Linux. Numerous engraving file types, including JPG, PNG, BMP, G-code, GIF, SVG, NC, and GC, are supported by the machine. This interoperability guarantees that you can use a range of design files and work with your favourite software, giving you the freedom to easily realize your creative idea.


The LONGER B1 20W 20W Laser Engraver is a strong and adaptable instrument that stands out in the world of personalized presents. The LONGER B1 20W gives you the ability to make genuinely personalized keepsakes thanks to its 20W ultra-high power laser, larger working frame, improved speed and efficiency, air-assist pump, vibrant color capabilities, extensive safety features, material compatibility, sturdy construction, easy focus adjustment, seamless data transfer, and compatibility with top carving software.

And now that the LONGER B1 20W has been released, you can take advantage of all of these capabilities at a discounted rate. With a special discount price of $799, you can save even more money on this potent laser engraving machine than the LONGER B1 20W's original price of $839.99. Act quickly to take advantage of this brief promotion since the LONGER B1 20W will be sold starting May 15. At Gearberry, we have a large selection of engraving devices. You can search our website to select the one you want if you want to learn more about it. If you want to learn more, just browse our laser engraver buying guide. We provide much information about buying a laser engraver.

Purchasing the LONGER B1 20W opens up a myriad of opportunities for laser engraving. Your customised presents will make a lasting impression thanks to the machine's excellent capabilities and cutting-edge features. The LONGER B1 20W enables you to make meaningful and treasured keepsakes that will be appreciated for years to come for all kinds of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and graduations. With the LONGER B1 20W 20W Laser Engraver, embrace the potential of laser engraving and unleash your creativity.

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