Anycubic Photon M3/M3 Plus Review: High Resolution Resin Printing Made Affordable

Anycubic Photon M3/M3 Plus Review: High Resolution Resin Printing Made Affordable

Anycubic Photon M3/M3 Plus Review: High Resolution Resin Printing Made Affordable


The Anycubic Photon M3 and M3 Plus have become game-changers in the field of 3D printing. At a reasonable price, these resin 3D printers have remarkable high-resolution printing capabilities. They are transforming the way we bring our digital creations to life with their cutting-edge capabilities and user-friendly design. We'll go through the main advantages and features of the Anycubic Photon M3 and M3 Plus in this review, emphasizing their outstanding performance and how they make high-resolution resin printing available to everyone.

Strong LED matrix light source and lightning-fast printing

The Anycubic Photon M3 and M3 Plus are distinguished by their potent matrix LED light source, which enables extremely quick printing speeds. Compared to other resin 3D printers on the market, these printers offer a more effective printing experience with a maximum print speed of 3.93 inches per hour. They can actually print a 12 cm model in 1.2 hours, which is significantly less time than it takes with other printers. This advantage in speed makes it possible for you to execute your ideas fast and successfully.

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Platform for laser engraving and automatic resin feeding

The AUTOCUBIC Photon M3 Plus's automatic resin feeding technology raises the bar for convenience. You are no longer concerned about prints not working because there is not enough resin. This feature makes sure that there is always resin available for printing, which raises the overall success rate of your prints. The platform for these printers also has great stickiness, which raises the likelihood that your prints will be successful. Printing outcomes are dependable and consistent thanks to automated resin feeding and a premium platform.

High-Precision Printing with a 9.25" 6K HD Screen

The Anycubic Photon M3 Plus has an astounding build dimensions of 9.6" x 7.8" x 4.8" and a large 9.25" 6K monochrome screen. Your printouts will have remarkable depth and clarity thanks to the high-resolution screen and a screen protector that guards against scratches and LCD screen damage. The 6K LCD screen has a contrast ratio of 350:1, which is much higher than that of the competitors and raises the amount of detail in your prints. Additionally, the high precision ball screw Z-axis linear guides help to improve stability while producing models with fine details. The Anycubic Photon M3 Plus really produces prints with excellent precision.

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Cloud printing and transfer capabilities

A variety of control mechanisms, including "USB-A2.0/LAN/WAN" and "USB-A3.0/LAN/WAN," are supported by the Anycubic Photon M3 Plus, allowing for remote file transfer and printing. You can quickly view and transfer your 3D printing files from any location if your device can connect to the cloud. It's crucial to remember that in order to fully exploit cloud service features, a firmware update is necessary. Additionally, even if a camera for checking on the status of printing can be purchased separately, its absence has no impact on how well the cloud services work.

Anycubic Photon M3: First the Details

It's also important to highlight the Anycubic Photon M3, which is the M3 Plus's predecessor. Even while it might lack some of the more sophisticated features of the M3 Plus, it still has outstanding capabilities. The Anycubic Photon M3 excels at reproducing vivid details and flawlessly presenting complex models because to its 4K+ high-precision printing. Your designs may be created more quickly thanks to its maximum print speed of 50 mm/h, which is 25% faster than that of its rivals. The Anycubic Photon M3's laser-engraved platform offers a high level of adhesion, resulting in higher printing success rates. This means that you can count on this printer to reliably create prints with fine details at a high quality.

Free Slicing Software and an Easy User Interface

The availability of free slicing software is one of the Anycubic Photon M3 and M3 Plus's most notable benefits. Professional self-developed slicing software has been created by Anycubic and is compatible with all of their LCD machines. This implies that when it comes to slicing your 3D models, you don't have to worry about paying additional monthly costs or running into compatibility problems. The straightforward software makes printing simple so that both novice and expert users can utilize it.

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Value for the money and affordability

High-resolution resin printing is made possible by the Anycubic Photon M3 and M3 Plus at a competitive price. These models offer outstanding value compared to other printers in their class. Without breaking the bank, they provide printing capabilities on a professional level. Whether you are a designer, engineer, or enthusiast, these printers provide a practical way to realize your visions in exquisite detail and accuracy at a reasonable price.


If you're looking for high-resolution resin 3D printing capabilities, the Anycubic Photon M3 and M3 Plus are excellent options. These printers provide great performance and simplicity because to their potent features including the matrix LED light source, automatic resin feeding, highly accurate screens, and cloud printing capability. The Anycubic Photon M3 Plus elevates the printing experience with its increased build size and added functionality. If money is a concern, the Anycubic Photon M3 nevertheless produces remarkable results. You may easily realize your creative thoughts thanks to the superior accuracy, detail, and speed of both printers. Furthermore, a variety of people can utilize these printers because they come with free slicing software and are reasonably priced. GearBerry's carefully chosen collection of 3D printers and accessories demonstrates that the company is aware of its customers' needs. They cater to both novice and expert consumers with a wide variety of items. GearBerry offers the printer you need, whether you're looking for a user-friendly entry-level model or a machine of professional caliber.

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Visit GearBerry's official website at to learn more about their selection of premium 3D printers and accessories. GearBerry, your trusted supplier of top-notch equipment, invites you to experience the future of 3D printing.

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